Re: [FairfieldLife] CDC: 59% of COVID cases are spread by people without symptoms

2020-11-22 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
I have been surprised at how many TM teachers I knew from Seattle who had moved to Fairfield and were often much younger than I have appeared in Doug's obituaries.  Myself, I never thought I would make it to this age and if I dropped dead tomorrow would feel that I did okay.  That however is

Re: [FairfieldLife] The Invisible Rainbow >> A History of Electricity and Life

2020-11-06 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Do you have the EXACT numbers, Rick?  How are they being tested? With those worthless PCR tests?  What planet or movie are you living in? ;) On 11/6/20 11:58 AM, Rick Archer [FairfieldLife] wrote: > > Not sure what planet you live on but in the US here on Earth current >

Re: [FairfieldLife] The Invisible Rainbow >> A History of Electricity and Life

2020-11-06 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
You'll be happy to know that the pandemic is over now that silly season is over.  Indeed it was much politicized including Amy Goodman at the opening for her Democracy Now! show over summer giving the daily covid stats.  Nary a mention of it today. As I've said elsewhere what they should have

Re: [FairfieldLife] The end of Yahoo-Groups !

2020-10-21 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Verizon bought Yahoo in 2017.  They sold off portions of it but couldn't find a buyer for Groups.  As we all know Groups was quite buggy probably due to ad hoc spaghetti coding.  They appeared after they initially couldn't find a buyer spiffied it up but that still didn't help. I liked Earl

Re: [FairfieldLife] FFL at Yahoo! closing..

2020-10-20 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
You should have moved FFL to  Everyone else did.  Now Ravi created an FFL over there.  Not everyone has Facebook (nor wants it). On 10/20/20 5:10 AM, Doug Hamilton [FairfieldLife] wrote: > > There is a Facebook group.. > > that could take up the slack of the

[FairfieldLife] What It's Like Living in California Now

2020-09-23 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
From satirist JP Sears:

Re: [FairfieldLife] New York Times: College towns around America becoming coronavirus hot spots, including Iowa City

2020-09-06 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
If you scroll down to the bottom of my post you will find my handle and email in the "posted by".  I'm not into absurd conspiracy theories like you mention.  It's usually just a difference of opinion that gets labeled as a "conspiracy theory" as a method for the poster to discredit someone. 

Re: [FairfieldLife] New York Times: College towns around America becoming coronavirus hot spots, including Iowa City

2020-09-06 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Rick, As you know the boys over on The Corner like to brand me a "conspiracy theorist" even if I'm posting actual medical information even if it is from Falci himself.  They're sort of a "lost cause". They even branded the "UnHerd" YouTube channel as a conspiracy theorist channel even though

[FairfieldLife] Live TV version of Orwell's "1984"

2020-08-23 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Or rather a kinescope of the live TV production from 1953 starring Eddie Albert and Lorne Greene on the CBS Westinghouse Studio One series.  It's basically a televised play so interesting to see how it was handled.  It would have been live on the east coast and they use kinescopes for other

Re: [FairfieldLife] Well-informed Covid-related choices, moving forward by cardiologist

2020-05-21 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
If you want an interesting documentary to watch, check out the Frontline doc on Italy's experience with Covid-19 which is now available streaming. On 5/21/20 9:57 AM, Alex Stanley [FairfieldLife] wrote: > The top five comorbidities of hospitalized NYC covid-19

Re: [FairfieldLife] THE GOOD OLD TIMES :)

2020-04-10 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Not by Vedic astrology.  They would have Sagittarius sun signs not that sun sign astrology is of much value. On 4/10/20 11:22 AM, email4you [FairfieldLife] wrote: > > THE PHOTO IS FROM THE GURUPURNIMA FESTIVAL 2010 AT MERU HOLLAND > >

Re: [FairfieldLife] The old FFL mail archive..

