[WSG]Flash 7 CSS/markup update

2003-09-27 Thread James Ellis
for web users.. just have to specify FP7 to the content managers as required. Regards James Ellis www.webqs.com --- WSG - http://webstandardsgroup.org | Web Standards Group syd::php - http://sydney.ug.php.net | Sydney PHP Developers --- #300 - http://www.sitepoint.com/articlelist/300

Re: [WSG]O-matic madness...

2003-09-28 Thread James Ellis
the containing box width. Cheers James Ellis www.webqs.com --- WSG - http://webstandardsgroup.org | Web Standards Group syd::php - http://sydney.ug.php.net | Sydney PHP Developers --- #300 - http://www.sitepoint.com/articlelist/300 --- -- Original Message --- From: Anton Andreasson [EMAIL

Re: [WSG]O-matic madness...

2003-09-28 Thread James Ellis
Interesting... Opera 6 renders it ok, Opera 7 fails.. http://www.browsercam.com/projects/22944/398900_thumbnail.jpg Plus, thanks for the reminder of how AOL looks... I can't believe people actually pay for that noise. Cheers James * The

[WSG]something completely different...

2003-09-29 Thread James Ellis
at the source. Cheers James Ellis www.webqs.com --- WSG - http://webstandardsgroup.org | Web Standards Group syd::php - http://sydney.ug.php.net | Sydney PHP Developers --- #300 - http://www.sitepoint.com/articlelist/300 --- * The discussion list for http

Re: [WSG]a little xhtml1.1 template

2003-10-01 Thread James Ellis
Hi Ben Notice in the CSS that you centre the content in the body with body text-align : center; #content margin : 0 auto; how well does this work across browsers. Been looking for a way to do this for a while, like the macromedia site. Cheers James Ellis www.webqs.com --- WSG - http

Re: [WSG]Product Listing layout

2003-10-08 Thread James Ellis
Quick query - would a table data cell layout be more applicable to this? If it's a product listing of related items I'd go for this - putting the img in one cell and text in an adjacent cell... Cheers James Ellis www.webqs.com --- WSG - http://webstandardsgroup.org | Web Standards Group syd

Descendant Selectors was RE: [WSG] Icon and Aura

2003-10-22 Thread James Ellis
Hi LIndsay What about trying a descendant selector E.g I've used .blocka .code { color : #ff; } .blockb .code { color : #ff; } So you could try something like #wsg A:hover { ... } Not sure if this works on IEdows - other than that there may be an unfortunate hack on MSDN. James

Re: [WSG] Google glossary

2003-10-23 Thread James Ellis
:D http://www.google.com/search?q=define%3A+google See you all tonight.. -- Original Message --- From: Mark Stanton [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sydney Web Standards Group [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 14:54:51 +1000 Subject: [WSG] Google glossary A new define: syntax is

Re: [WSG] hiding styles from mozilla

2003-11-06 Thread James Ellis
Hi James I don't get the horizontal scroller in either IE6 or Mozilla/FB or Opera7 (need to check Kafari)... here's the CSS: #stupidclient { border : 3px inset #aaa; background-color : #fff; height : 200px; width : auto; overflow : auto; padding : 2px; } It has a fixed height, auto width. If I

Re: [WSG] Style to create input field look?

2003-11-09 Thread James Ellis
Windows XP or otherwise? XP themes determine the style of button and widgets... styling them with CSS will alter buttons but not drop down widgets. This is in contrast to Safari which doesn't allow you to alter the default button aqua style (to my knowledge). I'm a bit lost here as well. If

Re: [WSG] OT: multiple IE versions

2003-11-11 Thread James Ellis
Hi Ralph I think it's the other way round - Safari works off Konquerer. I doubt MS would want people to run older versions of their products. I think they have enough headaches keeping Winternet Explorer secure.. Cheers James Ralph wrote: I could be wrong, but isn't it possible to run

[WSG] Safari support for border-collapse?

