Re: [WSG] Converting the heathen: never again

2006-02-26 Thread Ben Buchanan
Hi, I hereby publicly declare that my days of complaining to website authors that I cannot view their site at 800x600, and then opening my big mouth about other dubious issues I notice on their site, are now over. [snip] I'm astonished at the tone - although not especially surprised by the

Re: [WSG] Converting the heathen: never again

2006-02-26 Thread Ben Buchanan
I think you have come across a key lesson for the standards community: techies know about standards, they are not ignorant, they just have their own reasons (however lame) for not following them. ...which is why they can be a tough group to pitch to. They can be far more set in their ways than

Re: [WSG] Quick help please...

2006-02-27 Thread Ben Buchanan
Hi, This is a simple question but I have not had the needed this functionality before. Is is possible to use CSS to insert text into HTML. While it is possible to use CSS to generate content (, IE doesn't support it. Big surprise there! Unless the

Re: [WSG] Online Store Categories

2006-02-28 Thread Ben Buchanan
I was planning on using a definition list: dl dta href=#Category/a/dt ddCategory Description./dd /dl but would a table be more appropriate? If that's all the info you need to include, I'd say a DL is perfect. cheers, Ben -- --- --- The future has arrived; it's

Re: [WSG] IE7 - The Good the Bad and the Ugly

2006-03-04 Thread Ben Buchanan
* More informative Error Pages. As a general usability feature, I thoroughly approve of the more friendly error pages in IE7. That way, when your site's server goes down, people won't just be dumped with a nasty pile of technical text. So long as these are restricted to server not

Re: [WSG] Question of CSS specificity

2006-03-05 Thread Ben Buchanan
.module will apply to any element with class=module, table.module will only apply to table elements. That's about it :) No doubt there's some deeper meaning that I've not yet heard, of course... ;) -- --- --- The future has arrived; it's just not --- evenly distributed.

Re: [WSG] Styling Fieldset and Legend Elements

2006-03-07 Thread Ben Buchanan
I would advise against * html hacks though - Personally I think building/testing/making long-term strategy for a beta-version browser is not advisable. We will not know what IE7 can and can't do until it is actually released. Until

Re: [WSG] IE Reverse Indent ?

2006-03-08 Thread Ben Buchanan
... is there a way to put that whole section in my Style sheet file? Or in a seperate file so I can maintain the rules centrally? That's pretty much the rub of it all, for me! :) If only Microsoft had created a proprietary comment system for CSS, at least it would have been useful without so

Re: [WSG] streaming video

2006-03-12 Thread Ben Buchanan
can anyone give me some pointers for streaming video. I know nothing, but it looks like my client base will want it and I need to know about it in general and guidance in particular from a reliable source. Suggestions? We've done a little bit of video/streaming at work; not huge amounts but

Re: [WSG] Tag clouds spit /

2006-03-13 Thread Ben Buchanan
[snip- tag clouds] Thoughts? Mild agreement? Sly refutations? For a simple tag cloud I'm not sure how a table would work - the cloud isn't really tabular, in the way I would describe tabular. If a second rating was applied; eg. popularity + freshness (ie. how many times does the tag appear, and

Re: [WSG] Website Directory Structure - Best Practice

2006-03-20 Thread Ben Buchanan
When it comes to website directory structure, I'm curious to know how you gurus out there set up yours. Well, I can't speak for gurus, but the way I do it: Each site or sub-site gets its own set of standard sub-directories, forming a self-contained set of documents and support files. Common

Re: [WSG] Content negotiated links: why so bad?

2007-02-28 Thread Ben Buchanan
organisation). I have a penchant for short, usable URLs that don't show file names, and would like to link to /mydept/training/ rather than /mydept/training.htm. Sounds a lot like you'll get resistance, although I agree that not showing extensions has some benefits. I'd shoot for a middle of

Re: [WSG] It's times like this you remember how far you've come

2007-03-05 Thread Ben Buchanan
I have the task of writing the database/dynamic stuff behind an e-commerce site. The design work and static pages are done by a professional design web dev house in Brisbane, and yesterday I got hold of their work. My job now is to merge their stuff with the shopping cart and other components

Re: [WSG] Talking about tabular data...