2019-12-30 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
You probably should have moved FFL to as many other Yahoo Groups did.  Unfortunately someone else took Fairfield Life as a Verizon apparently didn't want Yahoo Groups to begin with and tried to sell it off with no takers.  Renovated but still no takers.  Now it is just an

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Yahoo Groups shutting down

2019-10-18 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
The problem is many read Yahoo Groups on their phone browser.  They probably don't want to deal with email on their phone. On 10/18/19 8:41 AM, maha_brahman wrote: > > Read on the internet: > > > Google Groups will continue. Yahoo Groups  will continue, but only > private. Communications would

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Yahoo Groups shutting down

2019-10-17 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Willy has been posting there for years.  No Judy and Barry aren't there.  Yahoo Groups will be functioning as an email list but who knows how long that will last.  Many groups fled two or three years ago to other locations. I think a lot "the elite" woke up and discovered there was too much

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Yahoo Groups shutting down

2019-10-16 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
The tech press is beginning to pick it up as a story.  It basically seems to be going back to an email group. is one alternative:

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: FF meditator memoriam

2019-10-12 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
The problem is the movement failed to adapt with the times.  Do they still do seven steps like they did in the 1970s?  Back then it was not unusual for folks to go out to evening meetings and events. These days you do weekend courses  when people have time and not exhausted from work. On

Re: [FairfieldLife] Impeachment Procedures could be started started against Trump.

2019-10-12 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Just about any astrologer looking at Trump's chart with Moon/Ketu conjunct would see he would not make a good political leader but the conjunction might be good for creativity as a game show host. By the time all is finished he won't be able to run in 2020 and probably will not still be in

Re: [FairfieldLife] Smart Meters

2019-10-07 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
I've had a smart meter at the house for several years.  It was installed below the old meter at the side of the garage well away from living areas.  But it probably puts out less emissions than my wifi router. The good part of it is you get a daily graph of use in the monthly bill.  I do well

Re: [FairfieldLife] Does the universe have a purpose?

2019-09-17 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Does it need a purpose? On 9/17/19 8:59 AM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: > > A scientist says NO.  Is that logical?  One can say it creates worlds > eternally.  These worlds may or may not have human beings in them.  > Isn't that a purpose? What do you think? > > >

Re: [FairfieldLife] Mahesh Yogi beyond any Swami or "Acharya"

2019-05-02 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
You don't know what you are talking about.  You are trying to turn TM into a religion or belief system.  Maharishi made a decent simple system for the masses which worked for some. On 5/2/19 11:18 AM, wrote: > Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was a true great Vedic Rishi according Swami

Re: [FairfieldLife] surprised it is in public domain

2019-05-01 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
You used the term "public domain" which generally refers to copyrights. Mantras are published in a number of books.  The mantras in the video are for the general public.  Those need to be published. There is nothing that secret about mantras other than the ones that gurus may use for guru

Re: [FairfieldLife] surprised it is in public domain

2019-04-30 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Kinda hard to copyright stuff that is centuries old! :-D A lot of this material has long been published in books.  Proper usage comes from a guru. On 4/30/19 1:23 PM, wrote: > not sure if the Guru Amritananda would have approved to make the most > secret teaching on youtube >

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Trump avoids criminal charges

2019-04-20 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Don't forget the Bush administration disaster too.  They left us with with a screwed criminal banking system. On 4/19/19 7:15 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: > The present administration is different but was the only choice and > has done fairly well > at dealing with the

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: The Omkara

2018-12-06 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Primarly Om is grounding but has an ether element to it.  What yoga (meditation) does is manipulate the autonomic nervous system.  There are mantras that calm the sympathetic system and even ones that stimulate. For instance mantras for kapha imbalance are stimulating. On 12/6/18 2:00 AM,

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: The Omkara

2018-12-04 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Om is considered to be good for calming vata except it also evokes the ether element which is probably why it can make one withdrawn. So "Ram" is the mantra used for calming vata but I've never seen MAPI recommending specific mantras for the doshas. There is also an opinion that om with a

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: JBP: why are there so few enlightened people?

2018-11-26 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
I think people are actually looking for saints rather than enlightened people.  And you don't automatically know all the vedic terms if you become enlightened.  I think too many people who learned TM are looking for something way more flashy while enlightenment may be right under their nose or

Re: [FairfieldLife] California is Burning!