2003-11-11 Thread James Ellis
Hi all Does Safari support border-collapse : collapse; in removing the internal padding in a table? My testing says no but could their be a workaround? This is the CSS way around cellpadding and cellspacing Cheers James * The discussion

Re: [WSG] Re: Image float and text wrap

2003-11-12 Thread James Ellis
Miles : Put your text in in a block set its margin-left to x pixels (.eg 170) should be wider than the image (.eg 160).. The margin will run from the left of the containing block. This will work for fixed width images. Cheers James Miles Tillinger wrote: Oops, my fingers slipped onto the

Re: [WSG] html encryption tool

2003-11-13 Thread James Ellis
Link : http://www.samspade.org/ if you want to GET the html source of a page. HTML encryption ranks up their with banning right click mouse events Cheers James Mark Stanton wrote: Does anyone know how this would work? It encrypts the source code so you can view it but it is encrypted. It

[WSG] IE whitespace issues

2003-11-18 Thread James Ellis
Hi all I'm beating my head against a wall about this one... IE 5.5 and 6 is putting in some mystery whitespace (looks like about 8-10 pixels - a line) after a horizontal navigation list. This hor. list has a nested list holding some text within it. The UL tag is contained in a div - the

Re: [WSG] IE whitespace issues

2003-11-19 Thread James Ellis
Excellent, will try that tomorrow at sparrows fart. Cheers James Miles Tillinger wrote: I should have included the rest of the post... The extra linebreak vanishes if you specify padding-bottom or border-bottom. I've opted for border-bottom. It's not ideal but it works.

[WSG] safari and title attr

2003-11-19 Thread James Ellis
Hi all Anyone know if there is a reason why the title attr doesn't effect some sort of contextual description next to the mouse (e.g a tooltip) but plonks it in the status bar instead? Cheers James * The discussion list for

Re: [WSG] A few interesting articles...

2003-11-19 Thread James Ellis
I can get reverse DNS for that domain, but ping of the domain fails everytime and a traceroute stops in LAX about ten steps before the domain. I can get the site up in a browser, though. Cheers James Mark Stanton wrote: Mark, when you say my Bluegrass Australia site isn't working for me, do

Re: [WSG] Walking Text in IE

2003-11-21 Thread James Ellis
I wonder of this is the same problem as I was having, 'cept the content below was walking down the page... nested list issue me thinks for that one. Cheers James Tim Lucas wrote: I have a serious case of text going walkies off the left hand side of the page in IE: http://www.twoslabs.com/

Re: [WSG] safari and title attr (plus cursors)

2003-11-29 Thread James Ellis
to Hyatt, the lead developer). However, my understanding from an accessibility point of view is that Safari and Opera are correct in their way of handling these at the moment (I think I got that from Zeldman but may have dreamt it) On 20 Nov 2003, at 03:08, James Ellis wrote: Yeah yeah I've read

Re: [WSG] Scrollbar Colouring...

2003-12-02 Thread James Ellis
Hi Scrollbars are browser widgets, not the viewport - this is why valid CSS2 doesn't include the MS only values you mention. Scrollbars are set by the OS - they should remain consistent with the other programs a user is using to ensure a consistent experience. For instance setting a scrollbar

Re: [WSG] center align

2003-12-07 Thread James Ellis
The first one is better as you are not taking the box out of the flow of the page. Using top and left with absolute positioning will do this... For example if you had a fixed block to align center, then doing the margins with top and left is difficult as you don't know the width of the

Re: [WSG] Too Much Space..

2003-12-07 Thread James Ellis
I did some funky float stuff here: http://my.spamtrap.net.au/join/howitworks/ content is floated to the right and has a fixed width. Inside content is another right floated box with a quote in it. Because of content's fixed width, navigation moves up as its width is less than container width

Re: [WSG] Too Much Space..

