new to list - question on kittens and comment re Georgie

2005-08-05 Thread janine paton
Hi, Hope I'm doing this correctly, I'm not very good at these lists. I'm with a small rescue group and we've trapped fourteen 10 - 12 week old kittens (three moms) from one yard. They are being socialized in 3 or 4 foster homes. It's a lot of work and time and the kittens are

kitten with swollen glands and positive feral mom cat

2005-08-28 Thread janine paton
Hello everyone, A while back I joined this list after trapping 5 kittens who tested positive. Luckily, all 5 have been placed. One little guy named Emmet went to a home as a companion to another positive cat. The adoptive mom's vet said Emmet's glands are swollen and doesn't give this

Re: kitten with swollen glands and positive feral mom cat

2005-08-28 Thread janine paton
Yes, she tested positive with the IFA test. We are primarily a small TNR group and don't always test, but she was so thin and run down, we had her tested. The other adults looked OK. Many of the 14 kittens, positive and negative, had health issues, which we're getting through. We are

Re: kitten with swollen glands and positive feral mom cat

2005-08-28 Thread janine paton
Our website is - we have a ways to go with the site, but if you take a look, Emmet, the positive kitten with the swollen glands, is on our home page. Even tho he's been placed, the picture is so cute we thought it might help people realize positive cats need homes too. Janine

Re: kitten with swollen glands and positive feral mom cat

2005-08-28 Thread janine paton
Gloria, Thanks for that 2c. I got the feeling the vet was leaning towards euth'sia and I didn't want to argue the point when I don't really know what I'm talking about. Janine --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Regarding Emmet, My guess would be that's not necessarily so (that he's dying).

Re: Jen----Nutrical

2005-08-31 Thread janine paton
I have a cat who is negative, but he doesn't want to eat either. My homeopathic vet recommends a supplement called Amino B-Plex. It has amino acids, B vitamins to stimulate the appetite, potassium, iron, a few other things that aren't familiar to me. It's a liquid, and they seem to like it.

Re: laser toy

2005-09-07 Thread janine paton
Hi Kerry, Most of my cats love the laser. No matter how quietly I try to take it out of it's hiding spot, some of them will actually wake up immediately and come running. I find it amazing that they know the difference between the noise the chain on the laser makes and dozens of others

Re: Question about Euthanasia and my Grace

2005-09-22 Thread janine paton
Hi all, I'm going through this same thing and am so grateful for all the experience and calmness on this subject. And Nina, I don't feel so crazy since reading how you are feeling the same way. My cat MacKenzie is not positive, but he is dying. His breathing is mostly quieter now, but very

Re: OT: Help ! ringworm in kittens

2005-10-31 Thread janine paton
Yes, please don't use Tea Tree Oil on or around cats. And if it's a small amount in a product (like Halo makes an earwash that has T.T. listed in it) I won't use it either because I wonder what effect it has on their liver. Janine --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: DO NOT USE TEA TREE OIL ON

Re: cat question

2005-12-15 Thread janine paton
Hi Janet, That simple act of rescue can certainly become complicated. I joined this list months ago after trapping a litter of feral positive kittens. I was looking for sound advice, which I got, and I should really sign off the list now since I can't keep up with the volume of emails but I

Re: advice needed re half-adopted cat

2005-12-20 Thread janine paton
Kerry, I agree with Gloria - would be surprised if the cat was chipped, at least by the half-adopters. Can you lure the cat away from the building and out of site of the cameras (for instance - KFC thigh meat, esp warmed so the smell carries might make her walk right into a carrier set behind

Re: Fostering Fiv Cat

2006-01-02 Thread janine paton
Ah, only a cat would have to put up with a choice between amputation and being homeless. has excellent information on how to train a cat. They've toned down their article on declawing for some reason, but still make some good points in it. Feline Future also has a

Re: Patches and Bupenephrine (sp?)

2006-01-07 Thread janine paton
Excuse me for coming into this in the middle, so I hope I'm not repreating anything but if interstitial cystitis is the one that recurrs, sometimes has blood in the urine, no bacteria and cyrstals or stone, I use slippery elm. Natures Way is one compnay that makes it and it comes in capsules.