2007-03-07 Thread Ben Buchanan
I'm curious to know what members of this group think about this. Should this be considered tabular data or not? Do you consider a table the best tool to mark this up? Or at least as good as anything else? I think a definition list fits better, even though it's a slight abuse of DL it does

Re: [WSG] web accessibility-some thoughts

2007-03-08 Thread Ben Buchanan
How and why did the web get singled out from among all of the other publishing mediums to be by law accessible? I don't know that there's a definitive answer; but I would suggest that part of the picture is that the web was created from the start to be usable to everyone. To put it another

Re: [WSG] Markup for Poetry?

2007-04-03 Thread Ben Buchanan
I'm working on a website that contains a number of poems. Are there any discussions or examples on strategies for marking up and styling poetry? I haven't started doing markup yet, but if it would help folks on the list, I could that and post the links. As is usually the case, the bare markup

Re: [WSG] WANAU - anyone heard of them?

2007-04-10 Thread Ben Buchanan
Hi Susie, Web Accessibility Network for Australian Universities ... They are proposing running their annual forum on Accessibility in online teaching at UQ where I work, and we've been asked to help ... :) I expect I will be involved anyway, but would be

Re: [WSG] WANAU - anyone heard of them?

2007-04-11 Thread Ben Buchanan
Hi Tim, I'd say Universities are probably aware of the issues with their sites, they just don't have a magic wand to wave to get everything fixed. Universities have massive amounts of information to provide and generally a minimal budget to provide it. Despite that, they are held to very high

Re: [WSG] MS Smart Tags

2007-04-19 Thread Ben Buchanan
Hi Elle, It might sound silly but I first found out about MS Smart Tags yesterday. I found an article on ALA about them from 2001. Just wanted to ask, does anyone know what happened with them since? And would the meta tag: meta name=MSSmartTagsPreventParsing content=true / work? or is it still

Re: [WSG] Semantics and small

2007-05-16 Thread Ben Buchanan
What is the best way to show something is less important than the surrounding information (e.g. the date of a post or article, supplementary information at the bottom of a post or article)? Really there's no element other than small which comes close to helping out here; otherwise it really is

Re: [WSG] Semantics and small

2007-05-16 Thread Ben Buchanan
We have strong, we should have weak Many a true word said in jest :) Trying to add semantics to small is driven by history rather than good semantics. Small text is a presentational result of de-emphasising text. We have: normal text emphasised text strongly emphasised text Maybe we should

Re: [WSG] ive given up on css

2007-05-16 Thread Ben Buchanan
Today i just told them to go back to using table based layouts and i will restrict my designs accordingly- i cant listen to the whining anymore. What would you have done in this situation? Well I'm not a designer so this is a bit speculative - but with that sort of situation I'd probably stop

Re: [WSG] Re: Use of Fieldsets other than in form?

2007-06-04 Thread Ben Buchanan
Can fieldsets only to be used in forms or can they be used to group any sort of related information together (ie: business name, short description, logo and link). The spec's wording is a little vague but by my reading of it, fieldset and legend are only intended for form controls. Beyond the

Re: [WSG] Re: Use of Fieldsets other than in form?

2007-06-05 Thread Ben Buchanan
The FIELDSET element allows authors to group thematically related controls and labels. Grouping controls makes it easier for users to understand their purpose while simultaneously facilitating tabbing navigation for visual user agents and speech navigation for speech-oriented user agents. The

Re: [WSG] What does Semantic mean?