2003-12-07 Thread James Ellis
Hi James, I am probably lost, why would it matter what width the viewport is, if you only care about having a box aligned to the 2please_jamescentre/2please_james that is 80% wide? Hi, Was referring to centering a fixed width box - can't really do this with a variably size viewport and

Re: [WSG] form input [Virus checkedAU]

2003-12-09 Thread James Ellis
..using a descendant selector... #mydiv input { blah : blah; } #anotherdiv input { blah : blah; } That said, I've had some issues with getting markup to validate with divs in forms. Cheers James * The discussion list for

Re: [WSG] form input [Virus checkedAU]

2003-12-09 Thread James Ellis
Not really, there is no class on the submit, it's a class on the surrounding block.. a label in this example. Better to use a class as their may be more than one submit/reset on the page. label class=submitbuttons for=... ...input type=submit... //label .submitbuttons { background-color :

Re: [WSG] form input [Virus checkedAU]

2003-12-09 Thread James Ellis
rereading that it may not be clear, if you want to style the button in the label you could do something like this... label.submitbuttons input { rule : value; } wonder if just .submitbuttons input would work? James Ellis wrote: Not really, there is no class on the submit, it's a class

Re: [WSG] form input

2003-12-11 Thread James Ellis
I've had some issues with validating XHTML with divs in a form. The not allowed here message. Anyone else get that? Cheers Jame Ben Boyle wrote: label.submitbuttons input ... wonder if just .submitbuttons input would work? Yep. This allows the submitbuttons class to be specified

Re: [WSG] [OT everso slightly] Gramophone web site

2003-12-11 Thread James Ellis
Looks like they are using Javascript to launch links. Doesn't work in Firebird. Venkman gives it a big thumbs down. Error: document.newsnav has no properties Source File: http://www.gramophone.co.uk/inc/navnn.js.asp Line: 68 The JS file has an ASP extension. Gotta love those spacer gifs.

Re: [WSG] Fixed Width Design

2003-12-11 Thread James Ellis
You could always tell them to enter http://[EMAIL PROTECTED] In Internet Explorer, that'd really freak them out. http://www.secunia.com/internet_explorer_address_bar_spoofing_test/ Now tell me that IE is a secure browser... CHeers James Miles Tillinger wrote: If I had a dollar for everytime

Re: [WSG] do people still use bookmarks?

2003-12-12 Thread James Ellis
Not to miss the blessing of tabbed browsing where I can bookmark a group of tabs, then open the tabs all in one go. I think the browsers that do this are Mozilla and Safari - not sure about Opera 6/7. Cheers James Mark Stanton wrote: Yes my firebird links toolbar looks like: -

Re: [WSG] Strange Netscape list button behaviour

2003-12-14 Thread James Ellis
what version of netscape? Universal Head wrote: Strange Netscape list button behaviour HELP! http://universalhead.com/clients/oceanwavedigital/support_server.html I've tried everything, but I can't work out why the CSS for the left menu is not working properly in

Re: [WSG] Rollover bug in Firebird 0.7

2003-12-15 Thread James Ellis
Hey Firebird is a beta, it has a few bugs, the latest nightly has more. If you can replicate the bug in Mozilla and it's child browsers such as Netscape 7 then you should chase it, otherwise it may be wise to wait for 1.0 next year. HTH James Ben Webster wrote: Hey there WSG

[WSG] Web Developer extension

2003-12-16 Thread James Ellis
Hi all FYI, the Web Developer extension for Firebird has just been updated to v0.5. It includes some nifty new stuff mostly to do with images. It's an excellent little tool for debugging and speeding up development. http://chrispederick.myacen.com/work/firebird/webdeveloper/ Cheers James

Re: [WSG] Vertical align text middle no work?

2003-12-18 Thread James Ellis
Hi vertical-align doesn't really work the way valign in a table cell works - it applies to inline elements and table cell elements only (see css2 rec 10.8.1). You have to approach the matter from the other way, remove the table layout hat and put on a box model hat : div id=topthing div

Re: [WSG] How to centre a group of floated images

2004-01-06 Thread James Ellis
Michael - Looks like a case of the mystery white space, where IE adds about 4 pixels of whitespace to a div. I've had the same problem. When is a pixel not a pixel? When you see it in IE Why don't you add the strip bg images to the red bg image and have one div instead of three? HTH

Re: [WSG] NExt WSG meeting in Sydney

2004-01-10 Thread James Ellis
Hi all I saw Lindsay is presenting some stuff on xpath , xml etc at the next meeting. For those interested and in Sydney there is a bargain basement bookshop on the UTS side of the Central walkway tunnel (near Spice Boys) that is selling good condition O'Really books for $5-$20 on the subject