Re: Patches and Bupenephrine (sp?)

2006-01-08 Thread janine paton
MIchelle, I honestly don't know if the SE effects the PH, but I'm pretty sure grain does. When Benjamin blocked, I got really scared about what to feed him. I really didn't like the vet-recommended food but I needed someone I respected to tell me it was OK to take the jump and feed him raw, so

Re: Patches and Bupenephrine (sp?)

2006-01-08 Thread janine paton
I don't have any FeLV cats here now, but I did have a FeLv kitten for 6 months here, and I started him on raw immediately. He came in pretty sick too. He eventually went into a foster home with a positive room, and he was so much happier with company, but when here, he ate that raw like there

Re: Sweet Angel Sam/Add to CLS

2006-01-15 Thread janine paton
I can't imagine what this is like for you either. Peace to you and LIghtening Bug. I hope all the love we have for these cats gets wrapped around them and makes that journey easier. . --- catatonya [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Del, I found your message about Sam. Again, I'm so

Re: Bad news about Starman - OT (long)

2006-01-17 Thread janine paton
I always thought those big FIV cats are just the sweetest - just never heard anyone come out and say that! Lucky person who gets found by one of those cats - my big, scary looking guy was the best cat I've ever lived with. My husband went from calling him a monster - this was fear I think for

Re: OT: Best canned food (poll for everyone)

2006-01-26 Thread janine paton
Here is a good list Most importantly, the website explains WHY it's a good list. Dr. Pierson did such a good job putting all of this together and when I asked her for permission to post to our website she said Yes, whatever you can

Re: FeLV + test results

2006-02-18 Thread janine paton
But is IS true with the FIV vaccine. Janine --- Terri Brown [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I agree with Chris. That's not so with the FeLV vaccine. My Siggie was always vaccinated and has always tested negative. =^..^= Terri, Siggie the Tomato Vampire, Guinevere, Sammi, Travis, Dori and 6

Re: Need help and prayers for my sister's lost cat

2006-03-25 Thread janine paton
Try --- Nina [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Everyone, My sister's (Connie), inside-only tuxedo cat went missing sometime last night. His name is Tux and he's short haired, and about 2yrs, with the sweetest little kitten face. They think he may have snuck out when a

Re: OT: New journey-laying tile!!!

2006-04-03 Thread janine paton
No experience here but much interest in the responses! My wood floors and carpeted upstairs are trashed! I can't see my husband and I laying tile ourselves but maybe some people from the organization will help us. Janine -- wendy [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hey guys, My husband and I have

Re: OT: heartbroken

2006-05-11 Thread janine paton
I've also trapped moms using kittens for bait. It's heartbreaking until you see the mom weeks after the spay and she looks so much better and relaxed. Think of it this way - if you didn't try this - the kittens will get bigger, she will have a harder time caring for them. They will start

l-lysine for kittens

2006-05-18 Thread janine paton
Anyone know the dose of lysine to give to kittens? They are 4 months, a little thin. Thanks, Janine

Re: FIV resources

2006-06-02 Thread janine paton
I think FIV cats seem to be the sweetest too - trapped one the other day and the poor boy peed in the trap, he was so frightened. That's the first time that's ever happened to me. There are a whole bunch of rescue people a little north of where I am who instead of saying the cat tested FIV+,

2 littermates - one pos/one neg

2006-06-13 Thread janine paton
Hi all, Two brothers, 7 weeks today tested one positive, one negative for leukemia. The mom is feral, and has not been tested yet, but her sister tested positive. The mom had been trapped by someone trying to do the right thing, but the kittens were born beforre she could get her to the vet.

