Re: [nysbirds-l] Flamingo - Westchester County

2009-08-17 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Hi All, A banded American Flamingo was seen along the Rhode Island shore, at Quonochontaug, on 6 August. Bob Bushnell and others reported a band on the left leg of the free-flying bird. American Flamingos have been suspected as genuine vagrants to the Northeast in the past, but I don't know

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: CC Sparrow, Dickcissel+

2009-10-01 Thread Shaibal Mitra
There was a nice flight along Long Island's barrier beaches this morning. Highlights of an hour or so of birding on my way to work were Clay-colored Sparrow at Robert Moses SP plus Dickcissel and Lincoln's Sparrow at Cedar Beach Marina. Moving heavily were Yellow-shafted Flickers, Eastern

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Large Numbers of Common Eiders++

2009-11-01 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Common Eiders are occurring in unprecedented numbers around Fire Island Inlet, western Suffolk County. A tally of 390 at Robert Moses SP today far exceeded anything in my experience here. Also present along the barrier beach ocean front were thousands of Black Scoters, hundreds of Surf Scoters,

Re: [nysbirds-l] Barnacle Pink-footed Geese at Sunken Meadow S.P., Suffolk Co.

2009-11-04 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Hi everyone, Regarding Bob's and Angus' queries about the identities of the Pink-footed and Barnacle Geese present now at Sunken Meadow SP, my own feeling is that the Barnacle is likely the same bird that wintered at Sunken Meadow SP in January 2008 (two winters ago, and that the Pink-footed

Re: [nysbirds-l] Barnacle Pink-footed Geese at Sunken Meadow S.P., Suffolk Co.

2009-11-04 Thread Shaibal Mitra
I've posted some photos of yesterday's Pink-footed and Barnacle Geese at: Shai -Original Message- From: Shaibal Mitra Sent 11/4/2009 11:09:46 AM To: NYSBIRDS Subject: Re: [nysbirds-l

Re: [nysbirds-l] Cattle Egret at Floyd Bennett

2009-11-20 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Hi Rob and all, That's a really neat find, and in my mind, it's a good indication that other oddities are likely lurking in the weeds around here. As Cattle Egrets have vanished as breeding birds in NYS and New England, November has become a relatively good time for seeing them here. The species

[nysbirds-l] Kittiwakes, Another Cattle Egret+

2009-11-21 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Pat duly found a Cattle Egret this morning in the Lapwing field east of Mecox Bay. Meanwhile, I checked the inlet, pursuant to Doug Futuyma's tip about the Kittiwake flight, and I counted 13 Kittiwakes moving west in just 20 minutes. Twenty minutes later, the two of us tallied 11 more

[nysbirds-l] FW: Origins of Winter Vagrants--Research and a Chance to Help

2009-12-13 Thread Shaibal Mitra
As discussed in recent posts by Tom Fiore, Angus Wilson, and others, early December can be an exciting time for finding unusual birds in the Northeast, and the upcoming CBC season is sure to feature many exciting discoveries. The question of where our early winter avian novelties come from is

RE: [nysbirds-l] West End/Jones Beach Today (Nassau Co.)

2009-12-15 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Angus, Ken, and all, Interestingly, Dick Ferren had two Whistling Swans fly past his seawatch at Block Island's Southeast Light yesterday, during the middle of the day (not far around the corner from the Beach Head). There must be at least six birds involved. Shai Mitra Bay Shore

RE: [nysbirds-l] Fw: Southampton Black Guillemot Photo

2009-12-22 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Pat Lindsay also saw this bird this afternoon. Given that this is a juv, the bird's extremely pale overall appearance is beyond anything I've ever seen in the usual Black Guillemots we see in Mass, RI, and LI (race atlantis). The bird also shows a very petite bill. I wonder whether this

[nysbirds-l] Black Guillemot at Sebonac Inlet, Suffolk Co.