2007-06-07 Thread Ben Buchanan
Late to the party, but since I was specifically mentioned it's only polite to reply ;) The issue here is about the meaning of the word semantic. Semantics refer to the *meaning* attached to something. What is the meaning of a div? It's *use* is structural, but it's *meaning* is ... well, it

Re: [WSG] Use of PDFs - Accessibility issues

2007-06-07 Thread Ben Buchanan
Anyway, to get to the point, the customer has now been advised by a marketing agency that the site should be reduced in size to approx 45 key pages, and that the majority of content for things such as conference room specification and rates, bedroom specs and rates, menus, events, golf rates,

Re: [WSG] WCAG Samurai Errata

2007-06-08 Thread Ben Buchanan
What is your opinion on the errata ? It's an excellent read. Certainly therapeutic, particularly with Joe Clarke's wonderfully acerbic wit showing in places. I think what it truly does is define the Best Practice accessibility which has evolved under WCAG 1.0, which made some assumptions which

Re: [WSG] Back to the Future

2007-06-12 Thread Ben Buchanan
I've been asked to write a website that MUST work in Netscape 4.03 and IE 3 for Windows 3.1. When you've stopped laughing I'm afraid I have to say I'm serious, and there's no chance at all that the people connecting to the site will upgrade. I'm quite curious about this - do you genuinely have

Re: [WSG] Where's the proper place for an accesskey?

2007-06-17 Thread Ben Buchanan
Wow, that's surprising to me, but okay - less work to do! So, if I'm using label tags and their attendant id, is that all that everyone here would suggest is adequate to pass current accessibility standards? Is there anything else I'm missing? Probably worth mentioning one caveat: while you

Re: [WSG] ABC News Online have a new website

2007-06-17 Thread Ben Buchanan Tags (MyTags), Unobtrusive, Semantic, Quick launch video and audio content, News by State, News by Postcode! And a great user preferences section where you can set your connection speed, preferred video format, page layout (fixed width/flexible) etc I didn't see a

Re: [WSG] ABC News Online have a new website

2007-06-17 Thread Ben Buchanan
On 18/06/07, Ben Buchanan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Tags (MyTags), Unobtrusive, Semantic, Quick launch video and audio content, News by State, News by Postcode! And a great user preferences section where you can set your connection speed, preferred video format

Re: [WSG] A list of images with text under each image

2007-06-26 Thread Ben Buchanan
dl dta href= title=img src= alt=/a/dt dda href= title=View/a/dd dda href= title=Buy/a/dd /dl I'd be comfortable doing that, since I am happy to treat definition lists as the only available way to associate related information in this manner. Sure, it's a stretch of the semantics of

Re: A: [WSG] Target Lawsuit - Please Make Yourself Heard

2007-10-04 Thread Ben Buchanan
The question is, why should we force anyone to do it? Well the short answer is: because corporations won't do it without being forced. So if we want a non-discriminatory society, we have to force corporations to do good things. No one makes his site non-accessible out of discriminating

Re: [WSG] Cost of Accessibility

2007-10-08 Thread Ben Buchanan
My thought exactly. If you were an architect, would you ask a shopping centre client: do you want wheelchair access? The difference in that scenario is that the client would generally not expect the architect to skip the ramps and lower their fees since it's only a few people (although I've no

Re: [WSG] source order

2007-10-10 Thread Ben Buchanan
Is there a prevailing wisdom in this matter? Content first? Or navigation first? This is a jury is still out issue since nobody has comprehensive data, just small studies and opinion informed by observation of a relatively small number of users. What I think we can say for sure: 1) No matter

Re: [WSG] Re: Alt text for purely aesthetic images

2007-10-27 Thread Ben Buchanan
I have two questions regarding images added via CSS. 1) I added an image for each bullet via CSS .box ul li. How do I specify alt text in this situation? Do I add alt text in the HTML...even though there would be no image if CSS was disabled? Since it adds no meaning/information, it doesn't

Re: [WSG] Comment mark

2007-12-10 Thread Ben Buchanan
On 10/12/2007, Hayden's Harness Attachment [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I would like to appologize if I am off topic. I am not sure who to ask. I am using !-- ... --! to comment out a line in a PHP file. Firefox2.xwill use it to comment out a link and IE7 will not use. Am I doing the commenting

