Re: [WISPA] Can 900MHz do this?

2011-04-14 Thread John Valenti
hi Greg, I see you have several other responses, hopefully you'll get a solution. I would just caution you about assuming it will / won't work in your situation, until you try it. (I realize you can't really try it without the equipment) I'll just give one example from a few years ago: I was

[WISPA] Spectrum Bridge whitespaces webinar now on Youtube

2010-11-04 Thread John Valenti
FYI I listened to this webinar last week , they have now loaded it on Youtube. The best news I picked up from it was that they expect hardware to be available early second quarter 2011. I hope that is accurate, I was afraid it would be much later. -John

Re: [WISPA] Changign DHCP timeout XP/WIn7

2010-08-20 Thread John Valenti
Justin, I don't quite understand what you are trying to do, so I can't offer suggestions. Can you elaborate? (I use a Mac generally, and have that configured with several profiles. But sometimes I use Windows, I know that supports profiles but I've never bothered setting them up.) On Aug 20,

Re: [WISPA] Changign DHCP timeout XP/WIn7

2010-08-20 Thread John Valenti
Justin, I would think you would want to have it setup to just switch quickly to a static address via profile or script or something. But perhaps another solution would be to use a switch or hub? If your windows computer is plugged into that (rather than directly into a radio), it will keep

Re: [WISPA] Major Disaster

2010-08-18 Thread John Valenti
Don't know if this is possible at your site, but can you add a second AP? Just switch polarity, channels and try to separate the antenna by 10'+ Then start moving clients over until you have them ~50/50. Good luck. On Aug 18, 2010, at 3:02 PM, ~NGL~ wrote: Umac when running good this morning

Re: [WISPA] Major Disaster

2010-08-18 Thread John Valenti
Whoops, sorry. My last reply suggested adding an AP w/different polarity. That would require going to 1/2 the clients and rotating their antenna. (was thinking of Trango's automatic polarity switching) On Aug 18, 2010, at 3:02 PM, ~NGL~ wrote: Umac when running good this morning around 5.5%

Re: [WISPA] 5MHz Channel Drawbacks?

2010-05-10 Thread John Valenti
I use 5MHz channels and like them. One thing I have worried about, but maybe hasn't been a problem: if someone else is scanning for regular WiFi channels, they won't see my 5MHz ones. So they might pick a channel that overlaps my gear. Generally my S/N ratio is high enough that I haven't

Re: [WISPA] Reset StarOS

2009-11-19 Thread John Valenti
Steve, I don't know about WRAP, but for War2 boards I'm pretty sure you need to ssh (putty) into it, go into System ... System Console. Then type in system factory. That resets everything to factory defaults (ip address, passwords, everything) You can do the same process on War1 boards,

[WISPA] Verizon fiber

2009-10-28 Thread John Valenti
I'm assuming this is hopeless, but somebody here can probably confirm: Verizon has fiber running down the dirt road that passes by a grain leg I'm using. (I'm told it was put in for 911 service to Bath, MI) Is it possible to have them tap into it and sell bulk bandwidth to me? For less

Re: [WISPA] budget friendly set top boxes

2009-10-26 Thread John Valenti
I built one using Zotac Ion motherboard. Complete price was just over $200. Running eval of Win7 currently. Works pretty well for Hulu Netflix WatchNow. (hoping for better flash drivers that

Re: [WISPA] Holy cow!

2009-10-23 Thread John Valenti
RE the 30 meter antennas possibly he is referring to the height limits on antennas (and not the size)? The RO document said client antennas had to be 10m AGL, and AP antennas had to be less than 30m. (page 65) -John

Re: [WISPA] Holy cow!

2009-10-23 Thread John Valenti
Mike, First, take everything I saw about this with a grain of salt, because I'm no expert. From my reading of the RO, there are two types of whitespace device. There is a low power version, that I think is intended to be like a mini-PCI card, installed in a laptop. There are no height

[WISPA] Vendors eating their dogfood (was Re: Which WiMAX Are You?)