2009-12-23 Thread Shaibal Mitra
The Black Guillemot was present again this morning at Sebonac Inlet, Suffolk Co. In life, the bird's white plumage and dainty bill were very distinctive-looking compared to New England birds. As noted before, the paucity of dark markings on the head, neck, and back are particularly striking in

[nysbirds-l] Black Guillemot Subspecies

2009-12-24 Thread Shaibal Mitra
I spent some time this morning looking over references. “The Birds of the Western Palearctic” (Volume IV, 208-219) gives lots of detail on geographical variation in Black Guillemots. According to this work (pp. 218-219), white tips to the secondaries are absent in races other than the

RE: [nysbirds-l] Mew Gull Description

2009-12-31 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Although I only deduced his name later, I'm sure Vincent was the fellow who notified several of us that the Common Mew Gull was present on the rocks near the pedestrian bridge around 3:30. We walked north and found the bird right where Vincent told us it would be. We studied it briefly there

[nysbirds-l] Long Island CBCs: Southern Nassau County and Captree

2010-01-04 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Hi everyone, The Southern Nassau County Christmas Bird Count was conducted on Saturday, 2 January 2010, by 49+ participants. This represents the 70th time this CBC has been held since its inception in 1932 (there were several years with no count during the 1930s and 1940s). References to

RE:[nysbirds-l] Long Island CBCs: Southern Nassau County and Captree

2010-01-05 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Editor, The Kingbird From: Shaibal Mitra Sent: Monday, January 04, 2010 6:20 PM To: NYSBIRDS ( Subject: Long Island CBCs: Southern Nassau County and Captree Hi everyone, The Southern Nassau County Christmas Bird Count was conducted

[nysbirds-l] Dovekie Ashore on Staten Island

2010-01-26 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Tom Brown and Juliette Goulet from College of Staten Island just called with news of a distressed Dovekie found ashore at Miller Filed, Staten Island--undoubtedly a victim of yesterday's storm. A similar storm on 26-27 Dec drove a number of Dovekies ashore from southeastern New England to Long

RE: [nysbirds-l] Brooklyn - Black Vulture

2010-02-09 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Hi everyone, I would lean toward local movements, rather than northbound migration, as the mechanism behind most of the observations mentioned in this thread. Among freshwater ducks, facultative dispersal is often conspicuous throughout the winter on Long Island, where unfrozen salt water is

[nysbirds-l] Champlain Hawk Owl--No, VT Ivory Gull--Yes

2010-02-19 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Today Pat Jones searched for but did not see the Champlain Northern Hawk Owl. However, he found an adult Ivory Gull just east of Rouses Point, on the north side of the causeway, near the VT end. It was feeding on a fish carcass. The Northern Shrike continues in Champlain. Shai Mitra Bay Shore

[nysbirds-l] North NY Update 21 Feb--Ivory Gull Yes, Tufted Duck Yes, Hawk Owl No

2010-02-22 Thread Shaibal Mitra
The adult Ivory Gull found by Pat Jones on Friday, near the NY/VT/Canada border remained through the weekend. Having been seen by Bryan Pfeiffer and others at the usual spot near the Vermont side of the causeway early in on Sunday morning, the bird went unseen for a couple of hours until

RE: [nysbirds-l] Brooklyn BLVUs

2010-03-25 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Curiously, statewide trends and recent Long Island trends stand in remarkably different relationship for each of the big black carrion-eaters under discussion. When Griscom analyzed the status of Turkey Vulture in 1923, this species was common in the highlands of northern New Jersey but poorly

[nysbirds-l] Upland Sandpiper on Fire Island

2010-04-05 Thread Shaibal Mitra
There was an Upland Sandpiper at Robert Moses SP, Suffolk Co., LI this morning. The bird was on the roadside grass a little east of the exit ramp to Field 4, or about a quarter mile west of the entrance to Field 5, around 9:00 am. Ken Feustel and others looked for it without success later in

[nysbirds-l] Uppie-date+

2010-04-06 Thread Shaibal Mitra
The Upland Sandpiper continued at Robert Moses SP, Suffolk Co., LI through the day today and was seen by many observers. Apparently it was difficult to find at times, but it was still there at 18:35 when I swung through on my way home. I looked at the ocean briefly just before this and was

[nysbirds-l] Hudsonian Godwit Orange County, Sat-Sun

2010-04-12 Thread Shaibal Mitra
A breeding-plumaged Hudsonian Godwit was found at the Wallkill River NWR, Orange Co. on Saturday evening by members of the Mearns Bird Club, including Dennis Murphy. It was found again on Sunday morning by Tom Burke, Gail Benson, and Andy Guthrie. The bird fed along a muddy berm trending

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Willets, Semi Plovers, RAZOs, Protho+

2010-04-17 Thread Shaibal Mitra
There was a heavy movement of waterbirds along LI's outer beaches this morning, with migrating Common Loons outnumbering Red-throated for the first time this spring--at least for me. Double-crested Cormorants were moving very heavily, totaling around 1,100 over the course of the morning. The