Re: [WSG] Comment mark

2007-12-11 Thread Ben Buchanan
For an HTML comment, you should use !-- ... -- (no ! in the closing tag). The reason it worked in Firefox is that it interprets *any* instance of -- as a closing comment tag. As far as I know, all other browsers will wait until they get the standard --. Firefox gets it right since these (--)

Re: [WSG] Do we just throw out the img tag

2007-12-28 Thread Ben Buchanan
Now that I have mastered putting an image in a site using CSS do we just throw out the img tag in standards based xhtml. Not at all - you should still use img for any image which forms part of the document's *content*. Only decorative images should be inserted via CSS. And how does the use of

Re: [WSG] Compatibility and IE8

2008-01-24 Thread Ben Buchanan
crikey, that's some list. thanks Russ. It's disturbing how well lemurs can illustrate the issue, too: (the Zeldman lemur cracked me up completely) On the issue... it's something MS simply won't back down on no matter what any of us

Re: [WSG] This IE8 controversy

2008-01-29 Thread Ben Buchanan
I just like to ask if it might be possible to turn off this version freezing thing in IE8, maybe with some markup or something. I agree with Drew Mclellan when he said in his blog that old browsers must die. You can't turn it off as such, since it will be built in to IE8 and enabled by

Re: [WSG] This IE8 controversy

2008-01-29 Thread Ben Buchanan
I don't think they're ignoring the mess they created at all.. You're right there. They're not ignoring the problem, it's just that a lot of people don't agree with their solution. Is adding a meta tag really too much work to provide your users/visitors the viewing experience they should have?

Re: [WSG] linking to images with //

2008-01-31 Thread Ben Buchanan
I placed the code on the pages without really paying attention to it, after a while I discovered the image was linked as src=// I never seen this before, but it worked! I changed it to src=

Re: [WSG] use of p in li

2008-02-10 Thread Ben Buchanan
Hi, You don't need the p inside the li (although it's ok to put on in there it's not required). It's fine to just style the li. So unless you have a specific need for the extra tag I'd leave it out. cheers, Ben On 11/02/2008, Taco Fleur [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello all, I've been

Re: [WSG] premature to test/worry new site for IE8?

2008-04-27 Thread Ben Buchanan
I am about to start coding for a new site, and client asked me to make sure my code will work for IE8, meaning when IE 8 comes out, she doesn't need to pay me extra to fix any problem that may occur in IE 8. Client is from a web media company, though I understand her concerns and that she has

Re: [WSG] transitional vs. strict

2008-04-29 Thread Ben Buchanan
Pages that validate as strict are superior to transitional because ___. It is important to serve pages that validate as strict because ___. ...validation is a quality metric, and we want a quality web presence. Given that you're dealing with someone that has no

Re: [WSG] transitional vs. strict

2008-04-29 Thread Ben Buchanan
@Ben Buchanan: Are the points you raised true or were you mentioning them as things to feed bottom-line oriented people? The point I'm most interested in is this one: If they're an SEO type, mention that valid sites tend to index more consistently in search engines (validation doesn't

Re: [WSG] Best way to hide form legends?

2008-04-30 Thread Ben Buchanan
.hidden { position: absolute; left: -999em; width: 990em; } For that method you're missing the overflow rule. Try this: .hidden { position: absolute; left: -5000px; width: 4000px; overflow: hidden; } cheers, Ben -- --- --- The future has arrived; it's just

Re: [WSG] Colour accessibility/ usability

2008-05-04 Thread Ben Buchanan
Hiya, What we need more information about is how the colour red can affect readability. I have done research, and I know about the w3c colour contrast algorithm. I've also had a look at the psychology of the different colours and that red is associated with anger and intensity. I used to