Re: [WSG] entities

2004-01-12 Thread James Ellis
I added some links a while back about kangxi radicals etc etc to the WSG site http://webstandardsgroup.org/resources/#cat18 Interestingly you can do a quick script to test compatibility in browsers for the various unicode characters.. $i=0; while print #.$i.;; i++; For most of the chrs, IE

Re: [WSG] Percentages

2004-01-12 Thread James Ellis
How about setting the ul to 100% and the li to 90%.. so you are setting li's to 90% of the ul.. Possibly could do this as well... ul li { font-size : 90%; } HTH James Taco Fleur wrote: Message I started using percentages for font-size after they were recommended on this list.

Re: [WSG] Image width and height, plus definition lists

2004-01-13 Thread James Ellis
Russ- (1) We need to use images size attributes to ensure that content is laid out correctly on the screen while the image downloads. If I don't do this I see a 32x32 pixel placeholder that then expands to the image size when download begins I wrote up a little php function that can do the

Re: [WSG] ordered list for events

2004-01-13 Thread James Ellis
Gary Menzel wrote: I've got a simple list of events with dates and am trying to keep it as a simple ordered list. Well - at the risk of getting flamed (fire retardant underwear turned up to full strength) - this looks to me like it should be a table. There's nothing wrong with tables,

Re: [WSG] stumped by these ones

2004-01-14 Thread James Ellis
Hey Thats a very nice site layout. I hope this helps... it's off the top of my head and untested. From what I can see you have two main content boxes, the top one contains features and latest news. The bottom one contains audio, lighting, staging. So, for the top one you could have a div

Re: [WSG] ordered list - accessibility

2004-01-14 Thread James Ellis
Hey Roger Hudson did a talk on accessible tables at Sydney moot last year and the resource is available here: http://webstandardsgroup.org/resources/documents/doc_6_accesstable.html and source here for Firebird users (I think Safari may handle this as well?):

Re: [WSG] Semi-direct contact with the IE development team?

2004-01-14 Thread James Ellis
quote: Another thing that the commenters generally aren't thinking of is how to get adoption. I keep pointing out that if we fixed the CSS and PNG issues, you still wouldn't be able to use those for years. Why? Cause consumers (and companies) really don't care about those issues and won't

Re: [WSG] stumped by these ones

2004-01-14 Thread James Ellis
With the two containing boxes you could set these margins and paddings to 0px and give them a fixed width that is equal. The two boxes at top and the three in the bottom one could have a margin of 5px giving a clearance of 10px around everything except the left and right extreme edges. All you

[WSG] Russ' point from last night's meeting

2004-01-16 Thread James Ellis
Hi all For those who didn't make it, Russ in his presentation made a really good point about cross browser implementation Basically we can tweak to 6.7 different browsers but are the people who view our sites going to do the same? Provided the content is structured to be readable for our

[WSG] Maestro site : nearly xhtml

2004-01-16 Thread James Ellis
Hi all Nice site, cool tool and oh so close to valid xhtml transitional. This one should be getting mega hits due to the current interest in Mars. http://mars.telascience.org/home/ Cheers James * The discussion list for

Re: [WSG] Maestro site : nearly xhtml

2004-01-16 Thread James Ellis
I know this may have been said before, but this list is too cool. Michael, wikis are always going to be trouble - just because it is a wiki, if you know what I mean. I think it'd be great if one of the plone group could present something to WSG about how they put plone together with the focus

Re: [WSG] Russ' point from last night's meeting

2004-01-18 Thread James Ellis
Bet you they are still running Mosaic... :D It's available at browsers.evolt.org Cheers James Chris Blown wrote: Until late last year, the government department we had dealings with used everything from NS4 and IE5 to some guy in the corner cubicle using Mosaic on 95. Thankfully they upgrade

Re: [WSG] close to pixel perfect ...

