Re: [WISPA] Insurance

2008-09-09 Thread jp
Without good insurance, there are a lot of things you can't do and places you can't go. We're with Chubb right now and looking into Hartford. We have liability, EO, and an umbrella. On Tue, Sep 09, 2008 at 11:12:21AM -0500, Mac Dearman wrote: My opinion of insurance is not good!

Re: [WISPA] frequency converters

2008-09-10 Thread jp
Most radios have some sort of intermediate frequency; the chips that process the data don't work at 5.8ghz, etc... Satellite systems work much the same way; your 12ghz dish/directtv/fta doesn't work on an rg6 cable at that frequency. The Alvarion BA-II tower gear has the downconverter

Re: [WISPA] Dual Pol Antennas

2008-09-29 Thread jp
The NS5 two small antennnas in it, one for each polarity. They have SNR but not RSSI, which I don't like. They don't currently do WPA2+WDS together very well; the firmware is improving quickly and has a lot of room for improvement, but is promising. You can't turn radio power down lower than

Re: [WISPA] Dual Pol Antennas

2008-09-29 Thread jp
? And need to be associated to get a SNR? Tom DeReggi RapidDSL Wireless, Inc IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband - Original Message - From: jp [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: WISPA General List Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 10:34 AM Subject: Re: [WISPA] Dual Pol

Re: [WISPA] gotta love USF!!!!

2008-10-09 Thread jp
I don't know about local stuff, but what I read about the history of ATT Longlines is that it must have been heavily government funded for federal defense and communications interests. Here is one example They must have been either richer

Re: [WISPA] Damn, Ubiquiti

2008-10-22 Thread jp
On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 08:30:23AM -0700, Jeromie Reeves wrote: They are out to win the market, they really understand how to sling gear to wisps =)I hope very much that they have the supply issue fixed, and anyone who has stock can email me anytime ;-) Anyone have betas and put them to

Re: [WISPA] Theoretical TVWS coverage

2008-11-05 Thread jp
On Wed, Nov 05, 2008 at 06:50:45AM -0800, Marlon K. Schafer wrote: Hmmm Just for fun I ran the numbers at 600mhz. 20 dB tx from the radio, 16dB tx antenna (probably not at all reasonable due to size and small 50ish* coverage) to a 10 dB cpe antenna. -80 at 50 miles! Same thing with an

Re: [WISPA] 1.9ghz?

2008-11-07 Thread jp
One of the guys at work got one, and it plain out sucked for VOIP use, and was slightly lower quality than the normal cordless junk for normal use. Basically, too many digital conversions. Goes from analog in the handset to G726 32kbps through the air, back to analog, G729 over the Internet

[WISPA] tower demolition video

2008-11-15 Thread jp
We had an old 95' rohn25 tower (probably 100' with 5' in the ground) that is 50+ years old and we took it down. It came with the site when I bought it ten years ago. It was quickly reguyed early in my ownership and had served us well. The old (unused) guys were crusty rusty and brittle, so I

Re: [WISPA] DTV transition..... FACT or FICTION?

2008-11-19 Thread jp
On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 09:21:46AM -0800, D. Ryan Spott wrote: I used to live in a small town in Northern California. Every few months, one of the 4 translators they had running on the ridgetop would get crystal-clear while the other 3 would be fuzzy as hell. Finally I asked the locals

Re: [WISPA] NetFlix Streaming Bandwidth Information

2008-11-24 Thread jp
On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 11:31:41AM -0600, Mike Hammett wrote: I will not purchase another AP unless it is able to deliver 40 mbit of throughput, end of story. Fortunately for me, they're out there... Mikrotik can (though uses a lot of spectrum). Deliberant is working on it. I believe the

Re: [WISPA] FCC to put Free Wireless web access on table?

2008-12-01 Thread jp
100% political pandering. Let's continue work on getting Internet of any sort to all of America, first. That's not gonna happen for free. On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 12:20:44PM -0500, Josh Luthman wrote: If they pay me enough I'll do it despite objections from the wireless industry and some

Re: [WISPA] processor and computers, what's good these days? was -- Re: Article

2008-12-08 Thread jp
I use AMD because they seem to be power efficient more often. Power is relatively expensive here ($0.15/kwh), so it's a business issue rather than tree hugging penance. We've got a mix of old athlons, amd64/opterons, X2's, and now x4 phenoms for servers. We tend to build them ourselves and

Re: [WISPA] Where is StarOS?

