Hallo Eideard,

Bidh mi a' feuchainn :snamh

Tha tidsear ag snamh anns an loch.
A teacher is swimming in the lake.

Shnamh am balach anns a' ghlumag.
The boy was swimming in the pool.

Agus a  nis:
Tha 'n t-acras orm.(I am hungry)...The hunger is on me

Tha an t-acras agam tholladh.( The hunger is boring a hole in me)....at me

Tha mi sgith.( I am tired)

Tha beagan Gaidhlig agam. (I have a little Gaelic)

Why the different uses...especially with hunger or tiredness...or is this 
something too complex and better left to my classes.

Hope my question is somewhat clear.
Moran taing, Eilidh

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