2004-01-20 Thread James Ellis
Universal Head wrote: Sorry, badly expressed. It doesn't work - ie the margin is 3px not 5px - in Mac Safari and Mac Mozilla. Hi Nice page. Question: will the users of Mac Mozilla and Mac Safari be turned off by the 2 pixel difference (unless it breaks the readability of the content)? They

Re: [WSG] setting up a PX with old browsers

2004-01-21 Thread James Ellis
You should be able to run the following browsers on the same partition in Windows: Mozilla Mozilla Firebird Netscape 4,6,7 IE 3,4,5,5.5,6 Opera 5,6,7 iTunes For more on running multiple IE's there is a post on this list late last year from Mark Stanton I believe. hth James Universal Head

Re: [WSG] more usable forms

2004-01-22 Thread James Ellis
Andrew : See my tables or css post a while back for an example of this, copied below. It may help out.. Hi But then we have tables used as a layout device, and a form isn't associated tabular data.. it's a user interface. What if we wanted to present the form in a different way using

Re: [WSG] XHTML: Labels, Image Maps, and Flash

2004-01-22 Thread James Ellis
no worries, accesskey is very important for those who use a keyboard to navigate a page - as it can allow a keystroke to give focus to the label. Grouping form fields with the correct tags is far better than using say a table cell which can I believe adds a bit of confusion for screen reader

Re: [WSG] XHTML: Labels, Image Maps, and Flash

2004-01-23 Thread James Ellis
Miles, ...but what happens when you want to present the same form differently.. Write multiple sets of table markup or apply a different stylesheet for one set of form based markup? This is an important thing if you are building applications skinned for e.g your product resellers. Cheers

Re: [WSG] list-style-types

2004-01-27 Thread James Ellis
russ weakley wrote: 1. Hippy option Embrace the web and accept that it isn't print. Then you can live with slight differences. After all, you may have users who come to your site using hand held devices, screen reads, text-only browsers, fridges, and a huge variety of operating systems and

Re: [WSG] validation... and invalid markup

2004-01-27 Thread James Ellis
Scott: scott parsons wrote: Standards... yay sure if you belong to this list you gotta support standards or else why bother? Well, not really. Belonging to a list doesn't mean you agree with everything on it. But lately I have seen lots of people trying to find ways to validate their

Re: [WSG] Background PNGs in IE/Win?

2004-01-29 Thread James Ellis
Transparent PNG's are unsupported in IE/Win - you have to use some DirectX malarkey to get that running (don't). I haven't yet found any problems with normal PNG's but then I use PNG8 as a Gif replacement. HTH James Anton Andreasson wrote: Anyone knows of the support for background (24bit)

Re: [WSG] What to do?

2004-01-29 Thread James Ellis
Try http://www.archive.org to show prior art... then send an extremely specific email to them outlining the risks they are taking with some links to your site on archive.org if possible. Paul De Audney wrote: Is there much I can do? Or should I just deal

Re: [WSG] What Causes Selection Problems In IE.

2004-01-29 Thread James Ellis
Taco Two reasons I can think of... *copy and paste with the mouse *select text in a page and do a search for it in a search engine such as Google. Cheers James Taco Fleur wrote: I don't knowfor what reason you want your visitors to be able to select text, but mine is

Re: [WSG] newbie discovers absolute positioning

2004-01-31 Thread James Ellis
Hi This reminds me of something I've been wanting to do for while Positioning a box that is in the document flow to the horizontal centre of the screen is easy using margin : 0, auto; This doesn't seem to work with position : absolute; - I'd like the (fixed width), absolutely positioned

Re: [WSG] object z-indexing

2004-02-01 Thread James Ellis
Hi Flash will always come to the top as in the link below although this is not due to the Active-x i-ness of the plugin (Flash is only an ActiveX control for IE for Windows - see the object tag discussion at that xml.com link I posted last week). Have you tried using the object only Satay

[WSG] PHP and webstandards conference

2004-02-02 Thread James Ellis
Hi all One for the Poms among us. I've been milling around the PHP.net site this evening and noted that 'pawscon' is on...http://www.pawscon.com/... in Manchester, Ingerland. Sessions look interesting... http://www.pawscon.com/sessions Looks like some nifty stuff including PHP with XSLT, XML,

Re: [WSG] Overflow scrollbars

2004-02-04 Thread James Ellis
Martin E wrote: Hello, Having said this, I do like the colorizing of scrollbars, as it makes for a "branding" of the site with the browser itself. But I can't see your branding... let the user have their widgets. Just my 1 1/2 cents, Martin E.