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Big Shorebird Push

2010-04-18 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Large numbers of shorebirds arrived today on the marsh islands north of Cedar Beach, Gilgo, and Tobay. The flocks were dominated by Dunlin (ca. 5,000) and Black-bellied Plover (ca. 500), but several unusual species were also present. Pat and I spread the word about the shorebirds after we found

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Shorebirds, Terns, Swallows++

2010-05-03 Thread Shaibal Mitra
A quick visit to Jones Beach West End today yielded the best diversity of shorebirds I've seen yet this spring: 120 Black-bellied Plovers (max yesterday 90 at Cupsogue) 1 Semipalmated Plover (max yesterday 4 at Cupsogue) 70 Red Knots--most in full breeding plumage 5 Ruddy Turnstones (max

RE:[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Shorebirds, Terns, Swallows++

2010-05-03 Thread Shaibal Mitra
I forgot to note that the White-winged Dove was NOT present at Jones Beach during my visit today, and the link to the woodpecker photo is: Shai Think green before you print this email. -- NYSbirds-L List Info:

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Blue Grosbeak, Roseate Tens, LBB Gulls

2010-05-12 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Ken Feustel found a young male Blue Grosbeak at Robert Moses SP, near the western tip of Fire Island, this afternoon. It feeds on the circular grassy plantings in the center of Field 2, it is very skittish and frequently flies up to the northern margin of the parking lot, west of center, when

RE: [nysbirds-l] May 13th Western Race Fox Sparrow in Central Park

2010-05-13 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Dear Karen and all, This report is extremely exciting and of great interest to many people. I would be most appreciative of any follow-up reports concerning whether the bird continues to be seen. Please document this bird as carefully as possible. Paul Buckley recorded a Fox Sparrow of the

[nysbirds-l] Stellar Flight on Barrier Beach

2010-05-15 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Evidently, the passage of last night's cold front was such that many Neotrops were tempted a-flight by southwest winds early in the eve, drifted out over the New York Bight, then caught out when the winds turned northwest. Under these conditions, nocturnal migrants drop in as soon as they reach

[nysbirds-l] Wilson's Plover Still Present at Jones Beach West End

2010-05-15 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Steve Schellenger re-found Andrew Baksh's Wilson's Plover at Jones Beach West End this evening. The bird was in the swale (much drier now) on the beach side of the Field 2 pavilion and was seen by Tom Burke and several other birders in the day's waning light. Shai Mitra Bay Shore Think green

[nysbirds-l] The Window Is Open!

2010-05-19 Thread Shaibal Mitra
A one-hour seawatch at Robert Moses SP (7:00-8:00) yielded a good flight of Common Loons, lots of milling Gannets, one White-winged Scoter, and one adult, light-morph Parasistic Jaeger heading east. Although my search for Sooty Shearwater was not successful today, I was happy to get a call

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Arctic Tern+++

2010-05-23 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Inspired by Andy Baldelli's exploits down in Virginia, I visited Democrat Pt. (Fire Island Inlet) and Cupsogue (Moriches Inlet) today, in search of Arctic Terns--and found an adult at Cupsogue on the rising tide. Photos can be seen at:

Re:[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Cory's Shearwater, Western Sandpiper, Royal and Black Terns+

2010-05-31 Thread Shaibal Mitra
The Royal Tern was at Pikes Beach during the morning. Think green before you print this email. -- NYSbirds-L List Info: ARCHIVES: 1) 2)

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Sandwich Tern+++

2010-06-06 Thread Shaibal Mitra
A Sandwich Tern was present on the blustery flats at Cupsogue, near Moriches Inlet, this afternoon, accompanied by two Arctic Terns--one First Summer and one Second Summer-type. Also seen were one Roseate, two First Summer Common, and five Second Summer-type Common Terns. Photos of some of

RE: [nysbirds-l] Blockbusting/fixed link

2010-06-09 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Matt raised a very legitimate point about potential variability in mortality risks among sites, and he did so in a non-confrontational manner, not deserving of a sarcastic response. Irony is a twin-edged sword, however, and it often rings oddly in a discussion like this. Seriously, who

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Early Summer Shorebirds and Seabirds

2010-06-14 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Mid June presents some interesting and unexpected opportunities for birding on Long Island. An uptick in landbird vagrancy around the time of the solstice is a well recognized (if poorly understood) pattern nowadays, but who would surmise, by checking range maps or reading the old books, that

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Arctic Tern, Hudsonian Godwit, Whimbrel, Cory's Greater Shearwaters+