Re: 2 littermates - one pos/one neg

2006-06-14 Thread janine paton
that cares as much as we do for their quality of life. Thanks for all you do, Nina janine paton wrote: Hi all, Two brothers, 7 weeks today tested one positive, one negative for leukemia. The mom is feral, and has not been tested yet, but her sister tested positive. The mom had

Ridgefield, Connecticut - 2 leukemia pos girls

2006-08-07 Thread janine paton
Guy called today. Going through divorce, wife does not want the cats. He's moving back in with his parents, who have a cat, but are thankfully away for a week. When he called, he was driving around with his cats in his car. I asked him to bring the cats to his parents' house and put them in a

Re: vet in Ct

2006-10-22 Thread janine paton
This is a vet on our org's board. Her name is Elaine Parliman and her email is [EMAIL PROTECTED] She's based in Norwalk, CT, and makes house calls. Janine --- kelly [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: At 10:59 AM 10/22/2006, you wrote: I will pass this on to her. Sadly she lost Binky .. KELLY

2 very different positives Ross and Prince

2007-01-31 Thread janine paton
Hello, I'm with a rescue group and have questions about 2 different cats who have tsted positive. Ross - A family we connected with rescued a front declawed, orange 2 yr old male from an abandoned building 2 yrs ago. He test leukemia positive. Family did not give up on him and he has lived

RE: OT: Pregnant Feral Kitty....Questions

2007-04-14 Thread janine paton
I would spay her also, I'm sorry to say. I don't like it, neither do the vets, but I don't like the reality of over population either. We just took a little one from a mom who could not or would not feed her babies - the other 2 siblings died. Next night, young tame mother brought to animal

Re: Survey on IFA's turning negative

2007-04-23 Thread janine paton
I was wondering this exact question tonight. Our group has a pos kitten, about 6 mos, who IFA tested pos 2 months ago. Any chance at all he will retest IFA negative? The poor kitten is in a kitty condo. It has a hammock and he can look out a window but he so lonely, he wimpers when he sees

Re: question on test result

2007-05-08 Thread janine paton
Oh good lord, you poor thing. Poor mom cat! I'm not an expert on these things which is why I joined this list, but we've had positive and negative in the same litter, and positive kittens revert to negative, and had some negatives stay that way. Lots of love, good food, supplements, maybe some

article on releasing /not testing for felk in feral cats

2007-05-08 Thread janine paton From Neighborhood Cats. It's well written and helped one of our hard headed vets understand why we don't always want them to test. She actually got it, and said thanks after she read it. Janine

article on releasing /not testing for felk in feral cats

2007-05-08 Thread janine paton From Neighborhood Cats. It's well written and helped one of our hard headed vets understand why we don't always want them to test. She actually got it, and said thanks after she read it. Janine

Re: Anyone feed a raw diet to their FeLV+ cats?

2007-05-21 Thread janine paton
I fed my little Baby a raw diet until he went into a home with leukemia cats. He came in as a tiny little thing with horrible URI's and sucked that stuff up like no tomorrow. Used or - pretty much the same. Whole chicken thighs ground up in grinder, plus supplements,

Re: Something is killing my cats, please help me/environment

2007-06-28 Thread janine paton
I'm loosing a few too many right now also but for the most part, they have been diagnosed with something not terribly surprising, given their circumstances. But similar, vague symptoms, I think, is another story. One of our larger foster homes had a fire. For a few years after, cats would

Re: FIRE!!!!!

2007-08-07 Thread janine paton
Hi Susan, We went through this 4 yrs ago with our largest foster home. It's really a nightmare. Looking back I can see we did a few things wrong. Beating the bushes and calling their names was the wrong thing to do, esp with the more feral cats. Setting traps is really a better idea. You

Re: OT:declawing your cat is illegal...Crash Landing

2007-09-24 Thread janine paton
Ah, but only a cat would have to choose between amputaion or death. I see no difference with this logic and killing cats who test positive. (also based in the midwest) has thankfully updated their page on declawing. They are calling for people to name declawing what

RE: PARTIAL SUCCESS! Advice on trapping...night v day trapping

2008-01-11 Thread janine paton
Good source of information is yahoo groups - Feral_cats. For hard-to-trap cats, I bungee cord the trap open to get them used to the concept. It's just a little patience and most importantly, calmness. Act as if the bungeed-open trap is nothing more than a big dish to put food in. I didn't