2009-09-11 Thread John Valenti
This is one of the reasons I like StarOS so much. The developers also run a WISP in their ski town (about 300 customers a few years ago, I think) Much more believable when they said do it this way and it works, I could trust them. Are there other wireless companies that do this? On Sep

Re: [WISPA] Nice unit for POP Router / Appliance

2009-07-28 Thread John Valenti
Gino, I'm not so sure about this if it is going in a rack, seems like it might be worthwhile to get a higher performance CPU with more max RAM ( VMware). And for a box at the base of a tower, seems big and hungry (200W AC power supply). Could you compare it to:

Re: [WISPA] Nice unit for POP Router / Appliance

2009-07-28 Thread John Valenti
Josh, You wouldn't need a NIC unless you want dual ethernet (comes with one on motherboard). But you do need to put in a stick of laptop memory and a boot device. Maybe USB flash, IDECF or SATA DOM, because the CF slot is hard to get at. Oh, the one I have says 19V DC power brick, so I don't

Re: [WISPA] Nice unit for POP Router / Appliance

2009-07-28 Thread John Valenti
Oh, Josh, just realized that MSI Wind computer has no PCI or PCIe slots, nor ATA. Anything you add to it would have to go into USB, SATA, CF slot or miniPCI express slot. So it would be harder to add a second ethernet to this version. If you want to route, it would either be USB ethernet

Re: [WISPA] Nice unit for POP Router / Appliance

2009-07-28 Thread John Valenti
might be less. -John On Jul 28, 2009, at 5:44 PM, Gino Villarini wrote: Well we are looking for a gig capable router - rackmountable Sent from my Motorola Startac... On Jul 28, 2009, at 5:21 PM, John Valenti wrote: Gino, I'm not so sure about

Re: [WISPA] MiniPCI Radio Cards

2009-06-19 Thread John Valenti
Jeremy, Since you mention StarOS, I have to ask: why not just use the Lucaya gear? If you skip the amps, the X2000 would let your climber take up a replacement radio and change two RF cables and one ethernet cable. (for two radios) Just curious why you seem to reject the StarOS

[WISPA] WISP test equipment (was Re: Radio Seperation)

2009-06-18 Thread John Valenti
Kurt others, What sort of test equipment do you use to check radios and antenna SWR? My ham friend has a Bird Wattmeter, he was suggesting I get a slug that would cover 900MHz and another for 2.4. Would I get any useful information from a Wattmeter? thanks On Jun 21, 2009, at 10:33 AM,

Re: [WISPA] Cost of 900 MHZ CPE

2009-06-05 Thread John Valenti
I agree with your sentiment that 900 stuff is too expensive. But I was pleasantly surprised. while looking around DoubleRadius last weekend, to see Tranzeo TR-SL9 client radios for $234. (8dB or N connector, take your pick). I missed any announcement of them. One could hope that a multipack

Re: [WISPA] Cell phone with wifi?

2009-05-26 Thread John Valenti
On May 26, 2009, at 7:28 PM, George Rogato wrote: So I take it there is no cell phone service that works off wifi as well? George, look into T-Mobile's Hotspot at Home service. It came out nationwide summer 2007. It will use Wifi, and then smoothly switch to a t-mobile tower if

Re: [WISPA] 802.11 a, b, g booster

2009-04-28 Thread John Valenti
Buffalo gear was very hard to find in the US for the last few years, due to the legal action against them. I see that was changed in December, and you can buy Buffalo wifi gear again. Has anyone used the WHR-G300N? That one is draft N, plus you can load dd-wrt on it (I think that is

Re: [WISPA] 4.9 Full Duplex

2009-03-25 Thread John Valenti
Lucaya X4000 (StarOS) can do full duplex and is PoE. (might not be certified for US 4.9?) On Mar 25, 2009, at 2:47 PM, Matt Jenkins wrote: Does anyone know of a 4.9 Radio that is PoE and Full Duplex? - Matt

Re: [WISPA] 2nd Look @ 3.65 ?