2008-12-11 Thread jp
On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 02:12:17AM -0600, Sam Tetherow wrote: I don't think they are any more complex than MT in fact they are quite a bit simpler, however where MT does shine is in the documentation. In fact there is so much MT documentation it can be overwhelming at times. MT

Re: [WISPA] Snow in New Orleans

2008-12-11 Thread jp
I've busted through big drifts in a truck with a plow, and in my car. Car is more fun, as long as it's not hard or wet snow. On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 09:28:49AM -0700, Travis Johnson wrote: Wow... schools closed? Really? We usually have to get 12 inches or more PLUS a big wind (20-30mph) for

Re: [WISPA] BitTorrent to go UDP in next release

2008-12-11 Thread jp
I think it would make great sense. It would increase security for the peers as well, if it could get it from a local user more often and a less often from a potentially entertainment industry monitored source. We also use private ASNs at sites, and we have one Internet-facing public ASN

Re: [WISPA] Fw: [TowerTalk] Some spectacular views of the abandonedRussian Woodpecker antenna array

2008-12-19 Thread jp
Looks like a bigger version of the 8-bay UHF television antenna I just ordered for OTA HD service. On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 06:33:25AM -0800, Marlon K. Schafer wrote: H, wonder how far we could shoot a wifi signal with one of these? grin marlon This gigantic antenna system


2008-12-19 Thread jp
BGP isn't that hard to get working. I am using private ASNs for sites with bgp. On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 01:57:48PM -0600, Sam Tetherow wrote: Speaking of OSPF, I've tried running it several times and sections of my network seem to disappear from time to time. Mostly notably old RB230s

Re: [WISPA] One ISP says RIAA must pay for piracy protection

2008-12-22 Thread jp
If ISPs were able to be compensated for the research and follow up for RIAA requests, it would make the whole system completely financially infeasible for RIAA. The reason it sort of works now is because it's cheap and easy, despite being only partially effective, same reason spam works.

Re: [WISPA] Multi-Mode Fiber Tools - Source

2008-12-23 Thread jp
I'd suggest a class. We don't put connectors on or do ends. I've taken a class on it, and it's tedious. We chop a pre-made and pretested patch cord in half and splice it to the ends of the cable run. This requires a fusion splicer and heat shrink sleeves, wipes, cleaver, and a couple

Re: [WISPA] Sky Pilot question

2008-12-24 Thread jp
We have a competitor that uses lots of them and they seem well made. Seems to be an expensive way to get wifi or b/g signal around. They can be synchronized and run on a single frequency, which is a bonus. I'd rather use other gear with antennas chosen for the gain, coverage, and polarity of

Re: [WISPA] What happened to my RooTenna?

2008-12-30 Thread jp
If the cable is stretched too, it's probably roofers. If some object hit it, there is probably some paint rubbing, gouge, or scratch evidence. On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 01:38:13PM -0800, CHUCK PROFITO wrote: No way. Someone just grabbed the outside and started twisting and racking the mount,

Re: [WISPA] Domain name registrars

2008-12-31 Thread jp
I'll second opensrs. On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 03:40:49PM -0500, Patrick Shoemaker wrote: What companies are the operators here using for domain registration? I am looking to transfer my customers' domains to a new registrar. I am looking for a credible US-based company that does not have a

Re: [WISPA] Free Press Proposes Broadband Infrastructure Bailout of $44 Billion

2008-12-31 Thread jp
Bruce Kushnick does his homework and is a good read. I got his Unauthorized bio of the baby bells when it first came out. He's a knowledgeable investigator, not a geeky journalist who couldn't get a regular tech job with their english degree. On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 08:28:08PM -0800, Jack

Re: [WISPA] Congress may help smaller ISPs grow

2008-12-31 Thread jp
I'm all for having someone else pay for expensive infrastructure, but I hope that if the feds go forward with something like this, it's done differently than the RUS system. It's easier to do business my way and pay a tiny bit more for money from a bank, than to do all the RUS planning and

Re: [WISPA] New install driving me crazy....