2010-07-10 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Birding all day with no camera (left at home) and no cell phone (battery died early), I noticed how good it felt to be liberated from these distractions. Then things got complicated. It began raining lightly and Patricia decided not to come out on the flats with me at Cupsogue, just east of

RE: [nysbirds-l] hudsonian godwit update

2010-07-12 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Shane Blodgett just called to report that the Hudsonian Godwit is present again this afternoon (Monday 12 July) on the big sandbar between Moriches Inlet and the Cupsogue flats, Suffolk County, Long Island. I've added a couple of photos from yesterday at:

[nysbirds-l] LI Bird Notes, 23-24 July

2010-07-27 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Here are a few notes from last weekend on birds not mentioned or emphasized in previous reports. At Jones Beach, Nassau Co., on Friday afternoon, the inclement weather discouraged human activity enough to allow birds to use the Short Beach island and Field 2 parking areas without much

RE: [nysbirds-l] Marbled Godwits

2010-08-05 Thread Shaibal Mitra
After I spoke with Hugh, Pat found a third Marbled Godwit on the pelican bar, about half a mile west of the main flats at Cupsogue, and north of the camper colony along the 4-wheel drive track that leads to the inlet. Later we learned that Jim Cullen had seen the two godwits on the main flats

[nysbirds-l] LI Bird Notes: Belated report of seabirds and shorebirds

2010-08-17 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Pat saw the continuing SY Glaucous Gull at Orient Pt on Friday evening. We both saw it as our ferry pulled in on Saturday evening, but it flew off toward Gardiners Island before I could get any photos. I noticed that its right leg drooped as it flew, suggesting that an injury might underlie its

[nysbirds-l] Lark Sparrow Floyd Bennett Field Brooklyn

2010-08-20 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Via text message from Doug Gochfield: A Lark Sparrow along the Archery Road at Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn. Shai Mitra Bay Shore Think green before you print this email. -- NYSbirds-L List Info:

[nysbirds-l] 22 Godwits at Cupsogue!

2010-08-22 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Some readers might recall recent efforts by various observers to nail down a tally for the Marbled Godwits in the Cupsogue, Suffolk County, area. This afternoon, Andy Guthrie, Patricia Lindsay and I counted zero at Pikes Beach, then six on the northeast peak of the main flats at Cupsogue, then

RE:[nysbirds-l] Monk Parakeets at Cow Harbor Park (Freeport, Nassau Co.)

2010-08-23 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Pat and I saw a Monk Parakeet a day earlier, about a quarter mile north of the parking area at Cow Meadow. It flew across the road as we were driving and perched briefly in a roadside tree, where I clearly saw the face and wing pattern diagnostic of this species. This could add great glory to

[nysbirds-l] Saturday Morning Flight at Fire Island

2010-08-29 Thread Shaibal Mitra
There was a nice morning flight at Robert Moses SP, Suffolk Co., yesterday morning (28 Aug 10). Swallows were moving heavily, passing at a rate of ca. one per second through the morning. Barns outnumbered Trees by about four to three, Banks were easy to find (we estimated ca. 50), and we

RE: [nysbirds-l] Baird's Birds at Jones Beach

2010-08-31 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Patricia Lindsay reports that SEVEN Baird's Sandpipers and a Buff-breasted Sandpiper were present at Jones Beach West End this morning, around 6:30-7:00. These birds, all juvs as expected, were present in the beach-side area described by Steve Walter yesterday (see below). Catching up on a few

[nysbirds-l] Morning Flight at Fire Island

2010-09-05 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Today I did a two-hour morning flight survey at Robert Moses SP, southwestern Suffolk Co., with help from Pat Lindsay and Brent Bomkamp and his dad. Winds were straight out of the west, which is not conducive to nocturnal migration, but we saw a fair amount of activity among diurnal migrants.

RE:[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Parasitic Jaegers, Common Eiders, Clay-colored Sparrows+

2010-09-26 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Doug Futuyma saw a third Clay-colored Sparrow today along the hedge by the Coast Guard Station at Jones Beach, Nassau County. From: Shaibal Mitra Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2010 7:52 PM To: NYSBIRDS ( Subject: LI Birds: Parasitic

[nysbirds-l] Cattle Egret and More Lesser BB Gulls, Robert Moses SP, Suffolk County

2010-10-01 Thread Shaibal Mitra
The Cattle Egret found by Bobby Rossetti and reported by Dave Klauber was still present near the northeast corner of Field 5 at 5:30 this evening. Present then at Field 2 were 6 LBBGs in a discrete flock: 2 near adults, a 3rd Winter, and 3 juvs. At lunchtime, Patricia found a second near adult