RE: PARTIAL SUCCESS! Advice on trapping...night v day trapping

2008-01-11 Thread janine paton
) Join Us Help Reunite Katrina-displaced Families with their Animals -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of janine paton Sent: Friday, January 11, 2008 6:21 PM To: Subject: RE: PARTIAL

Re: CLS- Possum

2008-01-21 Thread janine paton
Caroline, I love possums and I love that name! Please don't feel guilty. Whatever time Possum had here, the two of you made it better for each other.And you've given me the inspiration I've needed to keep focused on rescue, (burnt out!) so you and Possum have had a ripple effect that will

Re: re spaying my kitten

2008-04-08 Thread janine paton
Hopefully I'm not repeating something here, but we've had 2 young females (both approx 8 mos) in 2 different feral colonies recently with pyometra. One was obviously ill and close to death. The other was just dumb luck - trapped her expecting a routine spay and was very surprised to find out.

Re: [Felvtalk] I think my girl kitty is pregnant...will the kittens be FeLV+??

2008-08-12 Thread janine paton
Hi, I am not so active on this list because I am primarily doing rescue with only occassional positives. But, I have to say I would spay this cat so fast, pregnant or not. There are way too many kittens being born outside this year - back to back pregnancies it seems. And you don't need your

Re: [Felvtalk] Kitten chronic loose stool

2008-11-01 Thread janine paton
That's an EXCELLENT website. Nothing straightens out cats and kittens like the recipe from CRF, LK, cancer, symptomatic FIV, healthy cats, you name it, we've had cats on this diet with tremendous success and never once a bad result. You just have to treat the raw meat with

[Felvtalk] question on adopting neg kitten to family with positive cat

2009-09-30 Thread janine paton
Hello everyone, I joined this list some years ago because as a rescuer, I wanted information on how best to deal with leukemia colonies we were running into. My organization also does adoptions. We have a family interested in one of our kittens as a companion to a 5 yr old positive cat.

Re: [Felvtalk] advice on kitty's loose tooth

2009-11-19 Thread janine paton
Had this recently with one of mine. Her canine tooth was sticking straight out also, it looked horrible, but took her to vet, person who does dentals there easily removed the tooth. Came right out in one second, by had, no big deal! From: Laurieskatz

Re: [Felvtalk] I Hate PETA

2009-12-03 Thread janine paton
Is it just me, or does anyone else think maybe PETA killed these cats regardless of their test results. In other words, is it possible the cats didn't test positive for anything but feral, so was an excuse to kill them? Sharyl, I am so very sorry. Janine

Re: [Felvtalk] OT:help w/post traumatic stress in cat?

2009-12-07 Thread janine paton
Jeepers. I'm so sorry for this cat! I have a FIV+ named Whitey who'd been hit by a car a few winters ago. Disappeared for a week, feeders thought he was dead. Long story short, he now lives in my bedroom (only because he doesn't play nice with others) but oh boy, does he love us. Broken

Re: [Felvtalk] stomatitis

2009-12-13 Thread janine paton
Took in an FIV cat with very bad stomatitis. I'd never seen a huge, emaciated cat try to eat but run backwards growling and screaming and pawing at his face, and boy, was I afraid of him! Vet pulled teeth, was reluctant at first to use steroid because of FIV status but after a month, very bad

Re: [Felvtalk] Bridget is dead

2010-03-17 Thread janine paton
Hey Laura, Your subject line really caught me - I've recently lost a cat named Bridget and she was the best, smartest cat. Bridget is a wonderful name and thank god she had one. I don't know what LTCI is and am hoping someone explains it. I relocated a feral cat named Molly to my yard

Re: [Felvtalk] I killed my kitten last night...

2010-11-06 Thread janine paton
Kim, it's a horrifying experience to go through. You are right, Laura, so many of us do have the same story and it just happened here - a mild URI, a sudden difficulty in breathing, emergency vet visit, then gone a few hrs later, but unlike your kitty, by himself with his brother as a witness.