[WSG] shorthand borders

2004-02-05 Thread James Ellis
Hey: Would this be considered a correct thing to do? (for a fieldset tag) border : none; border-top : 2px solid #315279; instead of border-left : none; border-right : none; border-bottom : none; border-top : 2px solid #315279; (Most browsers will render a default border for a fieldset).

Re: [WSG] Special Sydney WSG Meeting!

2004-02-05 Thread James Ellis
Mark Stanton and the Grudenites ..Are they playing live at the gig? russ weakley wrote: As Ben said, this is a radically different meeting to most of the WSG ones - with an international star and a much larger group. Should be very exciting! We hope all Sydney members can all make it. We'll

Don't worry, be happy Re: [WSG] Yep, going slowly insane

2004-02-06 Thread James Ellis
Hi Peter I think there are two things going on here *(and this happens to everyone) Separating the presentation from the content is a new thing. Everyone has trouble with it to start off, as is true for most technologies - I'm a bit perplexed by XSLT and XPath at the moment but I'm

Re: Opening pages in new windows... was Re: [WSG] XHTML (OT??)

2004-02-08 Thread James Ellis
Hi Another thing to add to this discussion that came to mind is a new window has no history. Auto opening a page in a new window takes away the ability to navigate using traditional methods. Rather a user has to close (multiple) windows (ever closed the wrong window?). Cheers James Carl

Re: Opening pages in new windows... was Re: [WSG] XHTML (OT??)

2004-02-08 Thread James Ellis
Hi Chris Try doing a right click on the taskbar, choose customize... and check small icons. HTH James Chris Stratford wrote: I do use them both... I have both open now, and always. Just that CrazyBrowser seems a lot faster loading etc... and its got a nice small interface, where Firebirds tabs

Re: [WSG] Problem Validating CSS

2004-02-10 Thread James Ellis
Peter Firminger wrote: Sorry, I don't do PHP. Someone else may have a PHP solution for you. P I think I did a pretty long post a while back on this subject - probably good to search for it in the archive. Anyway, the PHP way to do the CF in Peter's example is: $newString =

Re: [WSG] label for multiple elements

2004-02-10 Thread James Ellis
Taco You probably want to wrap the input withing the label, although it's not required: " The LABEL element associates a label with a form control. By associating labels with form controls, authors give important hints to users of speech browsers while also allowing visual browsers to

Re: [WSG] label for multiple elements

2004-02-10 Thread James Ellis
u are creating the form dynamically, so just add an iterator to the end of your id's for both input and label. for="" id="car0" for="" id="car1" and still happily use name="cars[]" Regards Chris Blown On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 15:03, James Ellis

Re: [WSG] Friday Afternoon Funny

2004-02-12 Thread James Ellis
Hi Chris This is an important point they have raised - they are looking at peripheral vision. We see a circle of about 6cm on screen in one go - anything larger we have to move our eyes to take in more. This is why newspapers tend to be in columns etc etc. The Zed man has some good writeups

[WSG] Can a list have one item?

2004-02-16 Thread James Ellis
This is a bit existential, but can a list have one item? ul liOliver Twist/li /ul If I'm generating the list using server side script, and I don't know how many items will be returned, I suppose it's ok to have one item? When is a list not a list anymore? Cheers James

Re: [WSG] Opera

2004-02-18 Thread James Ellis
Peter Probably because Firefox/bird and Camino etc browsers are all built/branched off the same standards compliant engine. Firefox 0.8 is built off Mozilla 1.6 - Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.6) Gecko/20040207 Firefox/0.8 which is in turn built off Gecko. If it was its own