2018-11-16 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
So how are you doing with all this smoke?  The Bay Area seems very dystopian now.  We're getting particulate levels at over 200 in the East Bay.  To go outside requires a N95 rated face mask if you can find any.  Many stores have been cleaned out of those.  I've also read that some of the

[FairfieldLife] Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Avoiding meat and dairy i s ‘single bi gg est way’ to reduce your impact on Earth

2018-11-11 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
And inflation is all around: On 11/11/18 4:59 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: > > > your impact on Earth.. > > > Anyway, Shortage will come to supermarket food outlets near you >

[FairfieldLife] Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single bi gg est way’ to reduce your impact on Earth

2018-11-11 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
On 11/11/18 3:39 PM, Sal Sunshine [FairfieldLife] wrote: > > > > On Nov 11, 2018, at 2:54 PM, Bhairitu > [FairfieldLife] wrote: > > > > The US had a cheese glut this summer which was good for consumers. The > &g

[FairfieldLife] Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single bi gg est way’ to reduce your impact on Earth

2018-11-11 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
You would need a global dictator to make these things work.  Instead encourage a reduction in consumption.  People don't like to be told by the government how to eat or drink and they certainly don't like higher taxes.  You also need the medical industry to embrace nutritional consultation

[FairfieldLife] Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single bi gg est way’ to reduce your impact on Earth

2018-11-11 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
The US had a cheese glut this summer which was good for consumers. The nearby supermarket was selling Tillamook at $3 a package (usually 8 oz) so I picked up a package of extra sharp which rang up for $5.  I complained about the price because it was marked $3 on the shelf.  They came back and

Re: [FairfieldLife] Gavin Newsom for president 2020?

2018-11-11 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Nobody wants Hillary other than her cronies.  For Gavin to get elected the public would want to see a full term as governor first. We have to put less attention on the car salesmen we elect anyway and look behind the curtain to see who is financing them. On 11/11/18 12:37 PM,

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Guru Purnima: the Raja class..

2018-10-26 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
MMY historically put "yes men" around him rather than "enlightened" ones. It puzzled a lot of people. :-D On 10/26/18 10:34 AM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: > > > > > Hey, guys: > > Are you saying that MMY may have been wrong in selecting King Tony and > the rest of the rajas to run

[FairfieldLife] So how well is ME working in Iowa?

2018-10-20 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Steve King has always been a pig anyway.

Re: [FairfieldLife] New UN IPCC Climate Change Report

2018-10-08 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
How are you going to get the sun do to that?  It's actually the key influence in regards to climate change. It's in a solar minimal right now so we're likely to see more "global cooling" than "global warming".  History confirms this. I'm actually more concerned about the oceans getting

Re: [FairfieldLife] !00 Years ago, the US fought a deadly battle in France

2018-09-24 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Same deal, it's all about the money. Americas sons and daughters should not be pawns (soldiers) for foreign wars of profit.  It is immoral. On 09/23/2018 09:15 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: Bhairitu, IMO, it's because the US gets involved in many alliances, specifically

Re: [FairfieldLife] !00 Years ago, the US fought a deadly battle in France

2018-09-23 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Because wars make money for the ultra rich.  You blow up things and then you need to spend to replace the stuff you blew things up with.  Bankers make money off the debt war creates.  It makes this planet and it's people look quite stupid.  War is the product of an adolescent mind. On

Re: [FairfieldLife] Last Rites for the Voice

2018-09-06 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
On 09/06/2018 06:23 AM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: Like LB Shriver’s publishing of Survival in Paradise, the Voice is gone entirely now. Even in digital came the Death of the Village Voice.   Recalling LB out on the movie theatre corner with paper bag over his shoulder

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Climate Change & the Consciousness Community

2018-09-04 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
[FairfieldLife] wrote: Bhairitu: To solve the problem you needed to start several decades ago.  And what would you have done? 20 years ago we should have implemented a revenue-neutral, substantive, annually increasing carbon (GHG) tax which would have given strong incentives for reducing GHG

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Climate Change & the Consciousness Community

2018-09-03 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
The problem is that you would need to implement a very authoritarian government to mandate changes. That won't go over well with the public (just look at their current attitude towards climate disruption) nor even more with the business sector.  It's like the human race has it's own

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Hopi: America is dying!