2009-10-19 Thread jp
The Alvarion can go faster with an inexpensive software speed change key. They aren't free unfortunately, but still a little cheaper than a reinstallation upgrade. The VL radios can be upgraded inhouse to have connectors for antennas. If you have any broken VL AUs or B backhaul radios, you

Re: [WISPA] Identifying 2ft dish frequency

2009-10-21 Thread jp
I bought some gabriel dishes probably 8-10 years ago, and they all failed, so gabriel gave us a deal on new feedhorns, and most of them have since failed too. Perhaps things are better now. We had one fail this past winter, and just took it off the tower this summer. We just tossed the dish and

Re: [WISPA] Wire center boundary GIS data

2009-10-21 Thread jp has some info such as CO information and who's in the COs. You can use the web interface or buy the whole database of them for a modest subscription. I don't know of any good information about wirecenter boundaries. I'd be interested as wirecenter boundaries would be good to

Re: [WISPA] OT: Low Voltage Disconnect

2009-10-22 Thread jp
I'd suggest looking at the various solar charge controllers. We've bought morningstar ones from On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 01:53:52PM -0400, Jerry Richardson wrote: Also, anything else that is lower cost that is reliable? Any AGM chargers that have LVD built in? How about using

[WISPA] juniper

2009-10-23 Thread jp
Anyone use their routers? I'm wondering if they overstate their performance greatly or if they are conservative in their promises. I'm considering using one to replace an aging Cisco. The Cisco has been reliable, but it's running out of steam with 150mbit going through it pretty steady, and

Re: [WISPA] juniper

2009-10-24 Thread jp
On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 03:12:35PM -0500, Butch Evans wrote: On Fri, 2009-10-23 at 15:29 -0400, jp wrote: Anyone use their routers? I'm wondering if they overstate their performance greatly or if they are conservative in their promises. I'm considering using one to replace an aging

[WISPA] cellular repeater/bidirectional amps

2009-10-26 Thread jp
I've got a wi-ex zboost yx500-cel at home and it works great to bring cellular into my home which is otherwise a dead-zone. Now, since we're the local gurus of all thing wireless, one of our customers is wanting something comparable for a larger area in an rf unfriendly building (large metal

Re: [WISPA] cellular repeater/bidirectional amps

2009-10-26 Thread jp
remains, however improbable, must be the truth. --- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 3:17 PM, Jeremy Parr wrote: Tessco should be able to engineer a solution for you. On 10/26/09, jp wrote: I've got a wi-ex zboost yx500-cel

Re: [WISPA] Link stability

2009-10-26 Thread jp
I'd change the LMR jumper and/or feedhorn. There's a strong chance there is water in the jumper and changing it might fix it. There's also a chance that the feedhorn has failed. If you end up changing the feedhorn, consider putting a radome on the dish to protect the feedhorn from weather.

Re: [WISPA] Amateur repeater on a wisp tower -- gotchas?

2009-10-27 Thread jp
Yep, use shielded ethernet cable and there won't be problems. Even use shielded indoors. Being they are not doing for money, the amatuer crowd is also somewhat apt to ignore OSHA and many of the modern safety concepts like fall protection. Unless you specify your safety requirements, you might

Re: [WISPA] Sectoring a tower

2009-10-27 Thread jp
Wait till you get a couple people doing netflix or hulu, 3 sectors instead of 2 isn't a huge investment, and you'll have a lot more choices for antenna vendors. On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 03:54:38PM -0500, Mark McElvy wrote: I have one of my towers that has grown to 32 subs, This is a MT ap and

Re: [WISPA] Suggestions - paint overspray on solar panels

2009-10-29 Thread jp
Ask your local autobody folks. Any sort of chemical paint remover is probably fine as long as you don't let it seep or run too much. The solar panels are simply covered with safety glass. On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 02:51:07PM -0600, Randy Cosby wrote: I have a couple solar panels on a water

Re: [WISPA] TV interfering with 5.8GHz?