Re: [WSG] Full flash websites

2008-05-05 Thread Ben Buchanan
What do you people, professionals and hobby standardists think about full flash websites?? where is the usability and accessibility for flash in general?? Accessibility and search engine visibility of Flash in most cases is zero. I've only heard of one Flash site that was considered accessible

Re: [WSG] Older Browsers

2008-05-08 Thread Ben Buchanan
My question to you guys is how do you develop test your websites to ensure they are interpreted correctly by older more popular browsers ? Do you have older browsers handy to test them with? Personally I wouldn't support IE5 for a full design, it's just too old - for many reasons they should

Re: [WSG] The Problem of adjacent links

2008-05-08 Thread Ben Buchanan
What is the current thinking on this? How can I do this WITHOUT putting any characters in there? I don't emwant/em any characters in there! You could put the two links into a list. That would separate them into two disctinct elements without requiring punctuation. I'm not 100% sure of the

Re: [WSG] XHTML 1.1 CSS3 - Is it worth using right now?

2008-05-12 Thread Ben Buchanan
Is there a reason why not many sites adopt this Doctype and is there any point using right now if your site is 1.0 Strict? Very very generally, I've found it's less critical which standard you use than whether your stuff validates in your chosen standard. Secondly, I see a lot of sites that

Re: [WSG] Marking up company logo

2008-05-29 Thread Ben Buchanan
For a few years now I've been marking up a clients company logo as a h1. I just wanted to get an idea of how many people actually do this compared to using a html image tag? I believe a h1 is more semantically correct however I'd be interested in seeing what other people on this list think.

Re: [WSG] Marking Up Poems

2008-06-19 Thread Ben Buchanan
A question was raised at work today 'How do you mark up a poem'. It depends on the form, really. For most poetry, I think paragraphs with line breaks are appropriate. If the poem requires very specific positioning, pre would be the first option as that doesn't rely on CSS. Finally if all else

Re: [WSG] Design of forms on web vs paper

2008-07-27 Thread Ben Buchanan
As a matter of best practice, should forms on the web be designed to look like their paper equivalents? Why/why not? There's a fair bit of interpretation for that wording; but my high level response would be web pages should be designed as web pages. The question has a definite air of things

Re: [WSG] Code for Firefox, hack for IE

2008-09-01 Thread Ben Buchanan
For a while now, I've been operating on the principle Code for Firefox, hack for IE. That is, writing CSS for the most standards-compliant browser, and then making adjustments for non-standard behaviour. Is this the way anyone works? Is it the best way to work? I use basically the same

Re: [WSG] Google chrome... Coming very soon...

2008-09-02 Thread Ben Buchanan
However Gmail won't load on any computers with Chrome on at work (in fact, I can't sign in to any google services). Is this problem affecting everyone or is it just our network? If it's affecting everyone that's pretty massive fail for Google. We had that problem here but it turned out to be a

Re: [WSG] Google chrome... Accessibility coming very soon???

2008-09-04 Thread Ben Buchanan
Hey guys... it is great that talk about accessibility and chrome has been raised - but I do think that we need to wait until it is out of beta. Well... Google has a track record of a) keeping products in permanent beta; and b) never getting around to that pesky accessibility bit. So,

Re: [WSG] best practices for using access keys

2008-09-06 Thread Ben Buchanan
i'm slowly bringing my web site up to better accessibility standards and i have a few more things to do like add a skip nav link and access keys. Before you add accesskeys, check out ... basically the errata captures best practice methodology as

Re: [WSG] best practices for using access keys

2008-09-07 Thread Ben Buchanan
Before you add accesskeys, check out ... basically the errata captures best practice methodology as it evolved in the years after WCAG 1.0 was released. Accesskeys are problematic between it says not to use them... but ... what about

Re: [WSG] Opera not playing nice with checkbox

2008-09-12 Thread Ben Buchanan
By the way, the radio buttons on the above page, is exactly what I wrote about annoying thing about Opera that it inherits the borders from input element. In my case, adding a class with border none only gotten rid of top, left, right borders. I actually needed to use !important to get right

Re: [WSG] Is it a good practice to have 'Back to Top' link?