2018-07-29 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
And California is burning.  How are the brown skies over in SF? Also I think Adam Smith's experience has failed. :-) On 07/29/2018 08:37 AM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: Carde, That's a powerful message. ---In, wrote : We [hopi?] were told we

Re: [FairfieldLife] Facebook loses $151 billion in one day

2018-07-26 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Try a Facebook corporate chart. On 07/26/2018 12:37 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: I don't have Zuckerberg's birth data.  So, I can't determine what is causing this loss in his life.  If anyone has his birth data, please let us know. ---In,

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Ethics and Spiritual Teaching

2018-07-26 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
The recommended procedure when looking for a guru is to test them for some time before becoming a student.  That can be months (in some cases years). On 07/26/2018 09:26 AM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: I am simply suggesting that some better levels of validation would be

Re: [FairfieldLife] Facebook loses $151 billion in one day

2018-07-26 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
A lot of tech companies have fallen into unethical practices.  But you're an astrologer and should know that many of them rose to success due to a good planetary period and will fall when they hit a bad one.  Most companies become "has beens" when the fall hits. I never did Facebook because I

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Ethics and Spiritual Teaching

2018-07-26 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
It's kinda laughable to have the unenlightened make rules for the enlightened.  Yogis and Buddhist monks will certainly find it good for a laugh. Music teachers often teach students that achieve far more in their careers than their teachers did.  Music teachers teach techniques and methods

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Carnivore diet changed his life!

2018-07-21 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Keep in mind that if everyone were to have the diet that it is right for their body then you would get a dramatic reduction in meat consumption.  Vegan diets are only good for brief time as cleansing otherwise many people will develop anemia from them.   Vegan diets might be useful for

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Carnivore diet changed his life!

2018-07-20 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Acid and alkaline pH balances.  Some people are actually TOO alkaline.  Your blood pH only needs to shift a little to cause problems.  Much of this also correlates to how the autonomic nervous systems works.  It's possible to be too sympathetic dominant (metabolic syndrome) or too

[FairfieldLife] Sacred Games

2018-07-11 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Netflix has this new crime drama series "Sacred Games" which takes place in Mumbai.  This is not your typical hokey Bollywood TV show and more like the excellent drama series we see coming out of Europe.  It's interesting to see how much Mumbai has changed since I was there.  In Hindi with

[FairfieldLife] Re: [FairfieldLife] Director David Lynch: Trump ‘Could Go Down as One of the Greatest Presidents in History’

2018-06-24 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Back around 1990 I bought Trump's "The Art of the Deal" board game for friends as a Christmas present. My friends always seemed to beat me at Monopoly but they couldn't with this game.  I think it was because the concept was simple and mainly you just blundered ahead and things came out okay.

Re: [FairfieldLife] Science says, therefore meditation is no good.

2018-06-18 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Scientists probably don't like to have a bowel movement without taking a study first. :-D Think maybe we're getting a little obsessed with science? Meditation feels good to do and I don't need any studies for that. On 06/18/2018 05:47 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: Not

[FairfieldLife] Meditation boost the ego?

2018-06-18 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Maybe they were looking at FFL archives. :-D

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Where Has Everyone Gone?

2018-05-20 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
of many.  In India if one guru's system doesn't work for you then you move on to another one. On 05/20/2018 05:43 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: Bhairitu, From what I've read,  MMY considered the TM Siddhi Program, especially the flying yoga, to be the top of the line in TM techniques

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Where Has Everyone Gone?

2018-05-20 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
aving lost their favorite nemesis.  Emily from Seattle just recently became silent.  Rick Archer left to manage his BATGAP.  Curtis, the blues player, here left soon after his buddy, Barry, was sacked.  Bhairitu is still around but does not post as much.  There were others but I forget their names

[FairfieldLife] "The Ashram" movie trailer

2018-05-17 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Available for rent online on iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, etc. Not a documentary and I wonder if Kal Penn's character tries to sneak out of the ashram for some White Castle burgers? :-)

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: The Water of Vittel

2018-05-02 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
summer for a meeting with teachers.  He actually had to do that covertly to avoid getting served for the lawsuit going on. On 05/01/2018 09:04 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: Bhairitu, Were you a TM teacher in Seattle or San Francisco?  Also, did you know Bill Curry in Seattle

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Another Netflix Documentary to Watch

2018-04-20 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
The documentary is a couple years old and I don't remember seeing it listed on Showtime.  But he was running yet another tech company at the end.  BTW, here's the Netflix link: On 04/20/2018 12:27 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: A few years

[FairfieldLife] Another Netflix Documentary to Watch

2018-04-20 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
You probably know who John McAfee is but did you know he was a former TM'er? He even wrote books about meditation and siddhis while operating a yoga and meditation center in Colorado. Interesting documentary: "Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee"