2009-03-19 Thread John Valenti
Marlon, I watched the tranzeo wimax 3.65 webinar a few weeks back. They have that pico base station for about $1700. I asked, and they said yes, it would work with an omni. I know everybody says don't use an omni, but maybe it would be OK on 3.65? I was curious because most of my grain

Re: [WISPA] WAS: speaking of ARIN now 477

2009-03-16 Thread John Valenti
I think it took me about four hours to do my 33 households. (to complete entire 477) This was converting six zip codes into seven census tracts, so I still don't see much advantage to the switch. So the census tracts might change in 2012? Dang! So should we be saving the LAT/LON of the

Re: [WISPA] radio mobile

2009-03-03 Thread John Valenti
Marlon, I've also had problems getting started with Radio Mobile. I haven't tried it yet, but Snowcrash on the StarOS forums suggested the tutorial at this site. It looks promising. Maybe better printed out on a black white printer :-) -John

Re: [WISPA] first whitespaces 802.11 card?

2009-02-25 Thread John Valenti
Brian, Like Jack says, this is nothing like a whitespaces device. You can download the first draft of the specifications at the FCC, I think it is about 120 pages. The devices are supposed to have a sensing radio to detect existing tv channels, in addition to detecting wireless microphones,

Re: [WISPA] NWR:cellular phone question

2009-02-09 Thread John Valenti
Like Jack suggests, you really need to check with Verizon. I'm pretty sure there might be potential features that Sprint has turned on for that phone, that would prevent Verizon from working with it. For instance, I had an older Verizon phone that didn't include location features and

Re: [WISPA] Hose Clamps

2009-02-05 Thread John Valenti
Someone on StarOS forums suggested Enco. I haven't tried them yet, but their catalog is loaded with goodies. Looks like these might be 95 cents... On Feb 4, 2009, at 4:08 PM, Brian Rohrbacher wrote: Looking for a good source, good deal for

Re: [WISPA] OT: UPS Connector

2009-01-30 Thread John Valenti
Matt, Did you look on ebay, etc for a dead cabinet? It sort of looks like a liebert one, but the manual I have for their current ones shows a 5 pin connector. -John On Jan 30, 2009, at 4:00 PM, Matt wrote: I have a UPS with an external battery connector. Apparently the 72 volt battery packs

Re: [WISPA] We're being DDOS'd by DC!

2009-01-21 Thread John Valenti says Battery Volt-Amp-Hour Capacity is 3360 (divide by 24?) On Jan 21, 2009, at 7:49 PM, Tom DeReggi wrote: Do you know how many AmpHours (Ah) the APC XL Ultra Battery pack is spec'd at?

Re: [WISPA] We're being DDOS'd by DC!

2009-01-20 Thread John Valenti
I think Hulu (at least) was having problems. We had a viewing party in our conference room. I had ABC over-the-air on the projector, but kept a computer streaming Hulu on backup. It seemed to be consistently about a minute behind the live broadcast. A few seconds delay seems reasonable to

[WISPA] Xohm CPE at Newegg

2009-01-19 Thread John Valenti
I was browsing around Newegg over the weekend and ran across this: XOHM Modem by ZyXEL - $75 Is that pricing typical for 2.5GHz Wimax CPE? Is it locked down for use with XOHM? thanks

[WISPA] Grain leg safety cage (was Re: Tower accident)

2009-01-07 Thread John Valenti
Brian, Why would you want to add a safety cable to the cage? I'm on several legs with the cages and they seem great. I usually just lean back to take a break while climbing. It seems like an unnecessary bother, and something else to get in the way while climbing the ladder. Just curious

Re: [WISPA] Grain leg safety cage (was Re: Tower accident)

2009-01-07 Thread John Valenti
. So I'm thinking something will catch before falling too far. -John On Jan 7, 2009, at 2:29 PM, Brian Rohrbacher wrote: What happens when you fall? Brian John Valenti wrote: Brian, Why would you want to add a safety cable to the cage? I'm on several legs with the cages and they seem

Re: [WISPA] tranzeo's web site?