[nysbirds-l] LI Snow Bunting and Vesper Sparrow

2010-10-21 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Joan Quinlan just called to report a Vesper Sparrow this morning near the volleyball courts at Field 2 Robert Moses SP, southwestern Suffolk County. On Monday, 18 Oct, she saw the first Snow Bunting I'm aware of for LI this season, at Cedar Beach, across the inlet from RMSP. Shai Mitra Bay

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Two Franklin's Gulls+

2010-10-27 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Ken Feustel found a first winter Franklin's Gull today at Robert Moses SP, Field 5, in southwestern Suffolk County, LI. He called a number of local birders, but none of us arrived in time to see it before it flew out over the dunes. Still present when I got there were four Lesser Black-backed

[nysbirds-l] Large Morning Flight, Long Island

2010-10-29 Thread Shaibal Mitra
From: Shaibal Mitra [] Sent: Friday, November 03, 2006 10:27 AM To: Subject: Spectacular Morning Flight, Long Island Hi everyone, The morning flight was very impressive today along the barrier beach at Robert

[nysbirds-l] Fire Island Birds: Cave Swallows++

2010-10-30 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Robert Moses SP featured an exciting morning flight again today, with excellent volume and variety of diurnal migrants, but numbers of re-orienting nocturnal migrants (e.g., Myrtle Warblers) were much lower than yesterday's. Highlights included four Cave Swallows (pairs around 8:30 and 9:00), a

[nysbirds-l] Common Ground-Dove at Captree

2010-10-31 Thread Shaibal Mitra
The Common Ground-Dove was still present past 4:00 pm, along the northern edge of the eastern-most parking lot at Captree SP, Suffolk Co., LI. On at least four occasions, the bird flew out of sight into the vegetation to the north, but it always reappeared in its favorite swath of grass, near

[nysbirds-l] Common Ground-Dove Continues + Western Kingbird

2010-11-01 Thread Shaibal Mitra
The Common Ground-Dove continues at Captree, although it is sometimes absent for half an hour or so at a time. At 9:50, during one of the dove's absences, a Western Kingbird appeared along the same edge of vegetation. I had to leave shortly thereafter, but I heard from Lloyd Spitalnik that the

[nysbirds-l] No Ground-Dove as of 8:20

2010-11-02 Thread Shaibal Mitra
I just spoke with Patricia Lindsay who reports that the Common Ground-Dove has not been detected at Captree as of 8:20 this morning. Shai Mitra Think green before you print this email. -- NYSbirds-L List Info:

RE:[nysbirds-l] No Ground-Dove as of 8:20

2010-11-02 Thread Shaibal Mitra
near the toll-booths. Shai Mitra From: [] On Behalf Of Shaibal Mitra [] Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2010 8:44 AM To: NYSBIRDS (

[nysbirds-l] Common Ground-Dove Continues!

2010-11-03 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Joe Giunta and party have re-found the Common Ground-Dove at Captree SP, very near where Claude Bloch reported it yesterday. The bird is along the driveway that leads to the boat-launch area. My advice would be to park in the main parking lot (in front of the Captree Cove restaurant), and then

RE: [nysbirds-l] Common Ground-Dove continues at captree State Park

2010-11-05 Thread Shaibal Mitra
John Gluth called a little before this and reported both the Common Ground-Dove and the Western Kingbird along the road to the south lot. John said the dove flew northeast, which would place it where Shane saw it, along the northern edge of the eastern-most lot. Shai Mitra Bay Shore

[nysbirds-l] Sit-and-Wait (Good) vs. Active Foraging (Bad) Strategies

2010-11-05 Thread Shaibal Mitra
I spent a little over an hour at Captree this afternoon, during which the Common Ground-Dove was seen just once, and for just a few minutes. About a dozen birders were searching for the bird, and it became quite clear to me that their mostly uncoordinated efforts were not likely to produce

[nysbirds-l] 14 Cave Swallows Brooklyn

2010-11-24 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Shane Blodgett just called to report 14 Cave Swallows, flying west along the Coney Island boardwalk at 15th St, about 20 minutes ago. As I often say, and will myself abide right now, getst thee to a beach! Shai Mitra Bay Shore Think green before you print this email. -- NYSbirds-L List Info:

[nysbirds-l] Ash-throated Flycatcher Jones Beach

2010-11-25 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Steve Walter just called to report an Ash-throated Flycatcher at Jones Beach West End, Nassau County, Long Island. The bird was in the median, opposite the eastern exit to parking field 2. Happy Thanksgiving! Shai Mitra Bay Shore Think green before you print this email. -- NYSbirds-L List