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Rajneesh Documenatary

2018-03-20 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
In the 1980s I was living back in my hometown in SE Washington.  Got a lot of news about Antelope and the commune.  One local man whose kids I grew up with was a produce broker and was enjoying a thriving business selling produce to the commune.  As a shortcut from the town to trips to

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: most erudite Jyotishi on Trump

2018-03-20 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Which school (or interpretation) are you using?  Bhrigu astrology is supposedly the oldest system around.  One approach I've been playing with just uses Jupiter progressions and how it triggers life events when it conjoins or aspects the Sun, Mar and Saturn taken as malefics.  Interesting how

Re: [FairfieldLife] Trump fires Tillerson as Secretary of State

2018-03-13 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Depends on what kind of jobs?  401K improving?  Pension plans are already in trouble in many places including some state ones such as California.  Seems that many of the new jobs are low paying.  Third world America here we come. What flavor is the Kool-Aid.  Cherry, Lime, Grape? On

Re: [FairfieldLife] Dow Jones Goes Down by 650 points

2018-02-03 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Hiccup or knee jerk.  The Dow has been doing this for awhile.  It's a gambling den after all. On 02/03/2018 01:05 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: Nature is apparently  denying the benefits of Jupiter in Libra., which is the 11th house on the US natal chart.  Joni Patry, the 

Re: [FairfieldLife]

2017-12-22 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Very transcendent! :-) The Microsoft of today is not the Microsoft of yesterday.  They don't test things very well these days or at all.  The public is expected to test. I develop software these days using their Visual Studio Community.  No QA there either and that's why they call it

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: FW: John Roberts is this weekend!

2017-12-10 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Often children and other relatives of aging boomers will want them to retire where they live so they don't have to travel distances if the aging senior becomes ill. We moved my mother from Washington state to be near my sister and me here in the Bay Area. On 12/09/2017 06:10 PM,

[FairfieldLife] Yahoo Groups Problem

2017-11-22 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
According to what I've read on from users on Yahoo Groups is having a problem at the moment.  Some say that only the moderated groups are updating messages.

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: : ) Seventh chords of happiness?

2017-11-17 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
A class on music theory might help.  If you build a 7th chord on the 5th step of a major scale you get a dominant 7th chord.  In the C major scale that would be a G7 chord of G B D F.  The 7th is a minor 7th in a dominant 7th chord.  But there's all kinds of alterations to harmony that can be

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: : ) Seventh chords of happiness?

2017-11-15 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Nothing as stupid as scientists trying to figure out music.  About as stupid as them trying to figure out consciousness. :-D Every composer knows how chord "color" effects their tune.  There was no mention of the dominant seventh chord just the major seventh chord and minor seventh chord. 

Re: [FairfieldLife] Issue: Are all forms of meditation and relaxation the same?

2017-10-28 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Getting there is a process. But you can call it cream cheese if you like. :-) On 10/28/2017 02:35 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: I wouldn't

Re: [FairfieldLife] Issue: Are all forms of meditation and relaxation the same?

2017-10-28 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Yoga IS the process of gaining control over autonomic nervous system.  Left to it's own devices the autonomic nervous system can go out of whack causing disease.  By yoga I don't mean the asanas.  That's a dumb western misapplication of the term.  Yoga actually means "meditation." TM is sorta

Re: [FairfieldLife] Scientists at CERN question why we exist

2017-10-26 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Ever do any of those crystal growing experience in a grade school science class?  The universe is much like that. That the universe is random and we have free will is an illusion.  Indian pundits figured that out centuries ago. Or is this all depressing?  Well go ahead a live your life as if

Re: [FairfieldLife] America is a sports team??

2017-09-25 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
America is overly obsessed with sports. But of course ever since the Roman emperors discovered that "bread and circuses" kept their subjects from uprising governments have been doing same. BTW, most Americans can't afford to attend a professional football game.  The tickets are too expensive. 

