Hi JM,

I don't think it is quite that simple. Watching a tree is watching its form, yes, but as you say in your last paragraph the chi of all 'things' does interact so the chi of all things is continually interacting. Even looking at something requires some interaction of chi since vision and the senses are also manifestations of chi. However when one eats an apple one takes in the 'entire' chi of the apple (not really accurate terminology since actually all chi is a single interacting flow and the 'thing' boundaries are cognitive constructs and observer dependent) and incorporates a part of it into one's being temporarily. Chi is always flowing in and out, thus 'empty yourself and you will be filled'.

In other words one has to remember that even form is ripples of chi, so there is nothing, not even looking, that is not an aspect or form of chi. The trick is not to become too distracted by the forms themselves and think they are the real things, rather than the chi itself which is what takes on the forms.

PS: Thanks for the kind words re my posts of yesterday!


On Sep 8, 2008, at 10:41 AM, Jue Miao Jing Ming - 覺妙精明 wrote:

Excellent question Bill,

Watching a tree is watching its form. Eating an apple is eating its
form. Did not Heart Sutra asks us to quiet all Skandha, all sensories.

The Chi of us can be connected to Chi of others only if we don't use our
mind, eyes, mouth, nose, etc. True form to true form.

We are now onto something. Let me know your response.

Bill Smart wrote:
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> > ...all Zen is from Chan.
> >From what I've heard from you of Chan, I'd say zen is bare bones Chan,
> stripped of all of what seems to me to be it's superfulous and self-
> indulgent superstitions.
> > Whatever the incident, whether watching a tree or eating an apple,
> > always try to connect to the Chi of it...
> When watching a tree, just watch. When eating an apple, just eat.
> JMJM, you're getting me confused...do YOU have Chi and also the APPLE
> has Chi, or is this all the same Chi? And if it is all the same Chi,
> why do you have to TRY to connect with it? Aren't you ALREADY
> connected with it?
> ...Bill!

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