[nysbirds-l] Identity of Jones Beach Shrike

2010-12-01 Thread Shaibal Mitra
A shrike present at Jones Beach West End, Nassau County, LI has been identified by many as a Northern Shrike, but a considerable amount of back-channel discussion has questioned whether it might actually be a Loggerhead. When I finally saw this bird well this past weekend I was already aware of

RE:[nysbirds-l] Identity of Jones Beach Shrike

2010-12-01 Thread Shaibal Mitra
/ From: [] On Behalf Of Shaibal Mitra [] Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 2010 9:16 AM To: NYSBIRDS ( Subject: [nysbirds-l] Identity

RE: [nysbirds-l] Identity of Jones Beach Shrike

2010-12-01 Thread Shaibal Mitra
:57 AM To: Grover, Bob; Hugh McGuinness; Shaibal Mitra Cc: NYSBIRDS ( Subject: RE: [nysbirds-l] Identity of Jones Beach Shrike Sure, and the correct ID has been found because the specimen still existed to be examined. Check out

[nysbirds-l] Captree CBC

2010-12-20 Thread Shaibal Mitra
The Captree CBC was conducted yesterday on a very pleasant winter day for birding. A couple of bouts of sustained cold prior to the count produced extensively frozen conditions, including portions of Great South Bay, and quite a few ice-sensitive species were scarce or absent. Highlights

RE: [nysbirds-l] Trumpeter Swans discover eastern Long Island

2010-12-22 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Given that this marked bird demonstrably originated from a population regarded as fully established, doesn't this occurrence constitute a legitimate record for New York State? From:

RE: [nysbirds-l] Trumpeter Swans discover eastern Long Island

2010-12-23 Thread Shaibal Mitra
To: Shaibal Mitra; NYSBIRDS ( Subject: Re: [nysbirds-l] Trumpeter Swans discover eastern Long Island As a member of the New York State Avian Records Committee (NYSARC), I can provide some insight into where the Committee currently stands on this issue. This is something

[nysbirds-l] Am. White Pelican, East Setauket, LI

2010-12-29 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Hugh McGuinness just called with news that Peter Scully and party have found an American White Pelican on Setauket Harbor, as viewed from Shore Rd. in East Setauket, on the North Shore of western Suffolk County, LI. These guys are famous for doing damage on the Smithtown CBC, and I fondly

[nysbirds-l] Southern Nassau County CBC Results

2011-01-05 Thread Shaibal Mitra
The Southern Nassau County Christmas Bird Count was conducted on Saturday, 1 January 2011, by 61 participants. This represents the 71st time this CBC has been held since its inception in 1932 (there were several years with no count during the 1930s and 1940s). A total of 125 species was

[nysbirds-l] Common Redpolls, Oak Beach, LI

2011-01-11 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Ken Thompson just called with news of two Common Redpolls feeding along the Oak Beach Rd., in the vicinity of the parking pull-off overlooking Fire Island Inlet. Shai Mitra Bay Shore Think green before you print this email. -- NYSbirds-L List Info:

RE: [nysbirds-l] Pinelawn Long Island; Grtr White-Fronted Geese Barnacle Goose

2011-01-11 Thread Shaibal Mitra
When Ken Feustel called to tell me he was looking at the Barnacle Goose at Pinelawn, it couldn't have been long after Jean's post. I reached the Farmingdale area at 1:30 and found the Barnacle Goose just to the south of St. Charles Cemetery's Wellwood Ave entrance, with a small flock of Canada

[nysbirds-l] LI Barnacle Geese

2011-01-12 Thread Shaibal Mitra
I don't have any updates from today, following the snow storm, but I've received some very interesting information regarding the recent reports of Barnacle Geese in western Suffolk County, LI. First, from Tim Dunn, I learned that he observed a Barnacle Goose at Pinelawn Memorial yesterday

Re:[nysbirds-l] Blackbird Frequency vs. Abundunce

2011-01-17 Thread Shaibal Mitra
I think the conflicting impressions described below by these two highly experienced observers highlight the distinction between two distinct measures of bird occurrence: frequency and abundance. Although I don't spend a lot of time doing winter birding in the Queens area Steve mentioned, I've

[nysbirds-l] Signs of Spring on LI: Oystercatchers and Killdeer

2011-02-18 Thread Shaibal Mitra
This afternoon as I was scoping flocks of Brant and goldeneye at the Fire Island Inlet, seven American Oystercatchers came Wheep-ing in from the west and landed on the Oak Beach bar. They were the only shorebirds I saw until I came across a Killdeer along the roadside at Robert Moses SP. We had