2009-10-29 Thread jp
Is the interference to you or to the TV signal? What is grounded and where? Perhaps you are causing a ground loop by doing grounding differently than they did or something? If to the TV signal ? Are you using shielded cat5e cabling and grounding an end of the shield drain wire? Any other

Re: [WISPA] Fault tolerant tower deployment

2009-10-30 Thread jp
Just a little mad. Antennas and cable do fail. That's something you need to consider in your fault tolerance. We've seen stuff fail from pac wireless, gabriel, superpass, etc.. The whole price range. We've also seen MTI ones fail when struck by lightning. As far as sectors go, there is often

Re: [WISPA] CPE - who buys it?

2009-11-09 Thread jp
We own the CPE radio in 95% of our installs and the router in probably 80%. Nobody wants finger pointing when things stop working. If we think it's the CPE causing an outage, we just replace it no questions asked, no fussing over who's fault it or coordinating amongst the customer and their

Re: [WISPA] Small Managed Switches

2009-11-12 Thread jp
Some of their better managed switches do these things. Perhaps it's an incentive for people to who value those features to go upmarket a little. I do love their switches. I mostly buy used ones. I think the 26xx series can allow you to label ports. All the telnet/snmp manageable ones allow

Re: [WISPA] vlan tagging/trunking

2009-11-12 Thread jp
Yes. is a pretty good overview of vlan implementation. We use vlans to keep data separate on the same switch and reduce broadcasts, scope of mistakes, etc... A MT router might use VLANs to create separate interfaces (all over

[WISPA] example of needing middle mile

2009-11-13 Thread jp Bankrupt Fairpoint backbilling and threatening an ISP/CLEC because Fairpoint doesn't want to continue an interconnection agreement. It's a bit sensationalized (according to my conversation with the ISP in the story), but shows how

Re: [WISPA] About Hulu and Netflix and youtube... increased data delivery is here to stay.

2009-11-13 Thread jp
On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 09:17:58AM -0800, MDK wrote: I guess you could call me lucky in that I have access to darn good rates. I'm currently at $60/mbit and working to see if my provider will give me a break for doubling my commit. Continued business with you should be important. If you

Re: [WISPA] About Hulu and Netflix and youtube... increaseddata delivery is here to stay.

2009-11-13 Thread jp
people probably don't have the same grief. We still reserve 900 as a last option, as it's slower and more expensive than line-of-sight options. -- From: jp Sent: Friday, November 13, 2009 9:32 AM To: WISPA General

Re: [WISPA] About Hulu and Netflix and youtube... increased data delivery is here to stay.

2009-11-13 Thread jp
I think it's something about 2x2 rocketM that is better. The only bullets I really like are Wolf Match Target in .22LR; they are almost as hard find in stock in any quantity. This is a 13 mile link using dual polarity dishes, a 2' on one end, 3' on the other, going over water. One end has

Re: [WISPA] Cat3 instead of Cat5

2009-11-17 Thread jp
Cat3 == phone line phone line != Cat3 Phone wiring doesn't even have to make the scale of categories. A lot of the phone wiring is put in daisy chained with wire nuts, by electricians, homeowners, etc... On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 01:12:10PM -0800, Forbes Mercy wrote: We currently run a Cat5

Re: [WISPA] Cat3 instead of Cat5

2009-11-18 Thread jp On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 12:06:37PM -0500, RickG wrote: Those old phone line units could only do 1Mbps. My question was: Can anyone show me reliable equipment that will do 100Mbps+ on cat 3? Not according to this:

Re: [WISPA] X86 low power board w/3 or more ethernet

2009-11-18 Thread jp
I've bought these to run routerOS very successfully: looks like they have a newer faster version too. I haven't tried this yet. As you can see they are fanless and have a laptop style

Re: [WISPA] RadWin 2000 5.8

2009-11-24 Thread jp
I haven't tried MT 4.x yet, but the other 3.x frequency scan only showed 802.11 stuff with the same channel size too. For a half way useful scan, you'd have to scan on 5,10,20,40 mhz channel sizes and compile the results yourself. They've traditionally been weak on spectrum analysis and noise