2008-09-29 Thread Ben Buchanan
Any suggestions would be appreciated. If you have a really really long page I think a back to top is ok. It's unlikely to harm anyone and it's likely to help some users. If the pages have a table of contents with jump links (probably a good idea) then you could also make it a back to table of

Re: [WSG] Chrome and Safari

2008-10-16 Thread Ben Buchanan
Seeing as though Google's new Chrome browser uses the same rendering engine as Apple's Safari, would it be acceptable to test browser layout issues in Chrome and assume the same CSS solutions apply in Safari? Does anyone know of any distinct differences in CSS rendering between the 2 browsers?

Re: [WSG] google and validation

2008-10-19 Thread Ben Buchanan
Hi, I am just curious how many people in this list actually spend extra time making a validation error free page for the sake of validation when third party's code is embedded. Surely the above example is an easy fix, but how about embedding google calendar or other scripts? Wherever

Re: [WSG] google and validation

2008-10-19 Thread Ben Buchanan
And Ben, are you saying you validate or not? I aim for sites to validate unless there's an immovable reason why not (unmodifiable third party code, legally locked code, unable to prevent users creating errors, etc). So I suppose for your scenario the simpler answer is just yes, because the code's

Re: [WSG] XHTML Standard question

2008-11-19 Thread Ben Buchanan
Therefore, I was wondering if it would be feasible to include a standard that would use a syntax similar (does not actually *have* to be this way) to selected=selected? In which case, the syntax would be required=required. Or, if it is an email input (i.e. Your e-mail address:input type=text

Re: [WSG] XHTML Standard question

2008-11-19 Thread Ben Buchanan
So exactly what behavior is mandated for UAs implementing HTML5 if a form is submitted with a 'required' element unsatisfied? If I'm reading, the form just won't submit if a required field is empty. Not sure about the UI

Re: [WSG] Text-only version

2008-11-20 Thread Ben Buchanan
Do you think it's a service I should be paying for? Although not expensive, I'm wondering why the 'functionality' needs to be highlighted at all? Surely, it's the same as saying we'll charge you separately for css or html markup? I'm naturally cynical/suspicious about what suppliers claim in

Re: [WSG] Text-only version

2008-11-21 Thread Ben Buchanan
2008/11/21 Rob Enslin [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hi Ben, cynical/suspicious about what suppliers claim in the pre-signoff phase I agree - that's why I questioned it. With my internal clients a little naive displaying this long list of 'pieces of functionality' broken down it conveys the impression

Re: [WSG] is there a way to force legend text shows in TWO lines?

2008-11-26 Thread Ben Buchanan
2) I have a column that is 160px wide, but the text in legend is a bit longer, I added a span class, declared a width, but in Firefox, the text still refuse to run in two lines - the rest of the text simply get cut off when the words reaches 160px threshold. I really don't want to add a br /,

Re: [WSG] list-style can't work with inline and float in IE?

2008-12-13 Thread Ben Buchanan
2008/12/13 tee I have two list items that must display horizontally. Wanting to use list-style instead of background image, but in IE 6 and 7, the circle style refuses to show up even I adjusted padding left (or margin). ul.add-to li{ padding: 5px 10px 5px

Re: [WSG] JavaScript as External File vs. Internal Code and linking to images

2009-01-06 Thread Ben Buchanan
Recently, I experimented with changing check boxes with JavaScript. If the user clicked on the words next to the check box, then the box would be checked, once checked if the user clicked again, then the box would be unchecked. As someone has mentioned, that's precisely what putting the text

Re: [WSG] Blockquote

2009-01-07 Thread Ben Buchanan
2009/1/8 James Jeffery I'm developing a site. A quote site infact. For the quotes I think it's wise to use blockquote ... but, the quotes are being scraped from other sites so how would I cite them? Could I use a wiki url for the author? And what if the author

Re: [WSG] Classes---Adding multiple classes to an element, is there a downfall???