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Northern Shrike, Richardson's Goose, Euro GW Teal+

2011-03-06 Thread Shaibal Mitra
As is often the case, today's rain took longer than expected to reach eastern LI, and Patricia Lindsay and I enjoyed a partly sunny (but blustery) day birding around Montauk. We collaborated at times with Mike Higgiston and Eileen Scwhinn. Pat and I began at 7:00 with an hour spent working the

RE: [nysbirds-l] Ross's Geese

2011-03-07 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Hi John and all, Instead of a can of worms I'd call this a useful conversation. Shawn is correct that nine Ross's Geese were recorded at Montezuma on 24 Oct 2008, and I'd like to point out that this information was published very prominently in the March 2009 issue of The Kingbird, Volume 59,

RE: [nysbirds-l] Orange County Geese

2011-03-09 Thread Shaibal Mitra
If I understand the recent reports from Orange correctly, the number of Ross's Geese present 6-7 Mar was at least 8, and possibly 10 or more. Monday's report from Andy Egan specified 5 white adults Sunday's report from Tom Burke, John Haas, and others specified 2 white ads, 2 white imms and a

[nysbirds-l] Hybrid Tufted Duck x scaup Massapequa Lake, Nassau Co.

2011-03-12 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Shortly before dusk this evening, Patricia Lindsay and I observed an apparent hybrid Tufted Duck x scaup hybrid drake with a small group of Lesser Scaup at Massapequa Lake, Nassau County, LI. The bird showed a top-knot, like an exaggerated version of a Lesser Scaup's hind-crown notch; much

[nysbirds-l] Historical Status of Muskrat on LI

2011-03-14 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Paul F. Connor (1971, The Mammals of Long Island, New York, Bulletin 416 NYS Museum and Science Service) describes the Muskrat's historical ubiquity throughout Long Island's salt and brackish marshes and all manner of freshwater wetlands. He specifically mentions that, as of his writing, they

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Black-headed Gull, Waterfowl Migration+

2011-03-28 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Pat and I counted migrating waterfowl from 7:25-8:25 yesterday morning (27 Mar) at Main Beach, East Hampton, Suffolk Co. The main flight was from west to east, but White-winged Scoters and some others were moving from east to west. Black Scoter was the most numerous species (277), and most of

[nysbirds-l] New Bird Species for New York State--Which Will Be Next?

2011-03-28 Thread Shaibal Mitra
The question of new additions to the state list, a perennially popular topic of conversation among birders, was recently worked up in great detail by Doug Gochfeld and a team of 24 of New York's most active birders. Predictions of species to be added to the New York State Checklist--v. 4.0 was

RE: [nysbirds-l] 38 Snowy Egret/Jamaica Bay WR

2011-04-10 Thread Shaibal Mitra
This early-mid April period seems to be when Gannets are most likely to penetrate inshore waters, in our bays and sounds, where they are normally rare. John and Kirsten's observations at Jamaica Bay are really very unusual. My companions and i had some similar experiences yesterday--a Gannet

RE: [nysbirds-l] Hempstead Lake State Park; West End/JBSP; Connetquot River State Park Birds (Nassau/Suffolk Counties)

2011-04-24 Thread Shaibal Mitra
The Gull-billed Tern at Jones Beach West End found by Joan Quinlan was also independently discovered by John Gluth and was present on the bar east of the Coast Guard station when Pat and I came by around 2:30. John and we also enjoyed great looks at an SY Iceland Gull in the Field 2 parking

[nysbirds-l] Possible Swallow-tailed Kite RMSP, LI

2011-04-25 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Patricia Lindsay just received an interrupted cell call from Joan Quinlan, from which Pat surmised that Joan had seen a Swallow-tailed Kite at Robert Moses SP, at the western end of Fire Island. We can't get through to Joan, but I thought it best to get the word out and to apologize later if

RE: [nysbirds-l] Central Park, NYC 4/25 (incl. YTWA report much, much more, Varied Thrush also still there...)