Re: [Felvtalk] Insight Please

2010-12-11 Thread janine paton
Definitely pos mom gave birth in trap to 5 kittens. 2 survived, one pos, one neg tested over and over. Adopted, both retested negative down the road. No explanation either but it must be possible. What I don't understand is a kitten testing neg while the virus is latent, then breaking

Re: [Felvtalk] Neutering males

2010-12-27 Thread janine paton
Last year we had a brother/sister feral pair just in, crated together and when spayed 2 wks later at 5 1/2 mos, the female was pregnant already with one kitten. We can't afford to spay.neuter every single litter we take on right away, but follow up like crazy with adoptions and our rule is

Re: [Felvtalk] Singing to Cats

2010-12-30 Thread janine paton
Same here, I sing to my feral kittens and they seem to love it. Trapped one in a snowstorm who was very ill and kept moving away, but fell asleep when I sang to him. When I got close, he'd wake and I'd stop, look away, start singing again when he relaxed and stoped looking at me. Finally

Re: [Felvtalk] Deciding-when-a-pet-has-suffered-enough

2012-10-01 Thread janine paton
Hello, I joined this list years ago, and have now needed to rejoin. Trying to find testing protocol for FeLV and an explanation for it. I am with a rescue grp and we have just started trapping in a colony that had 30 kittens last year and none of them tested pos. We just took 9 kittens

Re: [Felvtalk] Asking for advice again/back to Leukemia list

2012-10-06 Thread janine paton
I am surprised this list got so off topic. A few years ago, this wouldn't be allowed to happen. I have very strong political opinions, and very strong opinions about hunting, but what I rejoined this list for was only to understand how to deal with 9 kittens from a few different litters in

[Felvtalk] 9 kittens, one testing pos

2012-10-07 Thread janine paton
Can anyone explain to me why if from point of exposure to actually testing pos is 28 days, if this is correct, why we can't just retest in one month using Elisa? And if all excepting the one testing weak pos, stjill test neg, is this good enough? All 8 kittens and some of their moms tested

Re: [Felvtalk] 9 kittens, one testing pos

2012-10-08 Thread janine paton
not. Natalie From:Felvtalk [] On Behalf Of janine paton Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2012 8:21 PM To: Subject: [Felvtalk] 9 kittens, one testing pos Can anyone explain to me why if from point of exposure to actually testing pos is 28

Re: [Felvtalk] No-kill animal shelter killing FeLV+ cat

2012-10-16 Thread janine paton
Alev, I am so sorry this has happened to you and River. River is a beautiful name, btw, and one I gave to a rescue cat we took in recently. I don't know what else to say other than I am hoping you someday find peace with what has happened knowing your intentions were only the best, and you

Re: [Felvtalk] Spaying advice

2012-11-20 Thread janine paton
The stress of an unspayed female is great, I think much greater than the spaying itself. And it may be true that pyometria is more common in dogs, but boy have we seen plenty in outside cats, even young ones. One couldn't have been more than a year old and we had no idea her slightly swollen

Re: [Felvtalk] raw food FeLV pos cats

2013-03-16 Thread janine paton
Amen to that and great point about all the salmonella from commercial food! My house has been a great experiment in raw vs commercial. While feeding a raw food diet (same one as on my cats rarely had a hairball, never had crystals or any type of cystitis, had sleek coats and

Re: [Felvtalk] metacam and prednisone

2013-05-19 Thread janine paton
I am so not a fan of metacam either, other than one or two days. More than one day is off label and for good reason. Agree with Susan, use torbulgesic or buprenex, which addresses cancer pain much better. I don't get why vets continue to use metacam. Maybe they will stop when they have a

Re: [Felvtalk] OT-diatomaceous earth - warning

2013-07-01 Thread janine paton
I am sorry, I haven't been following this thread but caught the diatomaceous warning.  Hoping they still make this, but 1-800-flea busters out of FL. is my favorite product to use.  It's a little work, but I think I was over zealous the first year.  Third yr I used it, I was not so diligent,