[WSG] horizontal floated lists

2004-02-20 Thread James Ellis
Hi all Came across this a while back and thought I´d share it, some have probably already done it... When making a horizontal list the general way to do this is with list elements floated, left or right: ul liitem0/li liitem1/li liitem2/li liitem3/li liitem4/li /ul /* css */ ul li { float :

Re: [WSG] IE bug

2004-02-21 Thread James Ellis
Chris Have you tried : #id form { margin : 0; padding : 0; } ? It's always good to do this so as not to leave the margin and padding size to the user agent. Every UA will default to it's own spec if not told otherwise. Hopefully they'll listen to us. Cheers James Chris Stratford wrote: Is

Re: [WSG] horizontal floated lists

2004-02-21 Thread James Ellis
Hi Cameron- Setting a list item to display inline can possibly cause some problems with breaking items over a line. Using floats can help push longer list items to the next line (if the containing block width is less than the sum of the list item widths) and retain the general structure of the

Re: [WSG] DTDS and which to use?

2004-02-24 Thread James Ellis
Hi At ALA http://alistapart.com/articles/doctype/ It's about using the right doctype, rather than a background on them - but may help out. Cheers James JW wrote: Uhhh this project requires rebuilding the site from tables to css and to xhtml strict. I can feel my nightmare next to me already. I

Re: [WSG] silly question about meta tags

2004-02-25 Thread James Ellis
Peter You can add your own meta data if you want. (take a look at the macromedia.com website - http://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/ts/documents/fail_load_fp7.htm as an e.g). This makes it really easy for internal tracking of pages, internal searches etc - as Peter F said, the external

[WSG] Safari 1.2 - border-collapse and title

2004-02-26 Thread James Ellis
Hi all Just had a squiz at Safari 1.2 and whatever version/improvement of khtml it uses now looks to support the collapsing border model (border-collapse). Also title attributes are rendered as contextual tooltips with text in the status bar. Nice to see a browser maker reacting to requests/

Re: [WSG] A bit OT: Narrrgh - pulling out hair

2004-02-26 Thread James Ellis
Different browsers react differently - Opera doesn't show the padlock icon in this case (the page isn't secure as Mark pointed out), Moz will show a broken padlock icon and IE will go on read alert. This occurs with anything bought in over http when the main page is requested over https (e.g

Re: [WSG] Overflow... Help!

2004-02-27 Thread James Ellis
Chris Try overflow : auto; height : 400px; Cheers James Chris Stratford wrote: Hey WSG, Im looking for some help re: Overflow... Now I have my page: www.neester.com setup. The content frame cannot be less than 400px high... min-height: 400px; That works in Mozilla and a few other browsers -

Re: [WSG] Overflow... Help!

2004-02-27 Thread James Ellis
Chris Moz is actually doing the right thing here - with the height of 400px and overflow on. I took the overflow and height from outer-content and it works fine in Mozilla. You may then see the peekaboo bug pop in IE cause by the floating navigation - in which case set a height of 100% on

Re: [WSG] Need CSS assistance

2004-02-28 Thread James Ellis
Jeff You have an incomplete doctype - the browser will be operating in quirks mode. Try fixing this and see if pain persists, consult the list. :D You have !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN Should be: !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN

Re: [WSG] Table style definition lists

2004-03-01 Thread James Ellis
James Miles Tillinger wrote: That's kinda risky though if the content is dynamic because one long line could break the layout. I try to avoid using nowrap's or non-breaking spaces wherever possible. Just my $0.02... MT -Original Message- From: James Ellis [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent

Re: [WSG] Ways to minimise CSS file

2004-03-03 Thread James Ellis
Jaime - Moving to descendant selectors really helped me minimise the amount of classes and ids I ended up using - which saves line space. You could also divide your stylesheet up into different files - one for navigation, one for layout, one for headings etc etc - then link (or however you do

[WSG] fieldset furphy in IE

2004-03-03 Thread James Ellis
Hi In IE in Win32, a background image for a fieldset lines up with the top of the legend tag rather than the top border of the fieldset : background-image - legend -- background-image The top border appears in the middle of the legend as above. In other browsers the background-image

Re: [WSG] Email Standards?