2011-04-25 Thread Shaibal Mitra
From 1996 through 1999, in the course of near-constant effort banding at the Fire Island Lighthouse, I captured 11 northbound Yellow-bellied Flycatchers, on dates ranging from 19 May through 13 June. Four of these 11 were captured 19-20 May 1996, during one of coastal NY's largest spring

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Black Skimmers and Loon Migration

2011-04-28 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Three Black Skimmers flew across the Belt Parkway at Plumb Beach, Brooklyn at 6:20 this morning. At Robert Moses SP, southwestern Suffolk County, from 7:30-8:00 yesterday morning, I counted 74 Red-throated Loons migrating from west to east over the ocean. Three of these were in full breeding

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Early Seabirds++

2011-05-15 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Seabirds and shorebirds made a big showing on LI this weekend. During a Saturday afternoon seawatch at Cupsogue, near Moriches Inlet, Patricia Lindsay and I were joined at times by Richard Kaskan, Mike Higgiston, and Eileen Schwinn. Highlights were our earliest ever Wilson's Storm-Petrels (11)

RE:[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Early Seabirds++

2011-05-15 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Gulls, an Iceland Gull, and modest numbers of Red Knots and Short-billed Dowitchers. Shai Mitra Bay Shore From: [] on behalf of Shaibal Mitra [] Sent

[nysbirds-l] LBB Gull Influx incl possible Yellow-legged Gull

2011-05-17 Thread Shaibal Mitra
As indicated by reports from many observers this past weekend, the spring flight of immature Lesser Black-backed Gulls is in full swing on Long Island (adults have presumably moved through already). The stormy weather yesterday and today seems to have driven even more birds ashore--as

[nysbirds-l] Long Island Lesser Black-backed Gull Influx

2011-05-18 Thread Shaibal Mitra
This morning there were six Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Democrat Pt and three more at nearby Captree SP, the latter three showing some interesting behavior. When Bobby Rossetti and I arrived, Bird 1 was standing alert in the middle of a small flock of Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls; Bird

RE: [nysbirds-l] Jones Beach fall out

2011-05-25 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Remnants of yesterday's coastal flight were still evident during a brief visit to Robert Moses SP this morning. Most interesting to me were large numbers of passage-migrant Common Yellowthroats bouncing westward and getting up into the pines and other settings neglected by the local breeders.

RE: [nysbirds-l] Jones Beach fall out

2011-05-25 Thread Shaibal Mitra
The yellowthroats and Ovenbirds were surely regular migrants heading north (the date for my Ovenbird max at Fire Island was as late as 19 May). For abundant passerine migrants, I doubt that floaters contribute significantly to maximum counts. Many common migrants max out much later than people

[nysbirds-l] Upland Sandpiper Robert Moses SP, LI

2011-05-26 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Joan Quinlan just called with news of an Upland Sandpiper near the entrace to parking Field 2, Robert Moses SP, in southwestern Suffolk County. (This is precisely the same location where she saw a Swallow-tailed Kite a month ago!) Shai Mitra Bay Shore Change

RE: [nysbirds-l] Upland Sandpiper Robert Moses SP, LI

2011-05-26 Thread Shaibal Mitra
, along edge of taller grass, basically due north of where it was before. Shai Mitra Bay Shore From: [] on behalf of Shaibal Mitra [] Sent: Thursday, May 26

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Black-necked Stilts, Blue Grosbeak+

2011-05-28 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Two Black-necked Stilts mentioned on last night's New York RBA were present this morning at Sebonac Inlet in Southampton, Suffolk County. The stilts were feeding around the southwestern tip of the gravel island directly east of the north end of Sebonac Inlet Road, sometimes wandering behind the

[nysbirds-l] LI Birds: Arctic Tern and other teen-aged larids

2011-06-15 Thread Shaibal Mitra
The highlight on the flats at Cupsogue this afternoon was a first-summer (one year-old) Arctic Tern. Also present were two first-summer and several second-summer Common Terns and a second-summer Forster's Tern. Earlier at nearby Pikes Beach, the local gang of immature Laughing Gulls had swelled

RE: [nysbirds-l] Harriman State Park=Canada Warblers

2011-06-19 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Hi James, I can't say that I've found Canada Warblers breeding in Harriman specifically, but they breed readily at a similar latitude (and probably at even lower elevation) in southern Rhode Island, in red maple swamps along the interior edge of the Charlestown Moraine (e.g, in numbers at the

RE: [nysbirds-l] Hooded Crow - Great Kills Park, Staten Island 6/20

2011-06-21 Thread Shaibal Mitra
Wow! The photos clearly show a Hooded Crow (Corvus corone cornix) rather than an Indian House Crow (C. splendens). The latter is a famed ship-rider and has colonized many far-flung seaports in this fashion. I certainly wouldn't automatically presume captive over natural (albeit ship-assisted)

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