in some cases, it's based on hardware, for instance any mega drive prot of a game plays faster than it's snes counterparts sinse the mega drive had a basically faster processer, yet the mega drive had only an 8 bit sound card meaning that the sounds and music are not a patch on other versions.

in some cases as tom said, releases on different consoles In the majority of cases though i'm afraid tom is right.

By releasing content x for the playstation 3 and content y for the xbox, a company can make a person who likes the game pick up both versions. indeed, companies like capcom have taken this a step further by producing different versions of the same game for the same platform, hoping to get you to buy both when actually both are the same game just perhaps with one or two differences.

then of course there are game regions when a certain game is not release somewhere because the comapny don't think it would sell.

All of this is motivated by capitalism, aka greed!

I am always amused when players talk about Mega man, metroid, sonic the hedgehog or another well beloved game series as a unique world with it's own story, and it's own games and style, where as execs from nintendo will talk about "the mario franchize"

Sinse that's really all it is to most of them, just a way of making money.

yes, there are stil tallented people who do the actual programming, of games, but even they are ruled by deadlines and prophit margins.

This is another reason behind the indi games movement, to get back to the days of the 80's and early 90's where Jo blogs could program a game, take it to a company and have it distributed themselves, indeed most of the landmark games, mario, turrican, mega man 2, metroid zelda etc were actually the result of a small team of very dedicated people rather than another corporate prophit creating block buster idea.

Beware the grue!


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