Re: [WISPA] Alvarion VL Access Control

2009-11-27 Thread jp
We use this for setting up VL radios, including speed. If you want to automate it, just use $1, $2 as command line variables instead of reading in answers from questions. Then you could include it in a loop that cycles through a database generated list. I wish more manufacturers actually knew

Re: [WISPA] health insurance

2009-12-05 Thread jp
Another option would be to split into two companies to keep them the right size. A installation subcontracting company that loses you money might be good for your taxes. On Sat, Dec 05, 2009 at 05:50:02PM -0700, Travis Johnson wrote: Hi, What are everyone else's plans if this new health

Re: [WISPA] One long @#$% day!

2009-12-07 Thread jp
I don't think an rb14 can handle the power need of multiple XR cards. I'd suggest unless you have a good reason besides saving $100, either use routerboards or stick to manufactured radio systems from a reputable and reliable manufacturer. You pay more money or give up a little flexibility,

Re: [WISPA] Insurance....

2009-12-08 Thread jp
I run a Maine WISP, and we use the state government choice health insurance. We feel providing health insurance is an important benefit to attracting and retaining quality workers of all ages, especially young ones with families. I idealogically disfavor our states plan, but it saved us

Re: [WISPA] 5.8 Grids

2009-12-08 Thread jp
We've noticed 5.8 grids are far more affected by icing than 2.4 or 900. Ice buildup isn't different, just attenuation is. We stick to solid dishes or flat panels for 5.8. On Tue, Dec 08, 2009 at 11:05:01AM -0500, Michael Baird wrote: I've been testing a few 5.8 grids for some p2p applications

Re: [WISPA] Anyone have nanostation m5 in stock?

2009-12-11 Thread jp
We just got some rocket5m stock. We needed 2, but ordered 6 because we never know where/when more might be in stock. It's guys like us that cause inventory to fluctuate on the demand side. I do hope they improve in their supply. Until then, the gear is cheap enough that we'll continue to order

Re: [WISPA] stimulus announcements thus far

2009-12-17 Thread jp
It's a mix of miracles, talent, and deparation. Usually when the state government gets involved, Fairpoint (or whoever owns the phone company this week) manages to use their role in government to screw things up good. It's a miracle that didn't happen succesfully. The backers AND planners

Re: [WISPA] stimulus announcements thus far

2009-12-17 Thread jp [] On Behalf Of jp Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2009 2:06 PM To: WISPA General List Subject: Re: [WISPA] stimulus announcements thus far It's a mix of miracles, talent, and deparation

Re: [WISPA] stimulus announcements thus far

2009-12-18 Thread jp
Working with GWI beats working with Fairpoint. They are a skilled and fair project leader. Any participant will have the same advantages provided by the project and could tap in at any splice point on the rings. I counter that it's not a monopoly if no provider can have more than 25% of it.

Re: [WISPA] Ubiquiti ready for prime time?

2009-12-21 Thread jp
I would suggest trying it on a small project or two first. I've not been satisfied with the normal nanostation gear for urban/suburban use. The rocketm's have been great for ptp backhaul so far, despite some manual tweeking to override their software's distance ack shortcoming. On Sat, Dec 19,

Re: [WISPA] Testing radios

2009-12-22 Thread jp
Your plan sounds good. We have a guy take the radios and a laptop up to the third floor of our building where we have LOS to multiple APs of ours of multiple technologies. He'll make them associate, evaluate signal levels, run some traffic over it, and if it's good, set it back to defaults.

Re: [WISPA] Wireless backhauls for Cell Carriers

2009-12-24 Thread jp
On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 09:24:34PM -0500, Matt Liotta wrote: That doesn't seem inline with any of the RFPs. Generally speaking, the carriers that want TDM only want it for voice and generally don't require more than 5 T1s for voice. Almost all of the carriers now seek Ethernet for for

Re: [WISPA] Ubiquiti ready for prime time?