2008-12-22 Thread John Valenti
Marlon, I thought the Tranzeo/MT problem was a Mikrotik issue, fixed by their update. (Tranzeo did a work-around, but it wasn't their bug) Or is there some other problem? Oh, is working for me, now. And Merry Christmas to you, too! On Dec 21, 2008, at 12:19 PM, Marlon

[WISPA] Tranzeo TR902 missing features

2008-12-15 Thread John Valenti
I started using Tranzeo for 900MHz a few months back. When they work, they seem to do pretty well. But I'm having trouble debugging them. I haven't found a method for the following, maybe I'm missing something? - login to the client (or even AP) radio, use ping to check connectivity

Re: [WISPA] Where is StarOS?

2008-12-10 Thread John Valenti
Lucaya/StarOS/Valemount/SOS/VNC(*) put on a training session last January in the Caribbean. Last I heard they were planning one for Minnesota in Jan '09. You best bet to learn about them would be thru the StarOS forums. (*) This is one of my complaints about StarOS - what the heck do I

Re: [WISPA] NetFlix Streaming Bandwidth Information

2008-11-25 Thread John Valenti
One nice feature of this Blockbuster device is that it seems to download and store the video, so it doesn't rely on streaming. Also, I looked at their website and it seems like the good videos cost $3.99 (not 1.99). The videos did seem to be more recent than the ones Netflix offers. On Nov

Re: [WISPA] Customer issue - data stream halts, can't email

2008-11-24 Thread John Valenti
Josh, Can you have the Mikrotik ping your core? (it sounds like you have only done the other direction) Also, try full size ping packets. Sometimes short packets are fine, and big ones cause failures. After having a batch of bad consumer wifi routers, I have started hooking up a few

Re: [WISPA] Updated White Spaces mapping tool

2008-11-24 Thread John Valenti
Brian, Thanks again for this! A few comments: (1) I was surprised to see channels 3 4 included, since those are prohibited everywhere (right?) (2) you might include a note on your web pages about the 32km canadian border limitation, also the 40/60km Mexican border limit.

Re: [WISPA] TV Whitespaces

2008-11-20 Thread John Valenti
see Antenna Requirements on page 101. Fixed device transmit antenna limited to MAX 30 meters high, also the receive antenna must be MIN 10 meter high. On Nov 20, 2008, at 2:48 AM, Jack Unger wrote: I don't think Fresnel is going to be too much of a problem. Which page did you pick up that

Re: [WISPA] White Spaces Mapping Tool

2008-11-19 Thread John Valenti
Also channel 4 is disallowed. Does anybody know what the 13 major markets are (related to PLMPS radios)? Marlon, it sounds like you are plowing thru it at the same rate I am. -John On Nov 19, 2008, at 10:33 AM, Marlon K. Schafer wrote: We'll be allowed to go all the way down to channel 2.

Re: [WISPA] TVBD height requirement

2008-11-19 Thread John Valenti
Mike, On page 5 in section 8 (Fixed devices), it says fixed devices will be required to operate with antennas mounted outdoors ... I suppose you could run coax from a TVBD inside, but it seems like the current method of POE to an outdoor device is preferred? So we are still looking at

Re: [WISPA] TVBD height requirement

2008-11-19 Thread John Valenti
Mike, Where are you reading this on page 43? And I've made it farther back in the report... Is Appendix B (Final Rules) the actual rule? That doesn't look good, see Antenna Requirements on page 101. Not only is the transmit antenna limited to 30 meters high, but the receive antenna must

Re: [WISPA] TV Whitespaces PtP Backhaul

2008-11-18 Thread John Valenti
Could you elaborate on why this is a bad idea? I'm slightly interested in it for low cost connections. In my current area, I don't have a problem finding grain legs for AP sites. These would be dense enough that I could build a great network with white spaces cells and 5GHz backhauls. But