2009-02-25 Thread Ben Buchanan
Is there a downfall to applying multiple classes to an element, like the one above? How does it affect UAs? Just thought I'd offer an alternate viewpoint to the argh! no! responses so far. Like most web dev questions there's a contextual aspect to the question. There's a time and a place to use

Re: [WSG] how reliable is it to use IE8 compatible mode to test IE7/6

2009-04-26 Thread Ben Buchanan
Anybody use IE8 compatible mode to test IE7/6 instead of standalone version? It doesn't cover IE6; and IE8-as-IE7 is not 100% the same as IE7 - so you would still need to double-check standalone IE7 anyway to be sure.

Re: [WSG] how reliable is it to use IE8 compatible mode to test IE7/6

2009-04-26 Thread Ben Buchanan
It doesn't cover IE6; This is strange. Wasn't that the whole Compatible Mode was to not break the web because of the massive IE6 users in corporate world? MS's position, near as I can tell, is that they don't want to break the web *with IE8, for people already running IE7 or IE7-only web

Re: [WSG] Browser toolbars

2009-05-04 Thread Ben Buchanan
I have a quick question regarding browser toolbars and functionality. I have a client who is requesting a web application (online form) be built where they will lose some if not all browser navigation control and functionality, much like you would see on a Internet banking page. I'm against the

Re: [WSG] Span within a li

2009-05-11 Thread Ben Buchanan
PS: I ended up with a string something like this... (ineffectual) #left ul li item361 a:link span If tha'ts the actual string you have two issues 1) Missing dot for .item361, so it's not combining with the li 2) you're only styling unvisited links Also it sounds like your selector is losing a

Re: [WSG] Installing More than one version of IE6

2009-07-04 Thread Ben Buchanan
It will not run on any of the Home editions of Windows; you must have Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate. A good warning, although not 100% true - it's not *supported* on Home editions... however I used it on XP Home recently and it does run if you accept all the warnings :) Admittedly it

Re: [WSG] hr / or CSS3 Border Background

2009-08-09 Thread Ben Buchanan
After reading the following article, I ask which is more semantic, using the hr / element with a background or using the CSS3 border background property? Well... markup has semantics/semantic meaning, CSS is style applied over the top but is not part of the document's content. Applying the

Re: [WSG] [Spam] :The wisdom? of using q to clear

2009-09-26 Thread Ben Buchanan
Can anyone tell me what is wrong (apart from not being semantic) about using: Have you tried using the easy clearing fix instead? avoids the need for markup just for clearing. If you stick with markup I'd suggest just using br /

Re: [WSG] [Spam] :The wisdom? of using q to clear

2009-09-27 Thread Ben Buchanan
2009/9/27 designer Thanks to all who replied. However, no-one said don't do this because . . . ?? OK, well, since you're kind of asking... ;) Don't do that because it's horrendously non-semantic and you should be making your pages semantically correct.

Re: [WSG] Ordered list start value

2009-09-28 Thread Ben Buchanan
2009/9/28 T. R. Valentine What is the proper way to start an ordered list at a value other than '1' in XHTML? I had ol start=9 flagged because 'there is no attribute start' The only valid way to change the numbering of lists in strict XHTML is to put a value= on

Re: [WSG] Ordered list start value

2009-09-29 Thread Ben Buchanan
On 29 Sep 2009, at 00:45, Ben Buchanan wrote: The only valid way to change the numbering of lists in strict XHTML is to put a value= on each LI. The value attribute for li elements doesn't appear in Strict. is marked with an L, so it appears

Re: [WSG] Including a DIV element inside an HREF tag

2009-11-04 Thread Ben Buchanan
2009/11/4 dionisis karampinis I would like your comments regarding the inclusion of a DIV, inside a Link tag. I need to make the following div element - 'linkable' , as such when the user hovers on it, to be able to follow a link to another page. Do you think this is a