2009-12-29 Thread jp
We've been using the pacw wideband dual pole 2' and 3' solid dishes. On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 01:13:26AM -0500, Scott Carullo wrote: What antenna of choice are you using for rockets jp? Scott Carullo Brevard Wireless 321-205-1100 x102 From: jp

Re: [WISPA] Wimax gear

2010-01-05 Thread jp
On Mon, Jan 04, 2010 at 05:28:49PM -0600, Wallace Walcher wrote: Having built my WISP from scratch with my own resources and currently being debt free in my operations, I often wonder who the people are who so quickly classify Mikrotik and Ubiquity gear as trash. I am making a very good

Re: [WISPA] OT - Glad I Didn't Buy an iPhone

2010-01-08 Thread jp
I can make change by either math or the count to 100 method, but I'll stick up for the guy a little bit. After taking 5 calculus classes, differential equations, discrete mathematics, and algorithms, my ability to do simple addition and subtraction was permanently impaired. I studied CS

Re: [WISPA] StarOS Operator gets Stimulus Funding

2010-01-08 Thread jp
I think it's probably a case of the ISP wanting to get it feet wet and prove itself. The'll do it right, get some press, and apply for a bigger project in another round. On Thu, Jan 07, 2010 at 11:12:33PM -0500, Tom DeReggi wrote: Yes, that is a very good point. BUT... He can use the profit

Re: [WISPA] TrangoLink45 Link Problem

2010-01-08 Thread jp
There was one firmware version where the adaptive modulation didn't adapt back up properly. I'd also add making sure the firmware is up to date. On Fri, Jan 08, 2010 at 12:35:40PM -0500, Tom DeReggi wrote: Scott, You are doing the right thing targetting a -60 rssi. We design most of our

Re: [WISPA] Network Gigabit Switch Recommendations

2010-01-13 Thread jp
I'd go for HP procurve. Lifetime warranty to prove the cisco like quality. Excellent documentation. Free software upgrades for life. New/Used doesn't really matter. On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 09:24:06PM -0800, Scott Vander Dussen wrote: Need to upgrade several 10/100 switches to 10/100/100; I'm

Re: [WISPA] Send MONEY Now!

2010-01-14 Thread jp
Done, and I'm not an easy pushover for donations. Haiti is our neighbor and to say they need help is an understatement. These helpful firsthand recommendations for aid wouldn't be possible without the Internet. Getting the money routed and people organized wouldn't be efficient without the

Re: [WISPA] stolen solar site

2010-01-18 Thread jp
On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 08:50:47AM -0800, Marlon K. Schafer wrote: Deep sigh. I put up my first solar site 3 weeks ago. Today it's gone. $3,000 in hardware, poof. What do you guys do to secure them? Two of mine are on islands. You'd have to have a real nice boat to get to them. That

Re: [WISPA] Spectrum Analyzer Recommendation?

2010-01-22 Thread jp
We've got an older HP (now agilent) spectrum analyzer that does up to 22ghz. Most people don't know how to use it. I had plenty of experience with O-scopes, and obtained a manual for it, so I'm comfortable with it. The average 25 year old geek would be lost after turning it on. We occasionally

Re: [WISPA] Spectrum Analyzer Recommendation?

2010-01-22 Thread jp
During high school and college, I had a nice summer job repairing and final testing some expensive government electronics. It used skills I already had, rather than anything from college. The people involved in building what I tested and fixed didn't have any electronics education. They knew

Re: [WISPA] Side Mount to Wooden Utility Pole?

2010-01-25 Thread jp
I'd first check for the stuff electricians mount buried entrance conduits to the pole with like used for the plastic conduit in this photo. We mounted a couple antennas to a pole using a pole-pipe mounting kit

[WISPA] telco cabinet in unserved area

2010-01-25 Thread jp
Roadside SLC/wiring cabinet. We're looking to do some wireless in the neighborhood here. Looks like the phone company has a tough time just keeping dialtone working here. Judging by the ducttape marks on the

Re: [WISPA] We're being DDOS'd by DC!

2009-01-21 Thread jp
I like the tripplite APS 700hf/750/1250 gear. We've got sites with 2 big batteries that should be good for 24 hours with these. I put one at my house after going through 2 APC UPSs in 8 years. We put them everywhere we need long run time, and add batteries for places where it's impractical to

Re: [WISPA] How many switches can do RSTP?