Re: [WISPA] IBM backs BPL

2008-11-14 Thread John Valenti
hi Brian, Just curious why you wouldn't go with a wired solution? Seems like a $200 switch and a box of Cat5 would be an easy fix. Suppose you would want to add some wifi support to it, also. (Open-Mesh, StarOS, or Mikrotik?) One item I picked up from the original media article was that

Re: [WISPA] star os help

2008-10-30 Thread John Valenti
hi Marlon, I don't know of any paid StarOS consultants. (I get most of my ideas from the StarOS forum at Are both ends StarOS? If so, I would be happy to look at it for you for free. (but I would only grade myself B based on my two years of using staros -- there are

Re: [WISPA] coax cables

2008-08-20 Thread John Valenti
Chuck, Vegetation might have a huge impact on the coverage area. I've seen pictures of your area, it looks like heaven to me. My experience is that the first two trees will eat up a 5.8 signal, so expanding the coverage area by 80% just adds another tree or two. It might be very sensible

Re: [WISPA] CPE radios

2008-08-20 Thread John Valenti
Marlon, My best experiences have been with StarOS clients connecting to StarOS APs. Regarding disconnects, I don't see that much. I like to program the client radio's ping watchdog to hit the AP every 10 seconds. Then when I'm in the association page on the AP, all the clients will have

Re: [WISPA] IP based security system

2008-08-06 Thread John Valenti
I've always been impressed by the webcams that Borealis Broadband has in Anchorage. It looks like those are Mobotix. When you say expensive, can you give some sample prices. (there is a link off to a vendor on URL above, they seem to start at

Re: [WISPA] For those that didn't see it....

2008-08-04 Thread John Valenti
Marlon, thanks for that, very helpful. I notice you don't mention half and quarter size channels as another solution. Is that something you've thought about? I just started with 2.4 gear last year (StarOS), so I've generally been using cloaking from the beginning. I think it has helped me

Re: [WISPA] [WISPA Members] Freespace Systems Introduces the first 1, 000mW High Performance 802.11b/g Radio

2008-07-25 Thread John Valenti
I'm not sure why the tech sheet on it doesn't mention the true power output, but it is a 2+ watt radio. I was thinking about using a pair for amateur radio applications, where I don't have to stay within the part 15 limits. (but I suppose I'll be able to turn the power down after marveling

Re: [WISPA] 3.650 Wimax in the field

2008-07-22 Thread John Valenti
Mike, This does seem to good to be true. Could you provide more details on these links (for instance, tower heights, or maybe even coordinates that I can look over the path)? I was at a roadshow earlier this year. A Redline rep was there, he said that 3650 wasn't all that great thru trees.

Re: [WISPA] good multiradio wifi units for noise environments?

2008-06-13 Thread John Valenti
Tom, Do you find this true for Trango 900 also? I've not had good luck with those. Mine seem to quit working with the first competition. I do like them for scanning for noise; and the software switchable horizontal / vertical is nice. On June 13, at 5:59 PM June 13, Tom DeReggi wrote: I

Re: [WISPA] UL 1Gbps Link

2008-04-30 Thread John Valenti
It won't get you to 1Gbps, but Trango has their Giga links on sale for about $10k. That is 100Mbps full duplex, then another $1500 gets you a software upgrade key to 300Mbps full duplex. That would be a licensed link at 18GHz. (let us know what you end up with) On April 30, at 10:14 AM

Re: [WISPA] Paging

2008-04-29 Thread John Valenti
Patrick, I don' t know if this will help, but it is possible to give your Verizon account a nickname. Then messages would be sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Possibly that would have different rules for filtering out spam? (just speculating, I don't know) My problem was the opposite, I was

[WISPA] Internet Outage / South Park episode

2008-04-24 Thread John Valenti
One of the Chicago Tribune bloggers discusses an outage at his house in this posting: imita.html He includes a clip from South Park that I gather is recent (we're an OTA family, so I'm several seasons behind). I

Re: [WISPA] Household WiFi router?

