Re: KR> Melting lead

2017-02-02 Thread Sid Wood via KRnet
Lead can be melted with direct application of a propane torch. That does tend to oxidize the lead, so you do get more slag. Solder is a mixture of lead and tin. These will oxidize at different rates under the torch flame. That could change the mixture ratio of the solder. Maybe not a big

KR> In-flight Fire

2017-01-29 Thread Sid Wood via KRnet
Was planning for some air-to-air photos of N6242 this Spring. An EAA Chapter member said he could fly the photo ship using his Tri-Pacer. On January 28, 2017, while attempting to return from a lunch fly-out at GED, Georgetown, DE, he had an in-flight fire seconds after leaving the runway. He


2017-01-29 Thread Sid Wood via KRnet
Before my KR-2 airworthiness inspection, I had an A do a "practice" inspection. He found a few minor things and I fixed these before he left. He never charged me anything. He just wanted to crawl around a KR-2 for a nostalgia trip. He had built a KR-2 some years ago. I used the Washington

Re: KR> Archives

2017-01-25 Thread Sid Wood via KRnet
Our EAA Chapter has a member who is also a DAR. He charges $500 per inspection visit and usually takes 3 visits. Sid Wood Tri-gear KR-2 N6242 Mechanicsville, MD, USA --- When I finished my KR I called the FAA for an

Re: KR> Flight Training

2017-01-25 Thread Sid Wood via KRnet
Before my first flight our EAA Chapter Flight Adviser said to get lots of recent time in a number of different aircraft. So he got flights for me in a Cherokee with 180 hp engine, Yankee, RV-8, Citabria and 6 hours in a Pulsar XP. The closest KR available to me was 300 miles away. His

KR> Progress

2014-05-29 Thread Sid Wood via KRnet
Made the first ground engine run after: the engine re-location (to adjust CG), installing new RevMaster oil cooler, oil pump (to control high oil temps), moving the fuel pump (to fix vapor lock) and adjusting the Zenith carb. After an eight-month stand-down the 2180 VW fired off on the fourth

KR> Progress

2014-05-26 Thread Sid Wood via KRnet
Took my KR-2 from home back to the airport, K2W6, today. No traffic backups or incidents. Used the same boat trailer that I used to take the fuselage to AirVenture for a homebuilders work shop many years ago. While my wife and I were unloading the KR-2, Art Nalls was doing the first run-up

KR> KRnet Digest, Vol 2, Issue 135

2014-05-25 Thread Sid Wood via KRnet
Nice panel! Like the Mixture Meter. Sid Wood smwood at Tri-gear KR-2 N6242 Mechanicsville, MD, USA -- I towed N891JF it out to the airport late Friday (see ), by replacing the