2009-01-26 Thread jp
We are using BGP internally on Mikrotik with good success instead of OSPF. I've never done OSPF on it, as my network isn't entirely star shaped like OSPF is said to be created for. There is a range of private BGP AS numbers for such applications. Each site's router gets an ASN and has peering

Re: [WISPA] How many switches can do RSTP?

2009-01-26 Thread jp
are condemned to reinvent it, poorly. --- Henry Spencer On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 11:01 AM, jp wrote: We are using BGP internally on Mikrotik with good success instead of OSPF. I've never done OSPF on it, as my network isn't entirely star shaped like OSPF is said

Re: [WISPA] Lobbying Donations So Far

2009-01-30 Thread jp
Crossroads got RUS money in my area, even though they overlap various providers. We had filed in response to their public notice too. I didn't push it as they are now contracted to be a tenant on one of my towers if they actually deploy. On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 05:45:22PM -0600, Scottie Arnett

Re: [WISPA] Updated National WISP Map

2009-01-30 Thread jp
I'm not sure of the process for updating the map. Midcoast Internet is what I presume to be the circle over Rockland ME. We actually cover a much bigger area. We go from Belfast at the north, SE to harborside, south over the ocean to Matinicus, west over the ocean to Monhegan, NW to bath, NE

Re: [WISPA] Redundant / Alternate Backhauls

2009-02-02 Thread jp
We like redundant when it's too much trouble or logistics to quickly repair one link. A redundant link is good when the problem is 260' up a tower that's a 90 minute drive away. Usually I have the spare link turned off in the AP to conserve spectrum. We are often tight on spectrum for 5.8ghz

Re: [WISPA] Service vehicle

2009-02-03 Thread jp
Dodge Caravans are indeed good under-rated vehicles. We used to have one and kept it till the automatic transmission broke, which is apparently inevitable. Our had racks inside, roof rack, all white, big logo, etc... The 4cyl and small-v6 ones are quite efficient. FWD with snow tires are

Re: [WISPA] Coverage area of the competition

2009-02-05 Thread jp
The Cable companies do CAD/GIS drawings prior to rebuilds and construction so the subcontractors know what goes where and to obtain pole access and make ready work. I'm sure these drawings are not publicly accessible, and they'd probably not want to share them. Some phone companies have

Re: [WISPA] Coverage area of the competition

2009-02-05 Thread jp
the kind of map that can be generated from this kind of data. I'm sure Brian could work his GIS magic if we were able to locate the raw data. - Mike Hammett Intelligent Computing Solutions -- From: jp j

Re: [WISPA] propane generators?

2009-02-06 Thread jp
I'd spend the generator budget on more batteries and panels. I'd now rather save generators for place where power use is great, and strings of batteries for places where power use is low and access is difficult. On Fri, Feb 06, 2009 at 09:59:57AM -0700, Randy Cosby wrote: Good points. I did

Re: [WISPA] Need 18ghz link

2009-02-12 Thread jp
We are facing two simultaneous issues at some of our sites. I'm sure we're not the only ones with such dilemas. 1. We've run out of 5.8ghz spectrum. This can be addressed by changing to 5.4ghz or 3.65ghz for some of the shorter backhauls. 2. The normal 5ghz upto-45mbps stuff isn't fast enough

Re: [WISPA] Need 18ghz link

2009-02-12 Thread jp
On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 12:33:41PM -0600, Charles Wu wrote: For one of our busy sites right now, we have two 5ghz links to it in order to have good speed, as one wasn't enough (and the redundancy was a good byproduct). I would love a few cost effective 2 mile links that don't need licensing,

Re: [WISPA] Crossroads

2009-02-23 Thread jp
I haven't gotten anything yet, and I have an agreement with them for them to be a tower tenant. Here's some older news though I dug up on them: On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 10:28:14AM -0600, Blake Bowers wrote: Just got my notice of

Re: [WISPA] grant funds ideas

2009-03-03 Thread jp
Our state has a rural connectivity program that is part of our state's utility commission and is preparing for the potential for federal funding. They were interested in mapping, data, and projects. They asked ISPs in the state for our suggestions... Here's what I sent in: The ISPs around the

