Mira wrote:
> Thanks for the remark, Peter.
> I used "wires" and placed "net labels". It's amazing
> that I'm allowed to place parts with one and the same
> ref. designators.
> OK. I placed a net label on the wire that had GND
> power port connected expecting the name of the label
> to change to GND but it didn't.

The power ports act something like net labels (but not _exactly_ like
net labels - the power nets are always Global, while those created by
net labels may be local to a single sheet, depending on how the netlist
is generated.)
> The ERC caught both the duplicated net labels and the
> duplicated parts. But when I updated the PCB the
> duplicated net labels were not reported as a problem.
> On the PCB I got this pin (with duplicated net)
> connected to the name of the label (not to GND).
> When I move the net label aside, the pin is connected
> to GND.
> So far so good. Lets think this is a feature.

It is important to fix any errors reported by ERC before going to the
PCB (or, at least to know why ERC is complaining, and be willing to
accept the results...)

> I decided to check what will happen if I place a net
> label on top of two wires, which are crossing each
> other but not connected. They didn't have any other
> labels placed. ERC didn't catch it and the update PCB
> didn't complain either. It just shorted those two
> wires while on the schematic they are visibly not
> connected.
> Is this another feature? How may I prevent designers
> for shorting nets this way?

I'd be more likely to call it a bug (although it is really an undesired
byproduct of a feature).  A net label applies to any wire which touches
its bottom left corner, so you can put a horizontal label on a vertical
wire - but this feature can lead to the problem you describe.

> Is there any way to prevent Protel from placing
> duplicated ref. designators?

I initially place parts leaving the designator as R?, C?, U?, etc., 
then use "Tools/Annotate" to automagically assign numbers to all "?"
parts.  For parts that you want a specific designator, you can set those
as required, and the Annotate function will only affect those parts that
still show a "?".

Later, when I have the board finished, I usually reannotate the PC
board, then back-annotate the schematic to match.

Peter Bennett
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