2008-04-22 Thread John Valenti
Jonathan, Are you in the US? When I went to Buffalo's website, they say the injunction is still in force and they can't sell to the US market. Do you have a particular model number in mind? On April 21, at 6:47 PM April 21, Jonathan Schmidt wrote: I've used the same list and when I got

Re: [WISPA] RSTP problems with simultaneous WiFi + wired connection

2008-04-21 Thread John Valenti
I'm not sure what RSTP is and don't want to research it currently, but I can tell you about one painful scenario: a few years ago, Thinkpads (might have been IBM, or maybe it was just after the Lenovo change) shipped with some software that offered to help you manage the wireless

[WISPA] Household WiFi router? Was Re: Future

2008-04-21 Thread John Valenti
Travis, Could you share what hardware you use for the wireless firewall/router? I've been having more trouble with those than the radios mounted outside. thanks PS - I started with Zyxel p330. The ones I bought last year are mostly still working, but they seemed to change something for

Re: [WISPA] FCC Approves New Broadband Mapping Plan

2008-03-20 Thread John Valenti
Does this mean our 477 forms are going to be more complicated? Will we need to figure out the correct census tract for each of our customers? And I looked up the tract that I live in (quickly, at http:// ). It seems to be tract #314.01,

Re: [WISPA] Off Grid System Design Comments.

2008-03-18 Thread John Valenti
I think Paul Gipe is a respected name in wind. I was looking at his site over the weekend, he has an older review of the Air-X, he seemed to think it should really be rated as a 200 watt generator. (I see the company has a newer model

Re: [WISPA] OT: Cheating spouse software

2008-02-28 Thread John Valenti
Personally, as an ISP, I would stay away from this. I'm sure it varies by state, but your client could end up in trouble: (...Florida appeals court found that spyware installed on a cheating husband’s computer by his wife resulted in

Re: [WISPA] outdoor CAT5

2008-02-26 Thread John Valenti
Someone on this list (I think) mentioned I can't vouch for the quality since I haven't ordered, but I think it was $75 / 1000' box. If I recall, a $500 order was shipped free, too. If you buy some, let us know how it compares. -John On February 26, at 1:48 PM February 26,

Re: [WISPA] pcb

2008-02-18 Thread John Valenti
Tom, One thing I did when I was building StarOS radios was use one mounting screw per board. Partly I was doing that because I thought the board should be grounded to the case, but it also would have helped if the glue failed on the plastic standoffs. Also, I'm not sure what the bad

[WISPA] Small generators - cheap or inexpensive?

2008-02-18 Thread John Valenti
I was looking around for a method to keep at least my backbone running during an extended power outage. (we have had ice storms take out power for 4 - 7 days). It seemed like the small generators might be a solution, the Honda/ etc name brand ones seem to be ~$600 for 1000 watts. And I found

Re: [WISPA] Small unmanaged switches

2008-02-15 Thread John Valenti
I would just warn you away from the NetGear GS108. I only had one, but it locked up repeatedly. (sitting in a phone closet) Comments on NewEgg claimed that model had the bad capacitor problem (I just had 2 Dell motherboards replaced for that) - but I haven't opened up the switch to look

Re: [WISPA] Broadcaster Gloats over Dead Microsoft Whitespace Test Device

2008-02-15 Thread John Valenti
Another opinion piece spreading FUD about whitespaces: This guy claims And in rural areas, white spaces are often used for broadband access. That isn't true, is it? I didn't think anyone was currently using whitespaces. On

Re: [WISPA] Small footprint $399 laptop

2008-02-01 Thread John Valenti
Ron, One that is getting a lot of buzz currently is the Asus EEE. Look at Newegg or Google for that. -John On February 1, at 12:11 PM February 1, Ron Wallace wrote: To All, about 6-8 weeks ago someone mentioned a 399 dollar notebook PC. Does anyone know who was offering that and a URL,

Re: [WISPA] Temporary Telescoping Mast

2008-02-01 Thread John Valenti
I just picked myself up off the floor ... pricing came back on the HurryUp mast: $1750 list. (this is from one of the Michigan dealers) It looks very nice, but that seems excessive. I looked at these last year, anyone see problems with this:

Re: [WISPA] One Ring Networks To Rollout New WiMAX Service

2008-01-11 Thread John Valenti
I ran across this study a few weeks back:,,47997--,00.html Reading the executive summary, in their real world tests, NLOS/indoor radios only worked about one mile. Outdoor mounted radios worked maybe five miles. (I wasn't too impressed, in comparison

Re: [WISPA] Lucaya X-4000 radios

2008-01-04 Thread John Valenti
Matt, you forgot to mention one other feature on the X-4000 : FCC Certified I'm a relative newbie at WISP equipment, but I'm just blown away by the price/performance of the Lucaya gear. I was just looking at the store and the M1208 client units are on special for $99 (each, in a 10

Re: [WISPA] brain cramp, can someone jog my memory?

2008-01-02 Thread John Valenti
Ryan, Thanks for that method, too. I've done something similar with Delorme's TopoUSA software. But I'm coming to the conclusion that Google Earth is probably fine for around here. It is flat enough that the trees block the signal within a mile or so. -John (pinning my hopes on the

Re: [WISPA] brain cramp, can someone jog my memory?

2008-01-02 Thread John Valenti
Wow, thank you! (really meant to send that message directly to you, but now the list can see your plots, too) It is flat here, but the trees are the problem for RF. Do I understand the last plot correctly: that ignoring trees, a 2.4GHz signal would work for ~12 miles? Amazing. I feel

Re: [WISPA] brain cramp, can someone jog my memory?

2007-12-28 Thread John Valenti
Say Ralph, I don't suppose your offer extends to others? I've looked at Radio Mobile a few times, but didn't want to invest the time to figure it out. My current method involves using google earth, drawing a line between the two points, then sliding the cursor along it to see elevations

Re: [WISPA] Issues with MACs

2007-12-20 Thread John Valenti
I use an older Mac Powerbook and just setup a new Mac Mini at home. I've can't remember any issues on my wireless net, or special tweaks. I would double check the basic IP settings, DNS etc. Try a few pings and traceroutes. (Applications folder Utilities folder Terminal type ifconfig

Re: [WISPA] Which UPS to use?

2007-11-12 Thread John Valenti
Mark, How much effort is involved in changing it over to the RV batteries? You need to use two of them because that is what the SU700 is setup for, right? It seems to do OK charging these batteries that are considerably larger than it was designed for? Is the SU700NET the cheapest APC that

Re: [WISPA] Ubiquiti PS2 -- StarOS v3

2007-10-29 Thread John Valenti
Mark, What don't you like about the Lucaya enclosures? I have one of the 1208 versions to evaluate. I think I like it a lot. The built-in antenna seems like it should be good enough for LOS customers out to a mile, and with our trees few people would have LOS beyond that anyway. If I

Re: [WISPA] Alternative to Meraki mesh??

2007-10-25 Thread John Valenti
Anthony, The CUWIN project has their mesh software running on Meraki: (but this is a year old and I haven't heard much about it since...) CUWIN is the Champaign / Urbana Illinois community wireless group (started at UIUC I think). What's wrong with

[WISPA] RF propagation map: WiFi vs WiMax?

2007-10-04 Thread John Valenti
Just curious if anyone has seen a coverage map that compares WiFi and WiMax? I spent a little bit of time researching WiMax, but decided I would be unlikely to have a license and to just go with what I have that mostly works (unlicensed). But I would like to know what WiMax means in a

Re: [WISPA] Nice speed test

2007-09-20 Thread John Valenti
If you follow the link thru to the main page, it looks like it is free to run on your own server. (I thought I looked at it 6 weeks ago and they wanted money then...) Oh, and ditto to George on getting more bandwidth to this. I get about 1800kps to his, and 24000kps to