2004-03-04 Thread James Ellis
Hi One of the many RFC's on the subject is a good place to start. Use of plain text is highly recommended. Check out the SitePoint newsletters for good emails in plain text. If you do write an HTML email, stick with a small subset of HTML or send the newsletter etc as a PDF attachment if your

Re: [WSG] Before I start

2004-03-05 Thread James Ellis
Kim In what way do you want to float it vertically? If you want to sit a box in the vertical middle of another box, set its top and bottom margin to be the same: -- top margin box --- bottom margin - margin : 30px 0px; vertical-align :

Re: [WSG] Email Standards?

2004-03-05 Thread James Ellis
-mail and have them be hot? That seems to be the main thing I use HTML in an e-mail for. James Ellis wrote: ... Use of plain text is highly recommended. * The discussion list for http://webstandardsgroup.org

Re: [WSG] A few questions needing answers

2004-03-05 Thread James Ellis
Hello Peter Here's my thoughts: Universal Head wrote: Forms on Websites Is there a good place that explains/makes available the coding involved for putting simple forms on sites? My programming knowledge doesn't go beyond css, xhtml and using JavaScript nuggets, but I've always wanted to be

Re: [WSG] Dynamically populating stylesheets?

2004-03-09 Thread James Ellis
Seona There are a number of ways to do this - the easiest way to do it is by populating some style tags dynamically from data in the db using a script language such as CF or PHP etc (although that can add pageweight). Another way would be to save a css file on the server for each person and

Re: [WSG] Lists weird br / requirement

2004-03-10 Thread James Ellis
I believe Calendars would be a great use of floats, just set a height and width, float left limit the row float to seven days and you have a cascading day based calendar. Cheers James Jaime Wong wrote: Just a quick question Russ to make sure I understand better. Calendars and events (with

Re: [WSG] New CSS site

2004-03-11 Thread James Ellis
Peter Nice one, works well with styles and images turned off as well. The validator is having some issues with link rel=shortcut icon try link rel=icon ... / instead and you'll have a valid site! Also, if you ever move to Strict, the language attribute in your script tag won't be needed - the

Re: [WSG] New CSS site

2004-03-11 Thread James Ellis
] *Sent:* Friday, March 12, 2004 1:36 PM *To:* [EMAIL PROTECTED] *Subject:* Re: [WSG] New CSS site This doesn't validate either - does anyone have the correct validating code for inserting a favicon? Peter On 12/03/2004, at 12:50 PM, James Ellis wrote: The validator

Re: [WSG] New CSS site

2004-03-11 Thread James Ellis
about the file format. Cheers Chris Blown http://hinterlands.com.au On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 13:35, Universal Head wrote: This doesn't validate either - does anyone have the correct validatingcode for inserting a favicon? Peter On 12/03/2004, at 12:50 PM, James Ellis wrote: The validator

Re: [WSG] text and graphic on one line

2004-03-12 Thread James Ellis
Hi Maureen How about making the logo a background-image with background-position : top right; in the box you wish? If the image adds meaning to the page (i.e requires an alt tag for people browsing without images) then this is probably not the best thing to do. If the heading/text conveys

[WSG] small screen rendering tools (plus other useful things)

2004-03-13 Thread James Ellis
Hi all A quick troll through the extensionroom at mozdev this lazy sunday afternoon showed up some interesting tools that may be of help when developing/designing/tweaking your next masterpiece: --- SSR (http://disruptive-innovations.com/products/index.html#SSRXPI) quote: Disruptive

Re: [WSG] Netscape versions

2004-03-15 Thread James Ellis
Hi Peter Yes, you wouldn't want to check in them all. Of course their are outliers, such as organisations with NS4 installed as the default browser, but other than those situations it comes down to a business and standards based (future business :D ) decision: Business: How long is it going

Re: [WSG] W3C standards in Denmark

2004-03-17 Thread James Ellis
Hi Don't be put off by the 3% figure -- It would be interesting to see the results of a moving to standards based poll. This would be more reflective of the current status of web standards around the globe, I feel - it's what a lot of us are trying to do at the moment. Remember that the

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