Re: [FairfieldLife] Incense used in puja

2017-08-31 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Back in the 1970s many of the initiators in Seattle got incense from the Vedanta Society because the TMO was often out of incense. On 08/31/2017 12:30 PM, ultrarishi wrote: I was wondering if TM Initiators have to use a specific incense for puja. I have noticed over the decades that the

Re: [FairfieldLife] Why Americans are turning against Trump

2017-08-31 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Not seen the recent videos of some of the people off the rails with hysteria? Hysteria is usually a vata derangement. They need some vata tea. Helping people out of that chemical state is unifying. But I suspect some of these folks with hysteria are vegans so it's going to take a lot more

Re: [FairfieldLife] Why Americans are turning against Trump

2017-08-30 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Seems we have a bunch of post election vata deranged people who call themselves "liberals". If anything they're being used to tear the country apart. Otherwise I think the grounded people from both sides could find some common ground to agree on. On 08/30/2017 07:31 PM, Mike Dixon

Re: [FairfieldLife] Trump is Igniting Anger Over the Entire Nation

2017-08-25 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
The country is collapsing anyway. Read the warnings from the banking sector? You could only keep this house of cards going for so long. The big banks should have been left to fail in 2008 and we wouldn't have been in this mess. Trump can't do anything about it, Clinton either. It's just a

Re: [FairfieldLife] Language and drumming?

2017-08-20 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Trying scat singing to tunes. The real process is getting what is in your head onto the keyboard or instrument. Bebop is really more of a "feel" than anything else. There is a trick to leaving the end of a phrase on the offbeat which helps inspire the improviser for the next phrase.

Re: [FairfieldLife] Language and drumming?

2017-08-20 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Haven't played "Connecticut Half Time" since my high school days. What's wrong with their performance? They did okay. They're playing it at a more traditional slower tempo while if you watch the West Point Hellcats version they play it faster. The back end of that piece though gets really

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Maharishi Jyotish Council's Tips for Eclipse

2017-08-17 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
I've posted elsewhere some of the silliness on the west coast as the California state power authority issued a request for citizens to reduce their use of power during the eclipse due to reduced solar power generated. The effect of the eclipse on solar power generation should be about the same

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: New Data on the Adverse Effects of Meditation and Mindfulness Study reports on the less-examined findings of difficult and pa

2017-07-16 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
The problem is that meditation is often taught wrong. Other paths often just use meditation as a utility, you meditate when you fee like or need. Advice from my tantra guru was, "if you don't feel like meditating then don't as nothing will be gained." Meditation in general is used as a tool

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: TM Mutineers Beware Re Rajas! of History!

2017-07-14 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
That's why FFL stands for "Funny Farm Lounge". :-D On 07/13/2017 07:34 PM, wrote: you have a valid cause in many ways but you utterly discredit yourself with this dumb ugly and irrelevant nonsense

Re: [FairfieldLife] Can the Human Brain be Improved?

2017-07-06 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Heh! What have yogis been doing for centuries? These idiots who fancy themselves scientists are going about brain improvement the wrong way. I have this vision of a "Twilight Zone" episode that takes place in the future where Ray Kurzweil has managed to merge himself with a machine and is

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Post Count Mon 26-Jun-17 00:15:10 UTC

2017-06-26 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
l Sunshine salsunshineiniowa 4 feste37 1 rajawilliamsmith 1 j_alexander_stanley 1 Dick Mays dickmays 1 Bhairitu noozguru Posters: 8 Saturday Morning 00:00 UTC Rollover Times = Daylight Saving Time (Summer): US Friday evening: PDT 5 PM - MDT 6 PM - CDT 7 PM - EDT

Re: [FairfieldLife] Poor People Need Not Apply

2017-06-24 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
as are most company pensions. *From:* "Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]" <> *To:* *Sent:* Friday, June 23, 2017 12:42 PM *Subject:* Re: [FairfieldLife] Poor People

Re: [FairfieldLife] Poor People Need Not Apply

2017-06-23 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
But then you could have looked up the definition on- line. ---- *From:* "Bhairitu noozguru@... <mailto:noozguru@...> [FairfieldLife]" <> <

Re: [FairfieldLife] Poor People Need Not Apply

2017-06-23 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
the definition on- line. *From:* "Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]" <> *To:* *Sent:* Thursday, June 22, 2017 9:01 PM *Subject:* Re: [Fai

Re: [FairfieldLife] Poor People Need Not Apply

2017-06-22 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Define capitalism and how long it has been around. On 06/22/2017 06:34 PM, Mike Dixon [FairfieldLife] wrote: Fact:Capitalism has generated more wealth that is shared by more people than any other system on earth, at any time. Fact:Capitalism has raised the standard of