Re: [WSG] breaks, lists in a form or not, and more or less divs

2009-12-06 Thread Ben Buchanan
In case of a poem, if I place every verse in a paragraph, what do I do with each line of text in the verse? Is this one of the very few occasions to use breaks? A verse doesn't seem a list to me... or is it? I like your opinion. This one has been debated a few times and it seems to come down

Re: [WSG] color contrast, success criterion 1.4.3

2010-05-03 Thread Ben Buchanan
So my question, how accurate is for Juicestudios Color Contrast Analyser and Color Checker Firefox extension? Will the brightness of monitor affect the result. Those tools should be accurate for text-only combinations that don't use transparency*, but I don't think they can detect the

Re: [WSG] Yes/No structure?

2010-06-06 Thread Ben Buchanan
On 4 June 2010 12:29, nedlud wrote: I have a web form I'm building and there is a simple yes/no question in it. I got to wondering what the best semantic mark up for this is? Does anyone have any good UI/UX suggestions? My three ideas were... Two radio buttons for yes and

Re: [WSG] Yes/No structure?

2010-06-07 Thread Ben Buchanan
On 7 June 2010 14:58, Steve Gibbings wrote: I have a problem with that. Radio button sets should always have an option selected, there is no undefined selection. This makes sense when you remember where the radio button metaphor came from. However seems that

Re: [WSG] that old IE6 thing...

2010-07-03 Thread Ben Buchanan
I think it's more to do with the fact that librarians are always getting hand-me-down hardware :) Pretty likely. I'd say it's probably also an effect of the corporate-owned hardware syndrome - as in, they may not have admin rights on their workstations to change the browser. Students on the

Re: [WSG] HTML5 Boilerplate

2010-09-05 Thread Ben Buchanan
On 4 September 2010 18:30, tee wrote: I was reviewing the HTML5 Boilerplate that was mentioned in one of the thread, curious if this really is a good practise: !-- Always force latest IE rendering engine (even in intranet) Chrome Frame Remove this if you use the

Re: [WSG] disallow IE6 to load the main style sheet

2010-12-18 Thread Ben Buchanan
On 18 December 2010 22:20, tee wrote: I am finally to begin to stop supporting IE6 starts from 2011 as the usage has fallen below 5%. I don't want the IE6 users to see a broken page due to no special treatment made for the browser, rather, I would like them to see an

Re: [WSG] Order of Tags within head (XHTML)

2010-12-18 Thread Ben Buchanan
On 15 December 2010 13:31, Michal Miksik wrote: I was advised by an SEO company that : The Title tag should be the first tag in the HEAD area of the web pages, otherwise search engines may overlook it which will significantly damage the rankings. What is the best

Re: [WSG] HTML5 v. HTML 4.x

2011-01-24 Thread Ben Buchanan
On 25 January 2011 09:44, wrote: Hello, Could someone please clarify this for me. I realise that HTML5 has introduced new semantic elements such as header, aside etc., but does this really increase the expressive power of the markup? In the long run,

Re: [WSG] what is the exact version of FF 3.6 x prior to FF4?

2011-04-03 Thread Ben Buchanan
I upgraded to FF4 without checking the compatibility of the addons. Both YSlow and Page Speed aren't compatible, now I need to install the previous version that I used, but can't remember the exact version. There seems to be a number of 3.6.x. 3.6.16.

Re: [WSG] IE9's Browser Mode Controls - Reliable?

2011-09-25 Thread Ben Buchanan
This way of switching browser modes (between 7, 8 and 9) is quite convenient but... is it a true representation of how the project will render in these three browsers? From what I've read about them, they are close emulations rather than true representations (that is, IE is applying a set of

Re: [WSG] Using ellipsis to indicate truncated overflow content

2011-11-22 Thread Ben Buchanan
text-overflow: ellipsis? Thank you, yes, the text-overflow property is great but does not work in Firefox 3.6. Do you know of a work-around for Firefox. Unless you have a really massive FF 3.6 userbase that you know is blocked from upgrades, I'd