Re: [WISPA] Tower colocation request

2009-03-03 Thread jp
Visual aids are worth a thousand words. A photoshopping of your gear on their tower. Bring some gear too. This antenna I'm holding is big because it has to pick up such a weak signal, the federally regulated signals are 5x weaker than the cell phone you carry on your body See the drawings

Re: [WISPA] Tower colocation request

2009-03-03 Thread jp
We utilize both muni and private locations for wireless sites. Private is by far the easiest to work with. Everyone shares the same goals, the organizational leaders change less frequently. There is less politics, things happen faster. We can not avoid dealing with municipalities though. I

Re: [WISPA] grant funds ideas

2009-03-03 Thread jp
On Tue, Mar 03, 2009 at 10:54:21AM -0600, Mike Hammett wrote: I would prefer funds be made available to companies: with annual revenues of $1M or less from Internet services What's wrong with exceeding $1 million revenues? I've done so for a while, and I'm sure a bunch of other good

Re: [WISPA] Best Practice: Sealing Coax Connectors WAS: HyperlinkCoax Jumpers

2009-03-05 Thread jp
I would definitely seal a Ubiquiti Bullet if I put one outside, regardless of they their marketing says. Too many times, I have seen marketing departments show radios on a mast with blue indoor cat5 coming out, shiny unsealed coax connections, 80f, dry and sunny, etc... They have good

Re: [WISPA] Knowing when to stop doing installs yourself, they are for the young

2009-03-06 Thread jp
several sections of that stuff gets heavy. I pushed 100' up the inside of a tower once. We used it for the power cable coming down from a windmill. Dropped a weight on a fishing line for the pull string pull. On Fri, Mar 06, 2009 at 02:26:21PM -0500, RickG wrote: I stacked 15 - 20' sections of

Re: [WISPA] 900 Downtilt at 300'

2009-03-10 Thread jp
The nicer the antenna, the more critical the aim is. A cheap 900 sector will create a forgiving coverage pattern. A nice one like Tiltek or MTI will have a well defined coverage pattern in the vertical direction. Personally, I wouldn't put 900 that high on a tower, as it would receive too much

Re: [WISPA] Easy Ethernet up the tower

2009-03-10 Thread jp
We don't do this, as we have radios at various heights on the tower. Here is an example of our antennas being at different heights: This uses mostly coax except for hoz antenna on a standoff which uses cat5 up

Re: [WISPA] ARTICLE - What's the U.S. Doing Wrong with Broadband ?

2009-03-13 Thread jp
I don't post on DSLreports, but here's my opinions with the various stories mentioned here and the sometimes illinformed commenters. 1. Painting all broadband providers as greedy isn't accurate. Greed is part of the problem, but not all of it. Nothing unique about that regardless of the line of

Re: [WISPA] 900MHz Antennas - MTI vs. The Rest

2009-03-17 Thread jp
I have not used MTI omnis. I have used their 900 horizontal sectors though. They are rugged and have clean cuttoff in the vertical pattern, good for sites where accurate downtilt is important to prevent interference. Performance is good as expected, probably comparable to other better

[WISPA] fcc logo

2009-03-23 Thread jp
What exactly does the FCC logo (captial F, capital C, lowercase C inside the big C) mean on a piece of electronics? I've got a circuit board here (not a radio, but a networking device) with the FCC logo on it and am wondering how to find out it's certification information if that's important.

Re: [WISPA] harmful RFI from ethernet to HAM RADIO?

2009-03-30 Thread jp
This happens right in my house. Since installing lots of extra ethernet wiring, my ability to scan in the 2m and 150mhz areas has definitely been hindered by all the off noisy channels. It happened because I haven't bothered to use shielded cat5 at home. At tower sites, we use shielded only.

Re: [WISPA] High Throughput Licensed vs. Unlicensed

2009-04-10 Thread jp
That's definitely overlooked. We basically don't have a choice and CAN'T install anymore backhauls in the 5.7-5.8 band at many of our tower sites as the spectrum just isn't available. It's used for a mix of p2mp or ptp links. And it's been that way for many years for us. We have freed up some

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