Re: [FairfieldLife] Poor People Need Not Apply

2017-06-22 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Interesting, the link took me to's news page. I had to use a "Private" Firefox browser to get the actual Yahoo article. Looks like Groups is going to be really messed up. Might want to find another forum host. On 06/22/2017 11:50 AM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: Trump

Re: [FairfieldLife] The Dismantling of Trump

2017-06-12 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
So did you all forget your FFL-2 logins? On 06/10/2017 08:09 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: Again, the investigations are not complete and as such the evidence has not been released to the public. Here are some possibilities

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: The Dismantling of Trump

2017-06-11 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
:* "Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]" <> *To:* *Sent:* Saturday, June 10, 2017 9:07 PM *Subject:* Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: The Dismantling of Trump Maybe we'll be in for something like the Spanish Civil War with

[FairfieldLife] Oath Groups?

2017-06-11 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
In case you didn't know Verizon is slated to take over Yahoo this week and change the name to Oath. Will you be taking the Oath?

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: The Dismantling of Trump

2017-06-10 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Maybe we'll be in for something like the Spanish Civil War with complete anarchy. Whatever is going on it isn't working for the people. On 06/10/2017 06:05 PM, Mike Dixon [FairfieldLife] wrote: LOL, *keeping hope alive*!

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: The Dismantling of Trump

2017-06-10 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Many folks are probably in CC by now and don't need to close their eyes to experience the transcendent. ;-) On 06/10/2017 02:59 AM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: Noteworthy that you all return surfacing to a spiritual forum for reflection in such times of turmoil. Are you

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Guru Scandals

2017-05-24 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
I think a lot of this is just cultural differences. We expect "holy men" to behave to "preconceived notions" of the west. Heck, Catholic priests don't even behave to the notions folks have. You've been to India so you understand the cultural gap. For one thing you have a country where

Re: [FairfieldLife] Fwd: Easy Thefts

2017-05-21 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Even the California DMV and CHP recommend that people make a copy of the registration then blot out their address info on the original before putting it in the car. I've done this for several years since it the ploy was revealed. Also make sure nothing else in the car has your address on it.

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: The amazing story of Suzanne Segal

2017-04-27 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
As I've mentioned before on FFL, I had a kundalini experience about 3 1/2 years before learning TM. It left me disoriented for months but gradually got back on my feet. The experience was a result of using a very simple meditation technique out of a book on yoga. On 04/27/2017 07:45 AM, 'My

Re: [FairfieldLife] Health Issue Solved

2017-04-22 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
On 04/22/2017 02:30 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote: As mentioned in my earlier posts, I've had health complaints that appeared to be arthritis. But the doctor concluded that my complaints were not due to arthritis, and stated that his readings showed I have high blood pressure.

Re: [FairfieldLife] Hey, Bhairitu

2017-04-12 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
moving. Actually our regional cuisine can be good for that. :-) According to Brighu Saral Paddati, another jyotish method apart from Parasara and Jaimini, this episode of my life should end by midsummer 2017 when this current period of Saturn ends. Amen. On 04/10/2017 09:58 AM, Bhairitu no

Re: [FairfieldLife] Hey, Bhairitu

2017-04-10 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
health problems can range from chronic to one day and when you do a consultation it's a snapshot of how you are at the moment. On 04/10/2017 09:58 AM, Bhairitu [FairfieldLife] wrote: Did you try entering "ayurvedic practitioner san francisco" in Google?

Re: [FairfieldLife] Hey, Bhairitu

2017-04-10 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Did you try entering "ayurvedic practitioner san francisco" in Google? You'll get three locations with websites showing. Check them out and try to get reviews before doing an appointment. There are a lot more around the SF Bay Area. Also you could search for "arthritis like symptoms

Re: [FairfieldLife] Trump Launches Missiles Against Syria

2017-04-07 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
You two been practicing your Russian? Better bone up if you haven't. ;-) On 04/07/2017 12:08 PM, Mike Dixon [FairfieldLife] wrote: I still am! I'm saying the main stream media has created a monster for many. They created the image that many have of Trump to justify why

Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: How to Grow the Most Flavorful Tomatoes

2017-03-31 Thread Bhairitu [FairfieldLife]
Ayurveda came from a country in the tropics. I once asked an Indian vaidya at a group meeting of his clients if he found people in the west like Europe and the US different to treat. His eyes lit up as he said "yes" and the next sound was of jaws dropping from his clients. Cold drinks are

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