[WISPA] 900MHz consumer items

2007-09-20 Thread John Valenti
Does anybody have a web page up that lists common consumers items that interfere with unlicensed wireless? For instance, I mentioned a house that had something putting out a -45 signal. I tracked that down to a wireless speaker system: Acoustic Research AW811

Re: [WISPA] Thoughts on 900MHz mesh networks

2007-09-10 Thread John Valenti
Allen, It sounds as if you might be proposing this for a suburban or even tree filled urban environment. One problem you might run into is clear spectrum in 900MHz. I've use Trango gear out in rural areas, where it works OK. I've only done a few scans in the city (East Lansing and

Re: [WISPA] DC power suggestions

2007-08-15 Thread John Valenti
Mac, I pulled some notes from a thread on the StarOS forums, you might want to go read the whole thing if this sounds interesting: === (gleaned from Solar Power thread on StarOS forum started 6/18/2006 by Ick) Should power at

Re: [WISPA] Managing your network on the go-go-go!

2007-08-06 Thread John Valenti
David, This is totally in the other direction of having a full keyboard, but you might look at the Nokia 770 and 800. The 770's are on discount now, for about $150. Someone showed me theirs last week. It is more geared toward Wi-Fi connections, but would connect to the net thru


2007-07-22 Thread John Valenti
They wouldn't sell me a phone until I gave them a service address. As I understand it, if they can't determine a location from the regular cell tower triangulation, they use that address. Personally, I don't care all that much. I lived for thirty years before the 911 system was available.


2007-07-21 Thread John Valenti
I did a few tests at the East Lansing Starbucks. I start the call on WiFi and walk out the front door. By the time I'm 20' away it has switched over to a tower. I didn't detect any noise during the switch, but I was outside next to a 3 lane road. Unfortunately that doesn't work at my


2007-07-20 Thread John Valenti
T-Mobile launched their [EMAIL PROTECTED] service at the end of June. I picked up one of these cell phones a few weeks ago. The deal is for an extra $10/month, you get unlimited calls in the US if they are made over wifi. The wifi connection generally works with any open AP, or if you know

[WISPA] MDU info?

2007-06-18 Thread John Valenti
I'm hoping someone here can point me to good info sources on MDU networking. (I did a quick search and didn't find much specifically on multiple dwelling unit) I'm a very small wireless ISP. Right now my Internet source is a DSL on top of a city water tower. I'll need more bandwidth in a

[WISPA] Re: Mirrored Switch

2007-05-11 Thread John Valenti
(reply to an older posting, I'm trying to catch up) Matt, I bought some Dell PowerConnect 2708 switches last fall. That is a smaller 8 port gig switch, it was the cheapest one I could find that did port mirroring. About $82 now, go onto Dell's website as small business or the price

[WISPA] Useful book from DOJ

2007-05-07 Thread John Valenti
This book showed up in my mailbox at MSU one day. I ignored it for a while, but looked it over last week and found some interesting info. Probably most useful to a startup WISP, it has some sample subpoena (s), court orders, etc. Basic info on ECPA, etc. The full PDF is linked from this

RE: [WISPA] Using DECT phones to avoid interference issues.

2007-03-23 Thread John Valenti
On March 23, at 1:00 PM March 23, Rich Comroe [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: There's a reason you haven't seen these products here. I began searching for why the last time a thread discussed the 1.9GHz UL band surfaced on this list. I doubt you'll ever see much product ever emerge for this

Re: [WISPA] 3650, ok, so what's current status?

2007-03-05 Thread John Valenti
I heard back from a Ubiquiti salesperson yesterday (working Sunday!), they expect to start shipping the XR3 cards this month. I guess they are claiming that 802.11 is the contention protocol. I might check out a pair, we'll see how they are priced.

Re: [WISPA] 3650, ok, so what's current status?

2007-03-05 Thread John Valenti
Jack Patrick: thanks for all the info on 3650 status. This type of response is why I'm on this mailing list. That March 10, 2005 announcement is near-and-dear to me, since that is what started me on the WISP path. I haven't closely followed the progress on 3650, so when I saw the XR3 info